Elevate Your Summer In America’s Best Mountain Towns

Mountain towns aren’t just for winter fans anymore. In fact, they make for some of the best summer outdoor activities out there. If you enjoy kayaking, rafting, hiking, mountain bike riding or even horseback riding then these mountain towns are for you.

Too often mountain towns are just associated with winter fun, and while they obviously are a great deal of fun in the winter, they are loads of fun in the summer as well.

So when you’re looking for where to go for your next vacation give the beach a break and head to one of the best mountain towns the United States has to offer.



Jacksonville, Oregon

Located along the Rogue River, Jacksonville is a charming town that has been preserved since the 1850s. This town features a unique, classic history that dates back to the gold rush because it houses Oregon’s very first Chinatown. Come visit this town that has been declared a National Historic Landmark and really get a feel for what the gold rush was like. The Rogue River obviously means that you can spend your time here fishing, rafting or kayaking. If you’re not a huge water fan, though, you can also ride horses, bikes or ride your own two feet as you walk along majestic local trails. After you spend your day adventuring try relaxing in one of the 18 local wineries that offer delectable wines that are sure to excite your taste buds.


Ellijay, Georgia

Ellijay is a beautiful remote town that is sure to delight anyone who is lucky enough to visit. If you look around this town, and you don’t have to look that hard, you will find mountains, rivers, vineyards, and orchards. In fact, the orchards are so prominent around here that Ellijay is home to the Georgia Apple Festival every October. Just in case you thought Georgia was all peaches, now you know they make some pretty delectable apples here too. Jimmy Carter knows about their apple prowess. He has a log cabin in Ellijay that he refers to as his second home. You will love your time in Ellijay when you spend it tubing down the Cartecay river or mountain biking and hiking. Whatever your outdoor pleasure may be, Ellijay offers it in spades.


Truckee, California

Truckee is Lake Tahoe’s chill younger brother. This town is breathtakingly beautiful and has a charm so undeniable that it will be nearly impossible to leave once you set foot there. Truckee, oddly enough, runs right along the Truckee River which runs straight into Lake Tahoe. Actually, that’s not odd at all, that makes perfect sense. This mountain town still offers high-class food and drinks so you won’t feel like you’re slumming it, and the fun activities abound all year round. Visit Truckee if you want to see the wondrous mountain life that California has to offer.


This is just a small sampling of our top three favorite mountain towns, but they exist all over the United States. A good rule of thumb to follow is wherever there are mountains, there are mountain towns. So go climb some elevation and start living that mountain life.