So you’ve booked a vacation in the mile-high city of Denver, Colorado. Denver is a great place to visit all year round. Denver is one of the fastest growing cities in the United States and it’s easy to know why. This place is full of so much fun stuff to do whether you’re an outdoorsy person or a music person or whatever it is you’re interested in, there is no doubt that Denver offers it in spades. While Denver is an amazing city, it is also a huge city, so you need to know what you’re looking for before you pick a neighborhood to stay in.

We have talked to our colleagues and compiled a list of all of our favorite neighborhoods we have ever spent time in so that you know all of the coolest places to stay in Denver.



LoDo is not some name from the Lord of the Rings, it actually stands for Lower Downtown. This is a historic neighborhood that is filled to the brim with Victorian buildings. But you won’t just have to check out old buildings around here, there are also plenty of awesome restaurants, bars, and coffeehouses. Also if you’re a baseball fan then this is where you’ll find Coors Field, home to the MLB’s Colorado Rockies. So whether you’re looking to go shopping for a book, party the night away or watch a baseball game, LoDo has got you covered.



LoHi is not in the Lord of the Rings either, it’s in Denver. LoHi stands for Lower Highlands and was just named as one of America’s best hipster neighborhoods. That means there are plenty of hip restaurants, music festivals, and bars. But it’s not all loud, there are also plenty of super quiet neighborhood streets around so staying here won’t be a constant headache.

If you’re hip and you want to see a hipper side of Denver then be sure to stay in LoHi.


Cherry Creek

Cherry Creek might as well be called Shopping Town. There are a ton of cool, unique, independently owned stores around here and even some upscale name brands as well.

You can also spend your time in Cherry Creek relaxing in one of the many nice spas and check out the tons of charming eateries, but once you’re done eating and relaxing be sure to hit up the Cherry Creek Shopping Center and get back to shopping.


Art District on Santa Fe

The Art District is full of, you’re never going to believe this, art!

No matter what your artistic tastes are, you are sure to find it around here, because there is a slew of galleries around here that cater to everyone’s tastes. Check out the art walks they hold on the first Friday of every month to get a great taste of all the cool stuff this neighborhood has to offer. The art district is also known as a Latino and Hispanic hub, so get some real culture when you visit Denver and if you’re here around the Dia de Los Muertos, you’re in luck, because there are a ton of awesome events that you just have to check out.