The Best Destinations For Runners On Vacation

Marathons are great. You set a goal of running the entire thing then you begin the process of pushing yourself during training so that you can achieve your goal. However, there’s no way around it, running an entire marathon can really end up taking a toll on your body. If you love to run, you may not love to run marathons. That is where small marathons come in. You can still enjoy a lighter version of training and you can run in a race with your friends and without having to beat up your body too bad. There are plenty of great small marathons around the country that are a total joy to run in. We talked to all the experienced runners on our team and came up with a list of the best small marathons in the United States.


Kiawah Island Marathon – Kiawah Island, South Carolina
Kiawah Island is usually a golf resort that lies just 25 miles south of Charleston. However, once a year in December, this island transforms into a runners paradise. The entire run is completely flat so you don’t have to trudge up any hills and the views you will see are absolutely breath-taking. The houses around the island are fantastic and the marshland is something that you can stare at all day long. Look for gators and other awesome wildlife on your run. This great race is fun and the island is beautiful.



Rehoboth Beach Marathon – Rehoboth Beach, Delaware
Usually, the thought of running a marathon on a beach is something that would send even the most-experienced runner running and screaming, tugging on their hair and wetting themselves. Sand running seriously sucks. But this beach marathon is actually all asphalt, dirt trails and wooden bridges so you can thoroughly enjoy your run without your feet falling off. The views of the water around you will keep you thoroughly entertained, whether it’s the ocean or the marshland you will see tons of amazing things. After the race, you can eat a lunch and then drink the delicious Dogfish Head brews which are local to the area.



Wineglass Marathon – Corning, New York
If you want to run in a nice, flat and fast small marathon then head over to Corning, New York. This is a great place for you to try and get that elusive qualifying time for Boston. Corning is a beautiful old town and you’ll get a great taste for it as you run down Historic Market Street. You also receive a small bottle of sparkling wine and a commemorative wine glass so you can be ready to relax when you’re done with your run. Corning is in the Finger Lakes region which is unbelievably scenic and you will really enjoy having so much to look at on your beautiful run.



Maui Marathon – Kahului, Hawaii
Small marathons are like everything else, if you can do it in Hawaii then why do it anywhere else? This is your perfect excuse to travel to Hawaii and the run is nice and flat. That means you can get to the finish with plenty of time and energy to enjoy a good luau afterward. Maui is fantastic and so is its small marathon.