Eco travel is all the rage now and for good reasons, the United Nations recently designated 2017 as the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development. How can we be eco friendly when we are living in a disposable world? It’s definitely not easy, especially when everything in the travel industry seems like it’s meant to be thrown away. From plastic bottles to shopping bags to snack sized food, we are surrounded by wastefulness.

Here are the basics to eco traveling and being a friend to Mother Nature instead of a polluting enemy. Follow these rules and your travel plans won’t affect your environment negatively and you won’t have any regrets for wandering the planet in search of your happiness.


Stay at green properties

First thing first, only stay at green properties. If we stop staying at these massive polluters then we may actually make a difference. These huge complexes aren’t built with the environment in mind; instead they look at profits and losses. Let’s get them thinking about the environment by boycotting places that don’t meet strict eco guidelines.  

Hitting these corporations in the wallet is the only way they will listen, so plan accordingly and do your research. Make sure that your accommodations follow eco tourism guidelines and protect our planet form destruction.

Major chains are already listening with changes popping up everywhere from towels and linens being washed less to food being sourced locally.

Lets work together to shape the planet we all want to live in and not just live life by what our wallets can afford.


Always pack a reusable shopping bag

Plastic is polluting our planet and oceans at an alarming rate and shopping bags are a major problem. Just by always packing a reusable shopping bag you personally can cut hundreds of plastic bags from hitting our oceans and environments. They make very convenient collapsible bags now that fit in any pocket or purse. I keep a few on me at all times because you never know.


Bring your own reusable water bottle

Plastic water bottles are another huge polluter and we can stop it in its tracks. Boycott plastic water bottles at home and abroad and save our planet. By simply packing your own reusable water bottle we can drastically reduce the amount of waste from our vacations.

Many destinations have dirty drinking water, so tourists strictly drink out of plastic water bottles, which is terrible for our planet. Instead, get a water bottle with a filter and your pollution problems are gone.


Green transportation

How you get around on a vacation can really affect the local environment. Try taking pollution free transportation like walking or bike riding if y9ou can. Once I get to a city, I can navigate around like a local and fit in no problem. Walking allows you to see the city like a native and it’s pretty sweet. Lessen your carbon footprint and travel consciously.

Follow these simple rules and you won’t have any problem being eco friendly on your next vacation. Just be conscious of how your actions affect the environment and you won’t have any issues.