June and July’s Top Summer Travel Destinations

Summertime and the living’s easy, especially in these amazing destinations. Treat yourself to the most awesome summer destinations for the months of June and July. It’s the summer, your kids are out of school, you have a few weeks of vacation banked up and your travel bug is starting to scratch. Certain cities and regions really blossom during these summer months because the weather is normally so harsh, so let’s explore these first. We found the best places on Earth to catch some summer sun explore exciting new cities and have the times of your life.


I’m sorry, but Chicago is one of the best summer cities in the world. The city deals with brutal winters and long spring and falls, so the summers are usually shortest but packed full of fun. Check out the action at Navy Pier and the many Chicago city beaches on Lake Michigan. There’s something about a city that has to hibernate for 6 months that really knows how to party in the summer.


The Adriatic Sea in July is the peak season, full of warm sun, clear waters and all the tan Europeans you can handle. The best-kept secret in holiday destinations is out as we all are aware of how awesome Croatia is by now. The country isn’t only beautiful, it’s also dirt cheap, so plan ahead and get the same vacation you would in say, Barcelona for half the price.


Not many cities in the world are as romantic as Venice, Italy in the summer. Walking along the canals on a hot summer night, with the one you love is the perfect holiday.


The Garden Island, as it’s called is the lushest and greenest island I’ve ever seen. With numerous waterfalls, the Grand Canyon of the Pacific (Waimea Canyon) and more secluded beaches than any other Hawaiian island, Kauai is perfect in the summer. The outdoorsy activities are numerous and the vegetation is beautiful, also, there are wild chickens everywhere and you will grow to love them all.


Much like Chicago, Stockholm, Sweden is a city that basically has to hibernate half the year because the weather is so harsh, so summertime they party. A great place to visit single, Stockholm has the highest number of single travelers, so get on Tinder and make a match. This city truly comes alive in the summer and the locals spend all their free time outside.


Now that the travel ban has been lifted on Cuba, we Americans are free to visit the Caribbean country. Visiting Cuba is like stepping back in time, as this country has been politically isolated since the 1950s. The cars are all old and the architecture is awesome. Havana is a city that is always alive but something about the humidity that makes it get a little wild down there.


Bangkok is a great place to start your Asian vacation. It gets nearly 45 million travelers each year sop the infrastructure is there and most people speak English. June is the time a year with some unpredictable weather, which keeps the crowds down and the prices down too.


If you are a wine lover than you must make your pilgrimage to Bordeaux, France and sample some of the best wine in the world. June is a perfect time to visit as the weather is nice, the crowds are small and the wine is flowing perfectly.