So you bought the tickets to Mexico City. You’re so excited but you still have the rest of the trip to plan. Let us help you because we are very experienced when it comes to traveling and we can use our staff’s knowledge to give you all the coolest barrios to stay in when you visit the amazing, sprawling Mexican capital known as Mexico City.



Condesa is known as the older brother of neighboring Roma, meaning that it is thought to have a touch more class.

This neighborhood is where you will find Parque Mexico as well as a whole slew of eye-popping Art Deco architecture that will blow you away.

Condessa is stuffed with tons of great bars and restaurants and is very fun and safe to walk around in at night. It is very easy to have a good time in the neighborhood of Condesa.



On the other side of Condesa is Roma, which logically is the younger brother. Even though, I guess they would be sisters, considering the words are feminine. Roma is well known as the coolest neighborhood in Mexico due to its amazing nightlife, awe-inspiring art galleries, and fun cafes. You will always have a place to eat, drink or visit while staying in Roma and we couldn’t pick a more fun neighborhood to spend your time in.


Zona Rosa

Zona Rosa is known as the gay district in Mexico City. But, just like a gay district in any city, that doesn’t mean you have to be gay to enjoy your time there. You can find some of the best bakeries in the city around here and a ton of quirky shops. The buildings are always fun to look at and it is a beautiful place just to take a stroll.



Come see the neighborhood where Frida Kahlo was born known as Coyoacan. You can enjoy her majestic and motivating museum, a house where she lived with her husband Diego Rivera called Casa Azul. Casa Azul is named that because the whole house is painted bright blue, but that’s not the only vibrantly painted house in Coyoacan. A lot of houses are painted in a variety of different colors that make this neighborhood very exciting.



If coffee is your thing, then Coplico is the neighborhood for you. There are tons of amazing cafes here serving up delectable caffeinated delights to tourists and locals alike.



The Navarte district is definitely up-and-coming. So if you want to get in on a hip neighborhood before it becomes touristy then Navarte is definitely where you should stay. There are amazing tacos all over the city but these ones are famous. So get ready to eat more tacos than you ever thought possible because once you have one, you’re going to want to have seven more. But save some room for churros!




This district is very chill and has a whole bunch to offer. A lot of people don’t mention Juarez when asking where to stay in Mexico City and we’re not sure why. It borders the Zona Rosa and has a lot of great bars, restaurants, and clubs.

If you’re looking for tacos on the street you can find it here, but if you’re looking for an upscale meal then you can find that as well.

No matter what you’re looking for, Juarez has it all.