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Can You Prove You Still Remember The 60s Like They Were Yesterday?

     On the (Earth) surface level, the 60s could be easily associated with a number of memorable events – the Vietnam War (and backlash), uplifting Civil Rights protests and movements, the assisination of unforgetable social leaders John F Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr., the cuban missible crisis, and the humankind-altering moon landing. The times were changing drastically. However, some of the more mundane foods, fashions, products, toys, and more were beginning to take root. If anything, many of the developments and inventions of the 60s still exist today, albeit in modern stages. Nonetheless, we wanted to take you back and time and give you the opportunity to prove yourself to a people past. Can you prove that you were once one of them or have to that your history of the 60s is super sharp… even if you didn’t live during the era. Either way, enjoy remembering these 60s “concepts” as you make your way across the decade!



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Take A Dip In Europe’s Coolest Lakes

Europe has some of the most beautiful lakes in the world and we asked our colleagues to share some of their favorites.



There is nothing better than spending all day chilling out in a lake. You can waterski, jet ski, ride a boat, paddleboard, kayak, whatever your favorite water based activity is, odds are you can do it in lakes (except surfing.)

So what’s better than cruising to the closest lake and spending your day maxing and relaxing? Flying to one of these picturesque lakes in Europe and maxing and relaxing there.

Europe has some of the most beautiful lakes in the world and we asked our colleagues to share some of their favorites.


Lake Lucerne isn’t the largest lake in Switzerland, but it is definitely the most beautiful. Switzerland is known for their beautiful mountain views and Lake Lucerne is no different. The scenic landscape will leave you breathless and you will know immediately why this lake is such a popular tourist destination. This lake might be a little too cold to take a dip in, but hopping on a boat and cruising around will surely be well worth your time.


If you’re looking for a warm lake then Lake Garda is for you. This is the largest lake in Italy that is surrounded by that warm Mediterranean climate. The lake is surrounded by lemon trees and olive trees and is filled with insanely clear blue water. This is a great body of water for you to partake in any outdoorsy activity either in the water or around the water.

If you want to dive then this place is for you, but if you’re more of a mountain biking type then you can find that here as well. Lake Garda is absolutely phenomenal and should be a must on everyone’s Italian vacation.


These lakes are not to miss if you ever find yourself in Croatia. The reason these lakes are so fabulous is not just because of the amazing turquoise water surrounded by beautiful forests, but also because the lakes contain waterfalls and caves which are all marvelous to spend your time gawking at. Croatia is a beautiful country and so are the lakes that are contained within it.


Lake Annecy is where you will find what is known as the “Venice of the Alps.” If that’s not enough to entice you right there, then I don’t know what to tell you. The town of Annecy has canals that run through it which makes it very reminiscent of Venice although you’re clearly in the mountains of France and not in Italy. The French have put a lot of time and effort into cleaning this lake’s water and their efforts have definitely paid off.

This lake contains the cleanest water in all of Europe and you can tell when you stare down at the beautiful bluish green waters. Bring your swimsuit and take a dip, or maybe give wakeboarding a try. Whatever you want to do in this lake, it is available to you, making this a must-see destination.

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The Best All-Inclusive Resorts In The Bahamas

Don’t throw money down the toilet on a Caribbean vacation. Get the best bang for your buck by staying at these sneaky cheap all-inclusive resorts. 



Hey, even the most frugal people still want to go to the Bahamas! It’s one of the most beautiful places in the world and is an absolutely perfect vacation destination. But it can be sneaky expensive. So you have to be careful to not waste too much money while on vacation there.

Lucky for you, we found the best and cheapest all-inclusive results in all of the Bahamas! So scroll through and find the one that’s right for you and whoever you may be heading to the Caribbean with!


This wonderful hotel finds itself at the top of our list for one simple reason: it’s the closest all-inclusive resort to the capital of the Bahamas, Nassau. Which obviously has plenty of benefits! The hotel also boasts 24-hour room service, fulling stocked minibars, actual liquor dispensers and plenty of entertainment and awesome buffets nightly.

It’s also right next to the monster resort that is Atlantis, which has plenty of nightclubs and casinos that are open to non-guests. And while being next to Atlantis and Nassau certainly make it one of the least quiet resorts on our list, the convenience of being so close to so many cool attractions make it all worth it.


