Is there any worse feeling than having a flight delayed or worse, missing your connecting flight? Flight delays and other issues make air travel infuriating and exhausting physically and mentally. Airplanes and airports used to be glamorous and prestigious, but now we’ve devolved into riding budget busses in the sky.

Airports are just as bad as airlines when it comes to jacking up a good trip and making you late. Personally I’m tired of airlines and airports putting the blame on each other, instead of taking responsibility for their mistakes.

Airlines: Stop blaming everything on airplane maintenance and fix your freaking planes.

Airstrips: Stop blaming weather and overcrowding on your delays, you know a storm is coming… plan ahead.

Instead of banging our heads against a wall in frustration, try flying these airlines and fly out of these punctual airports. A recent study on airline and airport punctuality by a travel analyst company OAG revealed some interesting findings. Here is the list of most on-time airports and airlines.


Japan Airlines

Japan Airlines is fifth on the list of punctual airlines with 86.7 % on time flights


The Australian airline ling known for its luxury and high standards also have an excellent von-time ranking with fourth overall.


The Dutch airline must not be smoking the weed in Amsterdam because the airline is currently killing it with an on time ranking of third with 87 %.

Copa Airlines

The Central American airline is currently second in the world rankings with an overall punctuality ranking of 88.75 % on time flights.


Lays and palm trees is what I think of when I hear Hawaii, I especially don’t think of being on time. Apparently Hawaiian Air is not on island time and is murdering the competition with an on time ranking of first across the entire globe.


These airlines are almost always on time and let’s see which airports you should be flying out of to stay on your schedule. It may shock you how many “bad weather” airports are high on this list; I guess weather isn’t the culprit after all.


Small Airports


Snow isn’t keeping planes from taking off at the Anchorage airport, with an on time percentage of 89, which is great for a small, snow covered runway.

Newcastle International 

Topping the list of small runways that will keep you on your schedule is Newcastle in the United Kingdom.

Medium Airports

Panama Tocumen ranks third among medium sized airports.

Osaka Itami is second with 89 % on time percentage.

Birmingham (UK) is tops on the list for medium sized airports and that makes two from the United Kingdom.


Large Airports

Salt Lake City International ranks third followed by Honolulu with an 87 % on time ranking.

Surabaya in Indonesia is number one on the list of large airports. It makes sense that a place that has outlawed chewing gum has a very strict on time policy. I wouldn’t want to be a pilot that gets caned for being late.


Major Airports

Detroit Metropolitan

Coming in at third on the list of major airports is Detroit’s Metro. Believe me, most people don’t want to be stuck in Detroit after dark, so of course they have a high on time ranking.

Sao Paulo Guarlhos

Brazil’s top airport comes in second on the list. Sao Paulo is a huge airport and it somehow maintains an 85% on time rating.

Tokyo Hameda 

Number one major airport is of course Tokyo’s Hameda airstrip. The Japanese are so strict and ordered it makes sense that their airport would be the most punctual.


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