Keeping your Valuables Safe While Traveling

It’s a nightmare scenario, you are in a foreign country and somehow your money, passport and other valuables have been stolen, this scary experience can be avoided. Thieves and scam artists are all over the world and they love to prey on unsuspecting tourists. DO NOT BE A VICTIM! Instead, follow these simple tips and avoid having your trip ruined by thievery and misfortune.


Money belt when in transit

First things first, ditch your normal wallet and get yourself a money belt or travelers wallet. These are specially designed wallets that hide underneath your clothing so thieves can’t pick pocket you are steal from you in any other way. These convenient wallets can be bought online or in any reputable luggage store.   Ask the employees if the wallet you are purchasing has good reviews and make sure the quality is high. The last thing you want is to buy a cheap wallet and lose it somehow.


Keep valuables on you

When traveling, it’s important to keep your valuables on your person and not in checked bags or bags that leave your sight. I keep all my valuables in my money belt and my pockets. Get yourself a good pair of cargo pants/shorts so you have extra pockets that are safe. I prefer ones with buttons on all pockets.



By a good lock for your backpack, so when you put it under the bus/train plane etc… it is safe from pilfering and theft.   I even lock my backpack to something if I plan to sleep at all. Locking it will keep thieves from rummaging through your stuff when you sleep. I lock everything when I’m abroad; it just makes me feel safer. I even lock bags in my hotel rooms, maids can and will steal from you, so always be on guard.


Safe in Room

When staying in hotels, always use the safe in the room and I like to make a video of me locking the safe, so I know the combination. Safes are key to keeping your valuables protected when you are out exploring your destination.


Check reviews of your accommodations

A good practice to get in the habit of is choking online reviews of your accommodations in advance. This will let you know if other travelers have had poor experiences or thefts.


Travel Insurance

I always purchase travel insurance when I book a trip. It doesn’t cost much, only a small fraction of your original purchase price and it a great piece of mind. You can’t control weather and acts of God, so buy the insurance and you will thank me.


Beware drinking too much

Drinking too much makes you a target for criminals and scam artists. If you are going to drink, try drinking with a friend, so you can watch each other’s back. Over consumption is never safe, so be smart and safe.


Beware of scams

Scams come in many different forms, so beware and be smart. Check out our article about travel scams to inform yourself.


Your surroundings

Always be aware of your surroundings, if something doesn’t seem right, chances are they aren’t. Trust your gut and get out of uncomfortable situations. Look for police or hotel employees if you feel in danger, they can help.


Best of luck traveling friends, be safe and keep your valuables on you or in a safe.


Photos courtesy of BD METRICS, No Identify, Wallet, CN