Hawaii is the number one destination on most people’s vacation lists, but what if you’ve already been there and done that? Maybe you want to experience something new or maybe you are tired of how commercialized Hawaii has become. Either way, let’s explore some Hawaii type destinations for the well traveled so nobody is bored on an island vacation.


Cook Islands

Stay in the Pacific and get all the grass skirts, deserted beaches and chill island vibes you can handle in the Cook Islands. This 15-island chain is just southwest of Tahiti and is a well kept secret. If the crowds are keeping you away from Hawaii, then the deserted feelings of the Cook Islands will be perfect for you. You will love the outdoor activities and lush wilderness. Enjoy underground cave pools, amazing coral reefs and crystal clear waters.



The Indonesian vacation destination to the world, Bali offers everything Hawaii has but with more remote vibes. Bali is the island vacation you seek, especially if Hawaii is too touristy for you. Enjoy rich cultural traditions and powder soft sandy beaches. Check out what the South Pacific has to offer with a Bali vacation. The resorts are second to none and the traditional Balinese ways will pamper you like no other.



If you go to Hawaii because it’s in America, then you should try Guam. The American owned Island doesn’t require passports for US citizens. Book a trip here to see what Micronesia is all about. Check out World War II historical sites while relaxing in the warm sun. The water here is incredible and offers all the activities you can find on Hawaii without all the tourist traps. Think Hawaii pre 1990 and you have Guam.



Fiji isn’t one island, its actually 333 separate and unique islands. The South Pacific’s most popular destination still isn’t nearly as busy as Hawaii. The islands of Fiji have something for everyone, if you don’t like one certain island, don’t worry; there are 332 others to chose from. The reef system around the islands offers some of the best scuba and snorkeling in the world, with over 1,500 varieties of fish.


French Polynesia

French Polynesia is an island archipelago that is hole to some of the world’s top beach destinations like Tahiti and Bora Bora. These islands have it all, white, pink and black sand beaches for your toes to play with. Get your sunscreen ready and your best beach outfit, as these beaches are filled with beautiful people. This is the island chain that started the whole overwater bungalow trend that has taken over tropical resorts.



Nestled off the coast of Africa in the Indian Ocean, the Maldives is the vacation spot of the rich and famous. From royalty to movie stars, the Maldives hosts them all. Most islands in this chain are private islands so you need permission to visit, but luckily all the resorts are on private islands as well.


Check out these incredible destinations if Hawaii is old news or you are tired of the commercialization of the islands.