Things You Didn’t Know You Can Get Free On A Flight

Traveling can cost a lot of money, and traveling by plane can be one of the most expensive modes of travel. And it seems that as an airplane passenger you receive less amenities with each passing year. Not everything has to cost an arm and a leg during your flight, here are some things that you can still get for free during your flight.

When the flight attendant comes around with the snack cart ask for more. When handed a cup of water, or a cup of soda with ice ask for the can or for the bottle. Unless the flight is running low, most flight attendants are glad to give them to you. If there are left over snacks the flight attendants are happy to serve them to you, so don’t hesitate to ask. Some airlines offer hot cocoa for the kids as a treat when serving coffee and tea to the adults. 

Traveling with children can be difficult, keeping them entertained during all of the chaos is always challenging. A wing pin is a great souvenir, something to treasure for years, and a gift the flight attendant may offer a well behaved child. But don’t be afraid to ask if no offer is made. If you ask at the right time, usually after the flight when the pilot isn’t working, you may even be able to get a cockpit tour. 

Need a sanitizing wipe for the armrest or tray table? Most airlines carry them. Need a first aid item? Most airlines carry the basic first aid supplies, and can even offer you a pain reliever if you have forgotten that all important bottle of ibuprofen. Get to know your flight attendant as they know what their particular airline has to offer.