Bed and Breakfast vs. Hotels

When choosing where to stay on vacation, you’ll notice bed and breakfasts popping up everywhere, so, what’s the deal? Bed and breakfasts are a great option in the increasingly overcrowded accommodations markets of tourist areas.   With the advent of popular shared economy websites like AirBnB and VRBO (Vacation rentals By Owner) bed and breakfasts are steadily increasing in popularity.

Personal preference comes into play when deciding which is the best selection for you. I’ll break down the differences into 6 main talking points and let you decide, where you stay: Bed & breakfasts (B&Bs) Versus Hotels.



Well, it’s in their name so bed and breakfasts should dominate this category. It’s often that B&Bs will provide delicious breakfast options that seem more personal. Many times hotels will just offer a continental breakfast, which you should never experience at a B&B. I can get my own stale muffin and cheap juice thank you, I’ll take the B&B breakfast any day. The advantage of a B&B is that they are often home cooked meals that are prepared with love and attention. These meals are included in your room rate and are great ways to start your day of site-seeing or adventure.

Advantage B&Bs



Hotels usually offer more options than B&Bs because they are such larger entities overall. Hotel buffets can be massive and feed many more guests than the average B&B can even accommodate. Most B&Bs will usually just provide one or two choices for your meal because they deal in such low numbers.

Advantage Hotels



Bed and breakfasts feel like you are literally staying in someone’s house, because often you are. People open up B&Bs to make an income or they just enjoy having guests, so many times your privacy is sacrificed for the intimate abodes. Hotels on the other hand offer tons of privacy and you can feel alone at times. If you are searching for privacy, than hotels are your choice.

Advantage Hotels


Local Feel

B&Bs give you a local experience and you get a better sense of the place you are visiting. The host usually lives on site so you can pick their brain about attractions and things to do. These are things you can get from a hotel’s concierge but that is such a formal interaction that you rarely feel anything but corporate from them.

Advantage B&Bs



Hotels kill it when talking about amenities. B&Bs usually don’t offer too much other than a bed and breakfast, since they are pretty minimal. If you are looking for a pool, gym and other cool amenities, your best bet is a hotel.

Advantage Hotel



Often times at a B&B you will eat with the other guests at a shared table type of experience. The decision on whether this is a pro or con is up to you. I enjoy meeting other travelers but I can totally understand if this kind of situation would make you uncomfortable. Hotels obviously don’t make you dine with other guests so if you like privacy, hotels are better. However, if you want a more personal experience and have the opportunity to make new friends, B&Bs are best.

You have to decide what is best for you so I can’t give an advantage to either.


Hopefully this little guide helps you decide which is best for you: Hotel or Bed and Breakfast.


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