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Immigration hurdles? Not Anymore! Your Traveler’s Guide



Immigration hurdles? Not Anymore! Your Traveler's Guide

Are you planning a trip to a foreign country? Did you know that one of the most stressful part of travelling is dealing with immigration hurdles?  

Traveling involves a lot of planning; Finding good tickets with the fewest hours of travel, ensuring you have applied and acquired the right visas, arranging accommodation and other logistical plans. And… is your passport expired?

The actual travel day can also be full of hurdles, some within your control such as ensuring your bags are properly packed, and many outside your control such as flight delays and complicated security checks. 

However, immigration hurdles are some of the obstacles that you can reduce with proper preparation and make your travel a little bit easier.

In this article, we will give you a few tips to make your adventure hassle-free.

1. Make sure your travel papers are in order

You must always travel with a valid passport and have the required visa for your intended stay to avoid hassles with the immigration officers.  

Additionally, get and carry proof of any health tests, vaccines, and checkups you may be required to have on entry. 

Check-in online before getting to the airport to make things even easier. That way, you can print out your boarding pass and get information in advance on any flight cancellations, delays or adverse weather. Online check in also saves you time.

2. Book the right flight

Reduce your traveling stress by booking certain flights and seats on the plane. Overnight flights are less crowded and are less disruptive to your schedule, especially in a similar time zone.

When you book a flight, pick the seat near the front of the plane to ensure you are one of the first people to disembark on arrival. This way, you can get through security checks faster and spend less time at the airport.

3. Prepare for your time at the airport

Moving through a large airport with no idea of where the check-in counter is can delay you and cause you to miss your flight. Therefore, go through the airport layout online a few days before your travel to familiarize yourself with it.

Arrive at the airport at least 3-5 hours to be among the first people at the gate. This will ensure you get through check-in on time and faster.

If you have any special health concerns such as a disability, notify the airport authorities when booking your flight to ensure the proper accommodation is accorded. 

Additionally, ensure you have permission to carry any prescription and injectable medication to avoid stress at the immigration and security desks. Having a doctor’s  note to prove you need this medication while you travel goes a long way in easing your way past immigration officers.

4. Pack your luggage with security checks in mind

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When traveling, you may feel like carrying your favorite clothing items, electronics, foods, or drinks. However, some items, such as gels, beverages, and aerosols, can delay your check-in and get you in trouble with the security officers.

Pack your luggage and leave any prohibited items such as aerosols out or in your checked in luggage. 

Weigh your luggage beforehand to adhere to weight regulations and avoid extra charges. This also applies to your carry-on bag, where you should only have essential items such as medication and valuables such as jewelry.

If you must carry liquid items such as shampoos, make sure they are in acceptable small quart-sized containers. You can also pack them in clear ziplock bags for faster security checks.

If you can buy these items at your travel destination, avoid carrying them to reduce your check-in time.

5. Wear appropriate travel clothing

Do you only think of color or comfort when choosing your travel clothes? That’s the least of your worries at check-in. 

Wear shoes you can easily take off, and avoid anything with laces.

Accessories like jewelry and belts will also slow you down because they easily set off security alarms. So check your pockets for metallic items and avoid clothing items with buckles, underwires in your bra, and other attached metals to keep from triggering metal detectors.

If you wear such items, take them off before you get to the check-in counter to save time. Otherwise, if they trigger the metal detector, you will have to go through secondary checks that will delay you.

6. Download airport apps for up-to-date information

It would be best if you kept abreast of any travel warnings or special announcements concerning the airport you will travel through and your flight. This includes flight delays, changes in security rules, security threats,  necessary health requirements, and baggage policies.

Download airport and airline mobile apps to make traveling easier. These apps will inform you of any flight time changes or airport security requirements enroute to your destination.

Ensure you carry copies of your itinerary, health insurance cards, passport, and credit cards. Please take pictures of these documents and save them on your phone or in the cloud too. If you lose your phone, it will be easy to retrieve these images when you buy a new one.

7. Mark your luggage and pack your items carefully

You will encounter unnecessary delays if your luggage is stuck at the airport. This could occur if the airport authorities pass it through secondary security checks. It could also happen because your luggage is unmarked and gets mixed up with that of other travelers.

If you mark your luggage with your name and address in a bright color, you can find it if it gets lost. It will also be easy for you to tell it apart from similar items belonging to other travelers.

In case you have any fragile items, pack them in a hard shell suitcase that is unlikely to break if mishandled by airport staff. It would help if you also marked it as fragile to ensure they are more careful with it.

8. Do not carry restricted items in your luggage

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Contraband items such as illegal drugs, weapons, knives and the like will definitely cause you immigration hurdles. 

Although some drugs, such as Marijuana, may be legal in your jurisdiction, please leave them at home whenever you travel to another jurisdiction as they may be classified as a dangerous drug in your destination. The case of basketball player Brittney Griner comes to mind. 

