Springtime is a wonderful time for seeing beautiful flowers and foliage bloom all across the country.   For nature lovers the upcoming bloom is the first sign that winter is over and outdoor lifestyle can ramp up. We won’t have to hibernate because of the dreary winter anymore; lets get out and have some adventures. America has some pretty amazing blooms about to happen, so let’s see which places you should visit.

Here is a list of the best places to go see some amazing blooms as springtime hits us with some natural beauty.


North Cascades National Park

Located in Washington, Cascade National park is one of the country’s largest. The wildflowers here grow big, fast and cover large swatches of earth. Adventurers should look for fields of tiger lilies, evergreen violets and alpine aster. The vastness of the park makes it a favorite for travelers because you can see so many diverse flowers and foliage throughout the entire park.



Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve

Lancaster California is home to one of the best blooms in America.   Just 2 hours drive outside of Los Angeles sits one of the most spectacular blooms, the Antelope valley California Poppy Reserve. This 1,800-acre field has a dazzling display of bright orange, red and yellow poppy flowers. With the heavy rainfall totals that Southern California has received this year, the poppy fields should be extra abundant this year. Take a leisurely stroll through the rolling hills and the fields of the valley, to fully embrace the sheer massiveness of the area.


Brenham, Texas

If you’ve never heard of Brenham Texas before then you must either not be from Texas or you’re not too familiar with the bluebonnet. The Texas State flower blooms heavy in Brenham, which is situated between Austin and Houston. The bluebonnet is a wonderful flower and so abundant here. Visitors should check out Austin, which has a fantastic food scene.


Crested Butte, Colorado

Famously known for its world-class ski resorts, Crested Butte also has one of the most dazzling displays of wildflowers around. Come for some magical hikes and dramatic views from the West Elk Mountains. The annual wildflower festival is a sure draw for flower lovers.

Washington, DC

Cherry blossom festival is one of the best places in the world to see flowers blooming. The city comes alive in the springtime bloom and the gifts from the Japanese government bloom in a one-week period. The festival changes each year depending on the incoming bloom, so check their official website for dates.


Great Smoky Mountain National Park

Across North Carolina and Tennessee you can find the majestic Great Smoky Mountain range and the National Park. Thousand of acres of hiking trails and millions of wildflowers dot the countryside. Visitors will see some of the country’s best lilies and orchids here.


Kauai, Hawaii

Known as the Garden Island, Kauai has some of the world’s most rich and lush floral displays. Thanks to tropical temperatures, heavy rainfalls and high elevations, Kauai is full of so many variations of flowers. Visit Kauai immediately if you haven’t been yet, seriously, the most beautiful place I’ve ever been.


Check out these awesome spring blooms and make your eyes happy.