How to Stay Healthy When You Travel Abroad

Nothing can ruin a vacation more than getting sick right in the middle of it, so let’s keep you healthy while you travel abroad. From upset stomachs and common colds to much more serious and deadly illnesses, traveling to different parts of the world can be dangerous. Being aware of the possible illnesses is the first step to staying healthy while on vacation. Recent outbreaks of the Measles and Ebola have the travel world on high alert. If you do some research, take the proper precautions and just be smart, your summer holiday will be a smashingly good time.


Pepto Bismol

When I travel, I never leave home without those perfect little pink pills, Pepto Bismol. Foods from different cultures have spices, ingredients and are prepared in ways that may cause you to get sick. Food poisoning is the most likely illness travelers’ get and the most avoidable. Pepto Bismol will help with the minor discomfort related to eating new and exciting foods, but it won’t help with hellish food poisoning. Most people get sick because food is contaminated or undercooked, which are hard to detect by a consumer.

Your best bet is to go easy on weird and foreign foods and try and eat at reputable establishments instead of street food.



The common cold can be a little different all over the world, so when you travel it seems to be easier to catch something. Airplanes are mixing pots of airborne illnesses so be prepared for an onslaught of germs. I always take Vitamin C and Airborne pills before my flight to power up my immune system. Some people will go the extra step and wear medical masks when in crowded places like planes and trains. I also carry antibacterial hand sanitizer so I can kill all the nasty germs I come in contact with. Getting sick from traveling stinks and always seems to come at the worst possible times, so it pays to be prepared.


Bottled Water

If you at all think the water may be suspect or have possible contaminations, drink bottled water. Mexico is famous for having parasites and bacteria in their drinking water that the locals have become accustomed to but our weak stomachs can’t handle them. Montezuma’s revenge is the common term for Traveler’s Diarrhea. Drinking contaminated water or even eating food that has been washed in water like salads causes this terrible affliction. If you get this, plan on spending the next few days on a toilet or in excruciating pain from stomach cramps.


Get You Vaccinations

It’s important to get the proper vaccinations for the region of the globe you are traveling to. Your routine vaccines should be up to date and you should do research to see what crazy diseases are prevalent in your destination. Routine vaccines are the ones we get when we are young like Whooping cough, hepatitis A and B and Polio.

Its also good practice to NOT go to places with active outbreaks of serious diseases maybe chose a safer destination.


Avoid Excess Alcohol

I know, I know, you are on vacation and drinking alcohol helps you unwind, but drinking to excess sets you up for trouble when traveling abroad. When you are drunk your defenses go down and you are much more likely to contract some illness. Being drunk is also when most people catch some Montezuma’s revenge by drunkenly drinking water before bed.


Be careful out there fellow summer travelers, the season is upon us and you don’t want some pesky illness to keep you from all the fun.