What NOT To Do When Doing Vegas

Summer is just around the corner and before we know people will begin flocking to a certain Nevada city to forget their worries and have the time of their lives. That city is, of course, the one and only Las Vegas. Sin City is consistently in the top five most-visited cities in America every year and I’m sure 2018 will be no different. But as much as Vegas is all about forgetting the rules and letting loose, don’t be stupid. There are definitely still some basic things you should not do while doing Vegas. 


A huge part of having a great time in Las Vegas is simply hanging out by the pool. Almost every hotel pool has a swim-up bar these days. So in the afternoons, that’s where just about everyone will be. But let’s not forget, Las Vegas is literally in the desert. The heat can be straight up brutal in the summer. So don’t make the mistake of not applying sunscreen! Have the time of your life in Vegas isn’t worth getting skin cancer.


Vegas may seem like the kind of place where rules go out the window, but one rule that is still very much in effect in Vegas is “21 or older.” Various law enforcement agencies like the Gaming Commission are looking for any reason to bust a hotel or casino breaking the rules. So making sure everyone drinking alcohol is over 21 is a very easy way to those hotels and casinos to make sure they’re not breaking the rules. If you’re under 21 you can still definitely enjoy the city, but don’t bother trying to sneak into clubs with that fake ID your cousin’s buddy made in his garage.


As you can imagine, Vegas is overflowing with people working the hospitality game. Bartenders, waiters, bellhops, valet drivers, the list goes on and on. These people work very hard to provide a proper Vegas experience, so they’re the last people you want to offend by not giving a good tip. If we all remember to take care of them, then they’ll be happier and it will just make Vegas better for everyone. Honestly, we shouldn’t even have to tell you this one. Tip your staff, people!


A lot of people probably assume prostitution is legal in a place like Las Vegas. Well, news flash, it isn’t! Regardless of how much you may get bombarded with escort cards while walking down the strip, prostitution is still very much illegal in Las Vegas. So don’t take the risk just because you’re letting your hair down. If you were to get caught, you could face some serious fines and possibly even jail time. Don’t risk it!


While most places will, of course, take credit cards, cash still comes in very hand in Las Vegas. But do your best to bring plenty of cash with you or find your bank’s local branch in the city because the ATM fees are just plain ridiculous. You could pay anywhere for $5 to $10 on most ATMs in Vegas! That’s just plain highway robbery right there. So avoid ATMs as best you can!


This isn’t New York, people. No matter how much you flail your arms or scream at passing cab drivers, they will not pull over. Probably because it’s actually illegal! There are number pick up and drop off areas all over the city, and taxi cab passengers must be picked up and dropped off at these locations. Similarly, Uber and Lyft will have drop off and pick up zones as well. If you’re not sure how it all works, the concierge at your hotel will be more than happy to call one for you.

And that’s it! These rules may seem obvious or not that big of a deal. But if you make sure to avoid these common mistakes, you will most definitely have yourself a great time in Las Vegas.