Swedish Couple Baffles Neighbors By Turning Their Home Into A Greenhouse

It doesn’t matter where you live, a heating bill can really eat up anyone’s monthly expenses. But if you live in a place like Sweden, where it’s especially cold for most of the year, that heating bill can almost bankrupt some people! That’s why one Stockholm family came up with a brilliant idea to save a lot of money and keep their house warm year-round.

Marie and Charles Sacilotto were sick of paying so much money to keep their house warm. That’s when Charles started talking to his architect friend, Bengt Warne. It turns out, Warne had first developed a concept all the way back in 1974 that Charles and Marie might be interested. Once he described it to them, they jumped at the chance to do this amazing transformation to their home.

It’s called a Naturhus, which translates to “nature house.” And essentially it just means adding an entire greenhouse around your, well, house! And that’s exactly what the Sacilotto’s did. They completely surround their house with four-millimeter-thick glass. And it turned out to be a genius move.

You see, the structure functions exactly like a greenhouse by maintaining a fairly constant temperature inside the glass. So they immediately started saving hundreds of dollars on their previously astronomical heating bills. It also did wonders for the wood their home was made of, as it no longer was being punished by rain and snow and any other weather conditions that most homes deal with.

But if you’re already living in a greenhouse, you might as well take advantage of it! And that’s exactly what Marie and Charles did. They planted numerous fruits and vegetables around the house, knowing that, thanks to the “nature house” they were growing in they would thrive in the environment. Not to mention they and their son would be eating so much healthier thanks to the organic and pesticide-free nature of their new food!

The move was truly life-changing as it created a whole new world for the family to live in. And the Sacilotto’s couldn’t be happier with their decision. They no live a healthier, cheaper, and more fulfilling life. What a cool story from a cool couple. We should all start living like this!