Crazy Places You Had No Idea Were Actually Haunted

We hear ghost stories from all over the globe. Usually, they spawn from some abandoned asylum or an old children’s hospital. Maybe an old hotel is where the ghosts reside, or a house where some gruesome murders took place. However, some of the most iconic places in the world aren’t just popular with tourists, they’re popular with the paranormal as well. So get your ghost hunting kits ready and prepare to visit some of the most famous places on planet Earth and prepare to be spooked.


Eiffel Tower, Paris
The Eiffel Tower is a beautiful place and is constantly referred to as the most romantic structure in the world. However, most people don’t know that it’s also one of the top suicide spots in Europe. Any place known for people offing themselves is also known for having some spooky ghost-related occurrences. However, suicides haven’t caused as disruptive of ghosts as the legend of a young woman who was pushed off the tower after refusing the marriage proposal of a young man. Her laughter and screams are reportedly still being heard around these grounds to this day.


The White House, Washington D.C.
Even the house where the president resides isn’t safe from the paranormal. In fact, these aren’t just average ghosts that are said to haunt these halls. Unbelievably, they are the ghosts of former presidents. Abraham Lincoln is said to pace around the White House during times of crisis. Andrew Jackson and Harry Truman are also said to come around now and then. The spookiest of all is the ghost of former First Lady Abigail Adams. Evidently, she will carry laundry into the East Room of the White House which is sure to really spook some people out.


The Great Wall of China
This may not be that big of a surprise if you know anything about the construction of this wonder of the world. Around two million workers lost their lives while building this wall so it would make sense that at least a couple of them would still haunt the place. The Great WAll of China gets around 10 million visitors each and every year and many have said they’ve seen or heard ghosts on their visit. A lot of people died and the wall is incredibly long so it would lead you to think that if any place were haunted, it would probably be this place.


Queen Mary Hotel, Long Beach, California
The Queen Mary has a long history of being haunted. People who have stayed aboard this ship have complained of seeing the ghosts of children who have drowned in the pool aboard this ship. If you know anything about ghosts, it’s that child ghosts are the scariest ghosts you can encounter. There is also a woman in white who roams the ship which would make sense because white is a very fitting color for ghosts to wear. If you want to see a real haunted ship then come aboard the Queen Mary Hotel.