Overrated Tourist Attractions

Don’t get fooled by the hype trains that run certain tourist attractions, some are not worth your trip. Luckily for you, we have been to all the major tourist attractions in the world and we can report back to you which ones are overrated and why you should avoid them. I’ll give you some other places to visit instead, so check out this list before you plan your next trip.


Vegas Strip

Unless you really love gambling, the Vegas Strip is quite overrated.  Tourist attractions shouldn’t be so dirty. The strip is actually more like a theme park than a city center. With the millions of bright twinkling lights to distract you from how ugly that city truly is. The glitz and glamour will wear off within the first 20 minutes after you see a college coed puke outside of the Mirage or a homeless man beg for change on one of the walkways. Don’t veer to far off the strip or you could end up in a bad area. Check out Vegas during the day to realize how tired and run down that city is. Instead try a trip to New Orleans, you can still drink in the streets but the city actually has some history and culture.


London Eye

OK, did you really travel to London to sit in a fancy Ferris Wheel? Because that’s all the London Eye is. A Giant Ferris Wheel with only ok views of the city. Remember a clear day in London is like a leprechaun, hard to find. You can find so many other cool things to do in London, maybe check out the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace, it’s real cool.


Hollywood Walk of Fame

This place is a literal garbage pile and no tourist should go here. If you want to show your kids how a homeless man can poop in public, check out the Hollywood Walk of fame. A disgusting stretch of road where celebrities buy their own stars to be peed on by homeless dudes and drunk partiers. This is a terrible place for kids; instead check out Universal Studios just over the hill. Take them to the new Harry Potter World and not the Walk of Fame.



Not as mystical as you may have thought, is the best way to describe Stonehenge. The mysterious stones are stacked in the English countryside but they are hidden behind a protective fence so you can’t even get too close.  No tourist leaves here happy so stay far away. The proximity of two highways takes away any mysterious feelings that were still around. The trip isn’t worth it; instead check out the local villages for a real unique English experience.


Pyramids of Egypt

The giant pyramids of Egypt are actually awesome feats of engineering and construction, but the political upheaval in the country is scary. No attraction is worth dying over in a politically charged riot. The pyramids are also off limits so you can’t even get too close. Instead head to Mexico and see some pyramids that are in better shape. Egypt must be bad if I’m telling you to go to Mexico instead.