Woolpit is a small village in the county of Suffolk in the United Kingdom. In the Middle Ages, it was one of the least populated areas in all of England. Most of the people that did live there lived a simple life as farmers and shepherds. But in the 1100’s, the residence of Woolpit experienced something truly extraordinary.

It was a day like any other in Woolpit when suddenly some of the villagers came upon two lost children, a brother and sister. But the curious nature of this story wasn’t the fact that these children were lost. Rather it was the fact that they were wearing very strange clothing, they were speaking an unrecognizable language, and their skin was a bright green. The villagers were shocked and had no idea where the children had come from, but they took them in none the less.

At first, they would only eat beans, but slowly they started to adapt to the food being offered them. Over time, their skin slowly lost its green tint and they were even baptized. Sadly, the brother passed away shortly after. But the girl lived on. And while you might think the story ends there, it most certainly does not.

Once she successfully learned English, she was finally able to tell her and her brother’s story. And it was a fascinating one. She claimed that they came from a different land called St. Martin’s Land. In this place, there was no sun and yet everything was green, just like their skin when they first mysteriously arrived in Woolpit. She claimed that she and her brother were helping their father herd cattle when they followed some that had strayed into a cave. From there, they began to hear a strange sound and followed it. Next thing they knew, they were in a vast and bright place the likes of which they had never seen (Woolpit).

Truly a fascinating tale. Many have since tried to retrace the children’s steps in an attempt to find St. Martin’s Land. Over the years, some have suggested that it is a yet to be discovered subterranean society. While others have gone as far as to suggest the children were in fact aliens from another world entirely. Many simply believe the girl was lying or, even worse, the whole story has been completely made up.

What do you think? Did these children really have green skin? Did they really come from a subterranean world we haven’t even discovered yet? Or is the whole thing just a bunch of hogwash? We may never know. But one thing’s for sure… it would be pretty fascinating if the girl’s story was true!