Hanging out in an airport is a drag. Do you go to the airport restaurant and drink an overpriced beer while munching on some poorly breaded chicken fingers? Maybe you try to take a nap on those horrible seats that no one is ever comfortable on. Sometimes the best option is to sit on the floor so you can utilize the outlet in the wall. Well, waiting at an airport doesn’t have to be a drag any longer. You can chill out in style at the best airport swimming pools in the world. Instead of perusing that magazine rack for the thirteenth time, go take a dip and really enjoy your luxurious layover. This is a list of the sickest airport swimming pools from across the globe that you should definitely hit up the next time you’re traveling.



Hyatt Regency Orlando International Airport, Florida
This swimming pool is outdoors and heated so you can get a great view of planes taking off while kicking it poolside.
There is a huge lounge area where you can relax in the sun or in the shade. Swimming and relaxing at this pool is the ultimate way to wait for your flight and you’ll be so blissed out that you might not want to ever hop on your plane. I still would, though, because missing a flight is the worst. Trust me.


Grand Hyatt Dallas Fort Worth Airport, Texas
This pool is seriously sweet because it’s a rooftop pool. The water also isn’t so abusive to your skin as most public pools are because this one is completely chlorine-free. The water in the pool is mineral-infused water so it is actually good for your skin, unlike chlorinated pool. Even if you don’t feel like swimming, the rooftop views are absolutely breathtaking. You don’t have to swim too, you can take advantage of a steam room if you want to feel really refreshed.


Singapore Changi Airport
The Singapore Changi Airport is widely recognized as the best airport in the world. This place gets that prestigious reputation due in large part to their amazing rooftop pool. This awesome area has a hot tub, an amazing pool, and even a poolside bar so you don’t have to sacrifice alcohol for swimming.


The Airport Hotel, Hamad International Airport, Qatar
This vitality Wellbeing and Fitness Center actually have two different pools. One is a temperature-controlled pool that is 25-meters long but there is also the hydrotherapy pool, a gym and squash courts. If you’re suffering from jet-lag then this is the place you want to be. They offer anti-jet-lag massages that will have you feeling great in no time.


Novotel Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport
This pool is beautiful and you get to feel really cool walking to it since it is connected by an awesome underground walkway. Once you reach the pool you will be over the moon. The pool is surrounded by eye-popping tropical gardens as well as a swim-up bar so you can drink tasty cocktails while swimming in a place so beautiful it’s hard to believe it’s connected to an airport.