Not all hotel rooms are created equal and that goes for rooms in the same hotel. Whether you are staying in a 5-star resort or a fleabag motel, rooms can vary dramatically. It’s important to ask the front desk person these six vital questions if you want the best room possible without paying a cent extra. Follow this simple guide to a more pleasurable experience when staying at a hotel


Elevator/Ice Machine

Room location is a huge factor at any accommodation, no matter how fancy it is. Even the nicest resorts have bargain basement rooms and ones with less than favorable locations. When I’m checking in, I always ask for a room that is far away from the elevator and ice machine, as these can be very noisy spots.   Have you ever stayed in a room near an elevator; it’s the loudest spot second only to the icemaker.

There aren’t locations worse than these two, especially if you need some R & R. You will be amazed at the difference only a few rooms down can make when a loud ice maker is constantly humming and dropping ice.


Large Parties

I always ask if there are any large groups, parties or conventions staying at the hotel during my visit. These are always annoying so I like to stay far away form the groups or parties. I’m not in my early 20s anymore so the sight of a beer bong sends shivers down my spine. If you want a relaxing vacation, steer clear of the large groups or conventions; they tend to get rowdier than your normal guests.


Recently Renovated

Who wants to stay in the wing of the hotel that hasn’t yet been renovated? Nobody wants some uncomfortable bed, an out of date television and the A/C unit that makes more noise than it does cool things down. All you have to do is ask if any of the rooms have been recently renovated and just say you would like one of those rooms. I tend to use my allergies as an excuse, it usually works great and I get the room I desire.


Higher Floor/Away from Street

Street noise can be pretty loud in larger cities and in hotels with cheaper, thinner windows, so I always ask for a higher room. The higher up you go, the quieter it usually gets. If you want the quietest room possible, ask for off street rooms. These are away from the street and offer up your best bet at relaxation. The views are usually worse but the silence is golden.


Adjoining room?

Ask if there are rooms without adjoining rooms. These are the rooms with a door that connects two rooms together for larger parties or groups. The problem is these offer less sound barriers so you can really hear your neighbor and they can hear you.


Best Wi-Fi reception

Simple question and often times you’ll get a complicated answer. All you have to do is say that you have very important business and you need the strongest Wi-Fi signal. They will usually hook you up and if you have a loyalty program with them thy sometimes will give you the password for free!


In life sometimes all you need to do is ask and you can get everything you want.