Get Your Thrill On With The World’s Wildest Roller Coasters

Hopping on a roller coaster is fun, big fun. You get the thrill of whirling around in circles, dropping from serious heights and pushing the limit of the speeds you can handle. Some people think they’re scary, but if you’re like us then you just can’t get enough. My colleagues and I love the thrill of a roller coaster and we could spend all day at an amusement park riding the scariest rides over and over and over again.

If you love roller coasters too then be sure to try some of the wildest roller coasters in the world which we have listed for you.


If you find yourself in Japan then run don’t walk to the Tokyo Dome City and get in line for the Thunder Dolphin coaster. The name is weird and the ride is weird as well. It passes through a Ferris wheel and even tours a shopping mall area. You will get your thrills and have a unique ride you can’t get anywhere else. Tokyo is full of unique adventures and you can add the Thunder Dolphin to the list.


Head to Guadalajara, Mexico and ride the Bullet inside Selva Magica. The reason this ride rocks is because it starts with you being launched backward and has the strongest G-forces in any vertical loop in the world. There is no break on this ride as the straight track is non-existent so prepare for a non-stop thrill ride and we mean non-stop. This coaster has toured the world making stops in Germany, Austria, England, and Florida, but now it permanently lives in Mexico so you have to go to it and can’t wait for it to come to you.


Lihpao Land in Taiwan has one of the wildest roller coasters we’ve ever seen known as the Gravity Max or the Tilt Coaster. This ride is insane and features the world’s first true 90-degree drop as the only tilt coaster of its time.


This ride may not be the most thrilling in the world but it is definitely the funniest. Hundeprutterutchebane is translated into English as “the dog fart coaster” and lives in Denmark’s BonBon Land. This ride is full of laughs and fun for the whole family, so if you’re looking for a cool ride to enjoy with your kids then look no further than the fun to say and write Hundeprutterutchebane.


Believe it or not, you can see the Great Wall of China on a roller coaster. An hour north of Beijing is the town known as Badaling which is home to a slow roller coaster that will give visitors a ride to the top of the Great Wall and back down again. This is the only wonder of the world that you can see by roller coaster, and we think that’s pretty cool.

These are some wacky coasters that you absolutely have to see to believe and once you board them it will be hard to get off.