The Famed Azure Window in Malta is Destroyed by Weather.

The travel world lost a legend this past weekend when Malta’s famed Azure Window collapsed after a storm.   The awe inspiring natural rock arch was destroyed by a heavy storm causing it to collapse into the ocean. Devastating to the locals, as this was a huge tourist attraction. You may recognize the famous arch form movies and television. The arch was featured in the first episode of the hugely popular HBO show Game of Thrones.

A geological study was performed in 2013 and it found that erosion was inevitable but there was no danger of the structure collapsing. Recently the arch introducing fines for people who walked on the arch, as it’s structural integrity was weakening placed signs. This didn’t stop tourist s=from venturing across the archway and onto the jutting rock formation. This wasn’t the cause of its demise though; major storms have been wreaking havoc on the island of Gozo, where the formation is located.



An eyewitness form a local town reported seeing violent waves crashing all the way up the Azure Window’s arch and suddenly it was gone.  Gale force winds were reported and the ferry company that brings tourists to the site shut down operations for the day because the weather was so bad. Storms in recent years have been getting worse and worse across the globe as global warming increases. It seems like every year we hear weathercasters forecast the biggest storm in history. That’s not a good sign that the largest and most violent storms ever recorded keep happening, year in and tear out. What can we expect in the near future as wild storms rage across the planet. Hurricanes are reaching record levels every year as well are tsunamis and the Far East.

Scientists predict that weather will only continue to get worse as Mother Nature continues to strike back at us for polluting her water, land and air.

Local residents flocked to the site after word of its collapse hit town. The Azure Window was one of Malta’s biggest tourist attractions and brought in millions of dollars respectively each year.

Could tourism be responsible for the landmark’s demise? Sure, it could have had something to do with it but as we have learned over and over again, if we piss Mother Nature off enough, she will strike back with furious anger. Nature is extremely powerful and everyone who visited this landmark could easily see that its future did not look bright. The brittle limestone that was its base is known for collapsing, so it was only a matter of time. Tourists have been seen jumping off the rock formation into the ocean, often dislodging rocks in their path. Although these rocks have no structural relevance so it’s probably not an issue.

The world is in mourning for a wonderful natural phenomenon that has been taken back by nature. Mother Nature gives and obviously she takes away, I’m just glad that so many of us got to enjoy the majesty of Azure Window.

Luckily there is a lesser-known rock window near by in Wied il-Mielah, so check that out if you are meandering around Malta with no rock formation to look at.