Additionally, although you may not use or carry these items, there are cases of people sneaking illegal items into others’ luggage in airports. Good luck explaining to the immigration officers that the packet of cocaine found in your handbag is not yours!

So, stay away from suspicious people or those who seem interested in talking a lot or distracting you. They may slip something in your luggage, beverage, or food that could get you into trouble.

Keep an eye on your belongings at all times, especially your carry-on and handbag when you travel. Secure your bags with locks to keep people from tampering with them.

Pack your own luggage and inspect it thoroughly before leaving for the airport.  Where possible, wrap your luggage to avoid tampering and theft.

Should you find yourself in immigration difficulties while traveling in the US, reach out to the immigration law experts at Aiello Harris.

9. Interact politely with the airport officials

Although immigration officials may seem serious, they are there to ensure your security. So be polite, calmly comply with their requests, and answer questions quickly (even the ones you feel are unnecessary) to avoid delays during check-in.

Keep your passport, boarding pass, and other documents accessible  so you can quickly provide them when security asks for them. Any items you have to remove, such as your computer, tablet, and other electronics, must be in one secure bag for fast removal.

Final thoughts on how to reduce immigration hurdles

These are a few tips on how to avoid immigration hurdles when traveling.They will come in handy if you are a first-time traveler or looking to have a smooth time on your next flight.

Thorough preparation is the key to smoother travel to avoid unnecessary delays, secondary checks and other trouble with airport authorities. Happy travels!

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5 Awesome Reasons to Take a Trip to Florida



Aerial view of South Beach, Miami Beach, Florida. USA

Do you deserve a break away from the strains of life?

Then you need to take a trip to Florida!

In 2019, The Sunshine State welcomed over 131 million people through its borders. And with the pandemic coming to an end, it’s predicted that Florida will return to these numbers in 2022.

But what makes so many people visit this part of our great nation? And why should you start planning a Florida vacation?

Continue reading until the end to find out!

1. City Breaks

Florida is home to around 400 cities. The cities range from bustling metropolises to small charming environments. So there is one here that will suit you perfectly.

Jacksonville is the largest and most populous city in the region.

Miami and Orlando are the most visited by tourists. Both cities have a vibrant downtown area and are lined with palm trees and highrise buildings.

If you want a quiet escape, Mount Dora is for you. The charming town is known for its cozy stores, local festivals, and history museums.

2. Florida Beaches

With Florida’s location and 1,350 miles of coastline, it’s no wonder the state is famous for its sandy beaches.

There are countless beaches dotted up and down the state. Each one offers you something different.

South Beach offers a carnival atmosphere and a place to cool off after exploring the city. Others are more secluded, hidden in parks or woodlands.

Because of Florida’s humid subtropical climate, you can enjoy beaches all year round!

3. Theme Parks

Florida is home to one of the highest concentrations of theme parks in the world. There are hundreds of parks in the region. Some are unheard of, while others are famous around the planet.

It’s also home to ten major theme parks. You can find four Disney parks, Universal Studios, Legoland, and much more!

The best thing about the parks here is that there’s something for everyone. Thrill-seekers will enjoy Iron Gwazi, the largest coaster in the state, with a 206-foot drop. Younger kids can enjoy parks such as Peppa Pig Land or SeaWorld.

4. Explore the Outdoors

There are 11 national parks in Florida. It would be a shame not to take advantage of exploring the region’s beautiful outdoors.

The Everglades isn’t just one of the best things to do in Florida, but one of the best things to do in North America! While you’re here, you can rent a boat, hike, birdwatch, and go fishing. You can even sleep under the stars at one of two campsites here.

Even though there are popular sites here, there are plenty of parks that are off the beaten path. And the best part is that most have no entry fee!

5. The Upbeat Nightlife

Are you looking for a vodka-fueled night that spills into the early hours of the morning? What about a quiet night sipping a cocktail by the beach? Or maybe something in between both nights?

Well, whatever you’re looking for, Florida offers a night to suit any preference.

Orlando is becoming a favorite nightlife spot for locals and tourists. The city is constantly adding new and exciting bars and restaurants to the streets. Most notably, this downtown courtyard!

Take a Trip to Florida

Now you know why you should take a trip to Florida, but do you still think you deserve a break from the strains of life?

If so, it’s time for the fun part. To pack a bag and start planning a trip down south!

You can find out the best Florida activities and more information on the region in our free travel blog.

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What You’ll Need To Consider When Traveling Frequently For Work




Traveling for work is a staple of a number of careers for so many professionals. Some travel regionally while others seem to be in a different country every month of the year. The pandemic derailed so many business conferences and thwarted so many meetings. Zoom took over which has now become the new normal for so many companies. There are still some individuals, companies, and cultures that value a physical meeting far more than a virtual one. Thriving when traveling for work can provide job security and a number of other benefits. Below will delve into what to consider when traveling very frequently for work. 