Breezes Resort is located on one of the most popular beaches in all of Nassau, Cable Beach. It’s not the most beautiful resort in the Bahamas, with some fairly uninspired interior design, but many of the units do have direct beach access, which is of course wonderful. And, if you go for the all-inclusive packages, you’ll have access to free snacks, meals, drinks, and even recreational activities on the daily.

Not to mention, this place has four bars and five restaurants! You basically never need to leave the premises. Which, on a vacation, can be just downright lovely.


What makes this resort so special is the six specialty restaurants and bars their guests have access to. They all offer their own unique flavors and styles, which makes staying at the resort for every meal fun and exciting. The resort is also perfectly nestled right on another of Nassau’s best beaches making for the perfect Caribbean vacation.

And if you’re the gambling type, they also have an awesome casino that is perfect for gambling away your vacation!


I think the proof is in the title with this wonderful all-inclusive Bahamas resort. It’s not exactly one of the cheapest options in the Bahamas, but you really can get some serious bang for your buck. They have seven restaurants of varying cuisines, lots of pools, an 18-hole golf course, and plenty of tennis courts to keep their guests busy. And, naturally, they have plenty of fantastic cocktails that come with the package and keep the party going as long as you like.


If you’re looking to hit the Caribbean with your family then this is the all-inclusive resort for you! There are certainly still plenty of options for adults (see: alcohol), but this place has the best family-friendly activities. Specifically, they offer a bunch of awesome water sports like kayaking, windsurfing, and paddle boarding. And if you just want to eat good food and lounge around, there are multiple wonderful restaurants in the resort and their beach is full of comfortable beach furniture.


OK… this is it, folks. If you’re really looking to save as much money as possible while having as much fun the Bahamas as possible, then look no further than Stella Maris Resort Club. This place is perfectly secluded and only has 45 rooms. So it’s great for a quieter Caribbean vacation as well.

As for their all-inclusive package, it can include such amenities as three meals and three drinks per day (in addition to wine with dinner!), kayaking, cave exploration, boat trips, hikes and nature walks, and beautiful bike rides. What else do you need, people?!

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Check Out These Awesomely Vintage Motels

There are still plenty of amazing vintage hotels still open for business around the country. 



There’s no point in fighting it at this point, we are living in the retro-age. It’s all about vintage and throwbacks and reboots. And as annoying as it can be, there is still some really cool vintage stuff out there. And what’s more vintage than cute, little roadside motels? Here are some of the coolest ones out there.


The Santa Fe Motel and Inn epitomizes the energy and style of the Southwest. From the classic adobe-style architecture to the colorful and rustic interior of the lobby, this place is as New Mexico as it gets. And the awesome Santa Fe Plaza is just about a seven minute walk away. They also offer a deliciously Southwest breakfast for their guests.


Enjoy a proper New Jersey experience at the StarLux motel as it is just two blocks from the beach and the awesome Wildwood Boardwalk. One of the biggest motels on this list, it has a whopping 45 rooms. Plus they really lean heavily on the vintage vibe with lava lamps in the rooms, fake palm trees by the pool, and actual real-life Airstream trailers for guests to stay in.


This adorable motel first opened in 1938 and was apparently the motel of choice for the one and only Marilyn Monroe when she visited Palm Springs. There are only ten rooms in the motel and they all have unique and awesome themes. Like the Rebel Without a Cause room, the Shake Rattle and Roll room, and Marilyn’s favorite, the Pretty in Pink room.


This picture perfect motel looks like it’s right out of a postcard. The best part about this vintage spot? How close it is to awesome attractions! There’s a popular tourist strip just a ten minute walk away, and Noah’s Ark Waterpark and Kalahari Indoor Theme Park are a short drive away. The motel even provides free passes to all its guests!


This quaint little spot was built all the way back in 1910. It was originally just a small collection of summer cabins. It’s changed a lot over the years thanks to multiple owners, but now it’s considered an awesome boutique motel located right around the corner from Whiskey Row and a historic downtown. Guests can also enjoy a complimentary glass of wine when they arrive, a homemade cookie when they leave, and plenty of bikes for borrowing.


This place is an absolute must-see. Literally made from 19 25-ton train cabooses all the way back in 1969, motels doing get any more vintage than the Red Caboose Motel. Guests will literally stay in the cabooses, with some of them big enough to support a whole family, and one honeymoon caboose with a queen sized bed and a romantic whirlpool bath. It also includes a petting zoo, a miniature train ride, and free movie nights in the barn.

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