The Most Improper Etiquette Practiced In-Flight

Packed in like sardines, airplane travelers are subject to their neighbors unruly behavior. Let’s face it some people just don’t seem to understand simple airplane etiquette. We all have our particular pet peeves when it comes to traveling and according to Expedia’s most recent etiquette survey the biggest annoyance is the rear seat kicker. 

Surveying over 1000 people Expedia found the biggest in-flight pet peeves that every traveler can relate to. Here are the results:

  1. The rear seat kicker
  2. Inattentive parents
  3. The aromatic passenger
  4. The audio insensitive
  5. The boozer
  6. Chatty Cathy
  7. The queue jumper
  8. Seat-back guy
  9. The armrest hog
  10. Pungent foodies
  11. The undersser
  12. The amorous
  13. The mad bladder
  14. The single and ready to mingle