How to Travel By Car or Train With a Baby

Sometimes flying just isn’t an option when you’re traveling. Driving to your destination usually isn’t a problem at all, unless you have a baby on board. If you’re trying to get somewhere then having a baby screaming in the back seat for eight hours isn’t the optimal way to do it. However, you can make your trip a pleasant and rewarding experience if you approach it the right way. There is nothing better than the scenic ride that you will find on a train or in a car, now all you have to do is figure out a way to make your baby enjoy it as well.

So, here are some helpful tips that will make your time transporting your child in a train or car to a cool new destination pleasant as opposed to dreadful.



Travel when the kids are asleep

The best way to make sure your kids aren’t fussy is to travel when they’re sleeping. If you decide to hit the road during their naptime or bedtime then you will be able to enjoy the ride as if there are no babies there at all. You can listen to whatever music or podcasts you want and really make the most of your drive. Plus, the vibrations of a trip in the car will help your baby drift off very quickly and easily. As long as you are sure you can stay awake, traveling at night is usually your best bet for a trip that is easiest for everybody.



Figure out some fun stops

Planning is key to a successful trip. Make sure you plan some fun activities or beautiful scenic spots for you to stop off and stretch for a bit. This will not only help your child break up the monotony of a long car trip, but it is good for your mental state as well. Planning stops is a great way to discover cool new things to do, as well. You can find cool parks, quirky rest stops, and fascinating museums. A lot of stops make traveling a breeze.



Bring some toons for your tot

When you’re traveling by car then bring some music to keep your child entertained. A happy baby makes for a happy car ride, so going above and beyond to ensure your child has a good time is always a very smart move. Music is a great way to distract an angry child and even though you may be sick of those songs, you’re probably even sicker of listening to your baby cry.



Train over car

When you are left with the option, always choose a train over a car. Trains are much more interesting and fun for children. They don’t have to be strapped into their seats and they have plenty of room to move around and explore. It’s so much fun to play on a train and your kid will thank you for it. Walking up and down the train is a fun way to stay busy and it’s easier on your mind as well. You can fully devote your attention to your child, rather than focusing on the road and your child at the same time.