All-inclusive resorts are becoming more and more popular nowadays as it’s a great vacation that you can totally budget out. Knowing how much money you will spend is a huge factor to consider, when planning a vacation. Often times you spend way more than you budgeted on a traditional vacation, because you have no idea how much money you will actually spend. Although with all-inclusive resorts, you have a much better idea of how much it will all cost, so you can enjoy yourself without worrying about how much everything is costing you.

You paid for the all-inclusive resort so you better take advantage of everything offered and not miss out on some surprising secrets.

So sit back and relax, but make sure you ask these seven questions when checking in so you can get your money’s worth.


Tipping policy

First thing I ask when checking in is the resorts tipping policy. America is one of the few countries that tips and its good to check to see if the resort even allows it. Often times the resort will add a 10% gratuity to your total bill so that you don’t have t tip at all. I always ask because many times the employee’s need these tips to make a livable wage so I try and tip as much as possible.


Entertainment Schedule

You paid for the entertainment, so you may as well know when it’s going to happen. Most all-inclusive resorts offer a full entertainment schedule with all sorts of performers and shows to keep you entertained. There are usually multiple shows each night, so you may want to plan when and what you want to watch. Entertainment varies from resort to resort, that’s why it’s always good practice to ask.


Do I need reservations at restaurants?

This one is important. Most all-inclusive resorts have breakfast and lunch buffet style eateries, which require no reservation. The dinners are usually much different and require reservations. You don’t want to be left hungry with no reservations, so make sure you ask. Resorts often times won’t tell you about these stipulations up front.


Dress code at dinner

Another dinner question that need answering, is there a dress code? You will see dress codes at the nicer resorts and restaurants. Usually the dress code is just no shorts and flip-flops but often times fancier resorts will have a higher dress code. Best to ask up front so you are not left to scramble to find outfits that fit the dress code.


What activities are included?

Most all-inclusive resorts offer some activities that are included, so make sure you ask so you can participate. You will find a range of activities like water sports, land adventures and guided tours. Be sure to ask because sometimes these activities are extra charges. You don’t want to get your hopes up only to find out that the scuba tours are an additional cost.


Upgrade option

Some resorts will offer an upgraded package almost like a VIP deal. They have private pools, restaurants and activities that aren’t available to everyone. Some people like to feel special so they only go to resorts that have upgrade available. If luxury is important to you, then check to see if your resort has any upgrades to sweeten your experience.


Is minibar included?

Huge question that I saved for last, is the minibar included in the all-inclusive price? This includes room service. I always ask this because some resorts will be sneaky and offer 24-hour room service but neglect to tell you that it’s not complimentary. The minibar is so enticing, so check before you snack, because that candy bar could cost you an arm and a leg.


Ask these 7 questions when checking into an all-inclusive resort so you can take advantage of everything offered, especially since you already paid for it.


Photos courtesy of hilton, yucatan, starlite, pinterest