European Cities Where You Can Get The Best Bang For Your U.S. Buck

Everyone should experience Europe at least a couple times in their life. And while the obvious and usual spots like Paris or Rome are still definitely worth seeing, there are other cities in Europe where you can probably get more bang for your buck, or more specifically, not spend too many bucks! For the most part, the dollar is performing pretty well against most European currencies. So now is the time to finally take that European vacation!

Here are some of the best European cities where you’re sure to put your hard earned U.S. dollars to good use.


Dubrovnik is a sneaky little vacation secret. The ocean waters and classic architecture will make you feel like you might as well be in Venice. But you’ll be saving plenty of money while you do it. Just be careful, there are still plenty of expensive and tourist-heavy restaurants and bars in the city. So do a little research and be selective! There are still many great options for cheap food and drinks.


Prague is famous for its breathtaking architecture. Old Town, St. Vitus Cathedral, the Charles Bridge, and Prague Castle are just a few of the must-see architectural feats you can find in this great city. Also, your dollars will take you a long way there. You can get a nice meal for two, with wine of course, for about 30 bucks. And a beer should only cost you a dollar or two. So it’s a better time than ever to get your Prague on!


Palermo is one of the lesser talked about cities in Italy, but it is still a fantastic vacation destination. It offers all the classic Italian architecture that make the country so fascinating, including many cathedrals, churches, and town squares. But most importantly there are countless amazing and cheap food options throughout the city without having to pay the hefty prices of a proper sit-down restaurant.

Not to mention there are plenty of great wine bars. Because what’s a proper Italian vacation with lots and lots of wine?


Budapest is quickly becoming one of the most popular cities to visit among Europeans themselves. So why not get in on the fun? And you’re U.S. dollars go a long way there. You can easily get a great hotel room for around $120 a night, a delicious three-course meal for around $35, and a beer for $2 or less! There are also plenty of relaxing spas and even some outdoor thermal pools throughout the city to help you get your chill on.


This may surprise some people as London can definitely be very expensive. But it makes this list because the pound is actually fairly weak against the dollar at the moment. So it’s as good a time as any to experience this great city. Plus there have always been plenty of great free museums, cheap and fun food markets, and parks abound.