Raul Lay

Travel for Germaphobes

If you are terrified of germs and getting sick from contacting foreign surfaces, travel doesn’t have to be a nightmare. Here are some awesome things to pack that will help you feel cleaner while you travel the globe and expand your worldview.


Airline Travel Checklist

Whether you are a seasoned traveler or a first time flyer, a good checklist is always a good choice. I was taught that making lists are important when packing so you don’t forget something very important, so it's good practice. Some may say that they travel all the time so they don’t need to make a list and that the person who always forgets something, always.  So you are planning some international travel or maybe just flying to the beach for a quick vacation, either way, this checklist should help.

TSA is Finding Guns at an Alarming Rate

People don’t give the TSA enough credit for the hard job they are trying to do. Can you imagine being in charge of keeping the millions of Americans and visitors safe while traveling and the intense pressure that must be? The TSA confiscates guns, knives and other dangerous weapons daily and the number of guns is increasing at alarming rates.

Worst Rush Hour Traffic in World

Everyone hates traffic and it just seems to keep getting worse. No matter how much construction you city does, it never is enough. Global populations are growing and traffic is just another byproduct of growth. You may want to travel to get away from traffic, but be careful what you wish for, as traffic abroad may be much worse than where you currently live.  If you are trying to avoid congestion and traffic woes, you may want to skip these 15 destinations, even though they may be excellent vacation spots.