What’s more summer vacation than drinking a stiff cocktail while floating in a swimming pool? I can’t think of anything, so why throw on your swim trunks and saddle up to the best swim up bars in the U.S. with help from us at Jetlaggin.com.   We found the top swim up bars around the nation and tell you why they are so awesome. Spend your vacation wet from the waist down and full of booze from the bar up.


Rehab Beach – Hard Rock Vegas

Do I even need to continue with this list after we talk about the ultimate pool party? Forget a swim up bar, this is a full on swim up nightclub in the middle of the day. The pool party at the Hard Rock casino in Las Vegas is so awesome I’ve stayed in on a Saturday Night in Vegas because I wanted to really enjoy Rehab. In the summer they throw this ultimate pool party every Thursday to Monday, so tie your suit tight and get ready for the time of your life.


Serenity Pool – Four Seasons Maui

Quite the opposite experience from Rehab, Serenity Pool at the Four Seasons in Maui is a classy and sophisticated swim up bar for the vacationer who wants some peace and quiet with their Pina Colada. Lucky for you, there are three different swim up bars in three completely different pools at the Four Seasons, so if you want to party, just head over to the Adult’s Only pool.


Mud Hut Swim up Bar – Kalahari Wisconsin Dells

Maybe you can’t make it to the coasts, fear not friend, and check out the Mud Hut bar in the Kalahari resorts at the wonderful Wisconsin Dells. Imagine a swim up bar and insane water slides mixed together, yes, it is heaven. This place has it all and it’s half indoors so even when the weather is bad, you can enjoy a stiff cocktail then head down a badass waterslide. Checkmate, sorry Maui, you lose to Wisconsin again.


Garden of the Gods Oasis – Caesars Vegas

Another awesome swim up pool bar in Vegas, no way, haha, yup. This place is epics and it obviously is built in a roman style so get ready from huge pillars and stiffer drinks. Oh yea, and you can totally gamble while standing waist deep in lukewarm water. Expect to see a few celebrities here, as this pool bar is always a popular meeting spot.

Hotel Blue – Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach is what happens when NASCAR heads to the beach so expect plenty of cutoff jeans shorts, Lynyrd Skynyrd T-Shirts and Budweiser being slung at this hotel pool bar, but it’s a great time. These country folk know how to get down and if the adults only pool is a rocking please do come a knocking, you won’t regret it.


Ama Bar – The Fairmont Kea Lani Maui

This is the fancy swim up bar we all have fantasized about but never really thought was possible. This hotel is a real fancy joint so expect an upper class type of cliental so no beer bongs dudes.

DIP Aqua Bar – New York

New York City’s only swim up bar is obviously a hot spot, there’s only one. The Room Mate Grace in Times Square has an indoor pool that is open 24/7 but the bar is only open from 10am to 8pm. They host a very popular gay night on Wednesday and there is a cover charge every day of the week.