The Hottest Places To Zipline

Riding on a zip line is the thrill of a lifetime. There is nothing quite like jumping off a ledge and feeling the wind rushing through your hair as you propel over various bridges or trees. No matter what you’re zipping over you are sure to feel like a true superhero. Watch out Superman, because we have a new thrill seeker that’s coming to save the day zip line style. Their only kryptonite is boredom. If you’re a zip line fiend then this is the article for you. We talked to our travel team and came up with our favorite zip line adventures around the globe so you can keep on zipping you crazy zipper!



Zip World Velocity
If you find yourself in Wales then be on the lookout for the longest zip line in all of Europe. This thing travels along 1,600 yards so you will definitely be getting your money worth out of this zip line. You will take a long effortless ride over beautiful mountains and water seeing so many beautiful sites you’ll definitely want to have a convenient camera handy. If that sounds too big for you then don’t worry, they have a smaller version available to you as well so you can still get your thrills without thoroughly freaking.



El Monstruo
Puerto Rico is home to many great zip lines but none are better than El Monstruo which means The Monster in English. This is officially the longest zip line in the world according to the Guinness World Record books. This line is astoundingly 83,000 feet long so you will be zipping on down for a very long time through the jungle. Jungles are cool, especially when you get to experience them from a bird’s eye view, literally! You will be one fast bird too, considering this ride gets up to speeds of 95 mph so if you’re looking for a serious thrill then this is the one for you.



Thrillseekers beware, the Cloudscraper is scarier than you may think. This zip line is super duper high up and will definitely make the hair on the back of your neck stand up when you take in the whole experience. You will get a beautiful view of the incredible Royal Gorge as you fly overhead. You’ll feel a lot like Wile E. Coyote right after he made a wrong turn, except you won’t fall when you look down, you’ll just scream in ecstasy as you enjoy your fantastic ride.



When most people think about Nepal they don’t think about the awesome thrill-seeking adventures they can partake in besides climbing Everest. Well, maybe Everest will soon take a back seat to zip lining thanks to the Zipflyer in the Himalayas. This zip line is unique because you will partake in a 2,000-foot vertical drop that will leave you squealing with delight. You better be an adrenaline junky if you want to take this zip line on because it is for sure to shock and amaze you all the way down.