So you are booking an awesome cruise adventure and you want to make sure your vacation is everything it should be, don’t worry, we got your back. This guide will show you which cruise upgrades are worth the price and which ones to avoid like old shrimp at the buffet. It’s the little things that will make or break your cruise and these small upgrades really make a huge difference in your enjoyment levels.

Always upgrade the drink package, trust us, it’s worth the price…
Splurge on alcohol and your hangovers will be minimal and your taste buds will thank you. Most all-inclusive packages have a baseline which usually features rail quality booze and budget beer and wine, which equals hangovers and gross tasting drinks. Why not splurge a bit on your beverages and enjoy yourself, you are on vacation, right?
Just moving up to the next level of booze will bring in name brand alcohol and better beer and wine. You want some imported beers and maybe a nice French wine or champagne.

Not all the time is spent on the ship so you should take advantage of every time you dock by upgrading your excursions. Maybe pay the extra for the guided tours, you will really notice the difference. SOme packages include a nice meal off the ship so why not taste the local cuisine?
I always take advantage of shore breaks to get some shopping in and buy souvenirs for all my friends and family.

Many people don’t think about laundry on a cruise, but why not? Instead of packing a weeks worth of clothing, you can get by with maybe four days worth and have the ship was your clothes for you. Many package upgrades include laundry services by the concierge, a real plus. You will notice a real difference when you are traveling through the airport with less baggage for sure.

The rooms on cruises are not your average size hotel rooms, they are, in fact, much smaller. These tiny quarters can get very claustrophobic over a vacation so I always splurge for eth larger room upgrade, believe me, it is worth every penny. A suite is even better because often times they have balconies with incredible views. There are rarely better sunsets than on the open ocean…

The food on cruise ships can get stale because often times they are mainly buffet meals. When you eat the same buffet for a few days in a row, they can get real old, real fast. Upgrading to a fancy dining option, you will notice the difference immediately.

Seriously, these upgrades will take an average cruise experience and amp it up top the next level of enjoyment! The price increase usually isn’t too much but the quality of your vacation goes up tenfold. The upgrade is the only way to cruise.. do you even upgrade dude?