See America for Around $200 on a Cross-Country Train

Our wanderlust takes us far away to foreign lands and to different cultures but many haven’t even seen their own country. America is a huge parcel of land with so many awesome things to see that it’s shocking how common it is for us to have never explored our own preverbal backyards.

Get out there and see what makes America so great, its people, its land and its majesty. Traveling in America can be expensive so what if I told you there is a route across the continental Unites States that only costs $213. Not on a plane but on a train! See our land and all it has to offer for only $213 is such an awesome deal.

Travel blogger Derek Low figured out the route and shared it with the world. He mapped out a path from San Francisco to New Your City on two trains.

His route takes you through 11 states, across 3,397 miles and so many unforgettable sights. Amtrak has some great deals so if this isn’t your desired destination, you should plan your own train adventure and see this beautiful country for yourself.


The Details

It’s a simple two-train path that can easily be recreated for a return trip. Amtrak offers these incredible 15-day rail passes that allows the rider to essentially take up to 8 separate rides.  The 15-day deal is more expensive ($429) than the straight route but it allows you more exploration time and freedom.

If you purchase Amtrak’s 15-day deal you can stop at cities along the route and explore at your own pace, as long as you finish the trip in 15 days. What a great way to see new cities without breaking the bank.

Blogger Derek Low stopped at Salt Lake City, Denver and Chicago on his way to New York. Can you imagine how expensive it would be if you tried to fly to all these different cities? Plus all the added stress that flying brings, geez, why does anyone fly. Oh, yea because it’s so fast.

If time isn’t an issue then traveling by trains are so much less stressful and visually more appealing. Airports can be a real drag and most major city train stations are relics of our past and architecturally inspiring.   Train stations hark back to a time when train travel was exciting and people treated it as such a huge event. Let’s make that magical feeling happen again and see just how special our country is.


The Route

From San Francisco, buy a ticket on the California Zephyr Line for as cheap as $130. This line takes you all the way to Chicago, through Salt Lake City, Denver and Omaha. At times this train travels alongside the historic route 66, the famed road from Chicago to Los Angeles.

The next route takes you from Chicago to New York City along the Lake Shore Limited for as cheap as $83. That’s a grand total of $213 for a cross-country trip, pretty sweet indeed.

For more adventures the train runs all the way to Boston, so your options are pretty limitless.

Explore your country and see how awesome it really is.