You Might Need Help Around Your Home 

Traveling for work can lead your home to fall into disrepair over time. Maintenance might be impossible to handle due to being out of the home for weeks at a time. Hiring landscaping professionals is recommended as this will allow your home to look occupied even when you are traveling. There is even weed control mulch that can be put down to help reduce the amount of maintenance that needs to be done. Smarthome improvements can help you save energy if you find you left something on after leaving for a trip. 

Try To Put An Emphasis On Your Health

Traveling can be tough on your health as it can be difficult to get into a routine. You might feel like you are living out of a suitcase so routine is of paramount importance. Hitting the gym regularly is not as difficult as you might think as there are national chain gyms with plans for frequent travelers. Eating in a healthy manner is also important as you don’t want to gain weight after each trip. Delivery food options are far more healthy than in the past rather than relying on pizza and fast food. 

Maximize Your Productivity While Traveling

You can get a solid amount of work done on a flight along with the time spent waiting in the airport. This can help reduce the amount of time that you have to work when you get to your destination. Keeping up with office work can be so important as it shows you can thrive while traveling simultaneously while keeping up with regular work requirements. 

Enjoy Your Time Regardless Of Where You Are Traveling

Scheduling a nice dinner or seeing a show in a large city can be so enjoyable. You might be swamped during the day but the nights are yours on certain days. Client entertainment can even be a blast although you are not going to personally like all clients or companies/individuals you are pitching. Getting to know new cities can be such a blast especially if you enjoy learning new things. 

Business trips can create great memories if you manage them appropriately. Use the time alone to improve yourself and visit with friends/family when visiting their city. You’d be surprised as to how much a physical visit can mean and do for various types of relationships.

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Budget Friendly Travel Tips

We all want to travel the globe but how can we when travel is so expensive?  Here are some easy and simple tips to traveling on a budget and getting the most out of your vacation.




We all want to travel the globe but how can we when travel is so expensive?  Simple, travel with budget in mind and you can stretch your dollar to the max. Here are some easy and simple tips to traveling on a budget and getting the most out of your vacation.


Learn about currency

When traveling to foreign lands, the currency conversion can really screw people over, especially if you don’t know what stuff should cost. Knowing what normal stuff costs like taxi fares and groceries will save you money and frustration. But mainly it will keep you from getting ripped off, which is very common. Travelers often have no idea how much a cab ride from the airport to a resort should cost so they usually over pay.


Luggage scale

A luggage scale is a cheap buy that can save you huge in baggage fees. If you are anything like my wife and constantly over pack, you need a luggage scale. You could just learn to pack light but we all know that’s crazy talk.


Prepare your own food

Eating out every meal really adds up and can make a cheap vacation turn into a budget buster quickly. When I travel I tend to eat out only a few times and make lunches and breakfast on the go. This will save you major bucks and make the meals you eat out much more special.


Bring water filter

A good water filter can save you money and keep you from getting sick. Water isn’t always the same everywhere you go. In many third world countries the water isn’t as clean as more developed countries, so you may get sick drinking the water.

Buy a nice water filter and a refillable water bottle to save you big bucks and keep you from spending the entire trip on the toilet.


Comfy walking shoes

Choosing the right shoes for your trip is essential, so make sure they are comfortable and suitable for the terrain you will be walking on. Basically don’t pack flip-flops if you are going to a cold area or don’t pack high heels if you are going to the jungle.   Walking will not only allow you to see more of the area you are traveling but it can save you money on taxis.

Bring food

Airports allow you to travel with food so pack a lunch, some snacks and keep your wallet in your pocket. I’ll bring plenty of snacks in my carry-on because food at airports is ridiculously overpriced. I’m not telling you to bring your entire pantry full of food but instead just bring some snacks and maybe a sandwich.


Check fine print

Always check the fine print especially with airlines and hotels, they will try and sneak charges past you. If you want to save big bucks on your trip, make sure you aren’t getting screwed in the process.


Cheaper accommodations

Hotels and resorts are quite expensive so maybe look for alternatives to the standard hotel room. Websites like and have made travel much more affordable. Hostels are also great ways to save money. Think about it, you don’t go on vacation to spend time in your room, all I need is a nice bed and a shower and I’m a happy camper.


Alternative modes of transportation

Airplanes aren’t the only way to travel and usually are much more expensive over alternatives. Trains, busses and boats are often cheaper and more of an adventure so find your alternatives to airplanes.


Flexible with flights

Be flexible with your travel schedule and your flights won’t be so expensive.   Certain days are cheaper to fly than others so figure that out and save mucho dinero.


Chose a budget friendly destination

Paris is expensive so instead maybe check out Croatia, both cool destinations but one will break your budget while the other is budget friendly.


Travel for cheap isn’t as hard as it used to be, so get out there and find your adventure on your budget.

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