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Dangerous And Dramatic Weather Photographs

     Mother Nature is a truly powerful thing that has been terrorizing humans as long as we’ve been on this Earth. Sure, she’s given us a lot of beauty too. But what’s all that beauty good for if her fury just destroys most of it anyway! And as much as we’ve tried to outsmart her and prepare ourselves for natural disasters to come, she continues to reign down on us. And we still find ourselves consistently ill-prepared for extreme weather conditions. 


     Thankfully, at the very least, some brave photographers have managed to capture some truly incredible photographs of some of the world’s most extreme weather. Nature is unrelenting and incredible all at the same time. One moment the sun is warming your face and the next moment you are running for your life from a tornado. But maybe images like these can help us better understand how weather phenomenon operate so we can be better prepared the next time. But in the meantime, please enjoy this collection of breathtaking images that should show you exactly what kind of events are coming up. 



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London’s Connaught Bar top the Best Bar’s List of 2020



The Connaught Bar wins the Best Bar of 2020 title despite the unstable condition of the times. Nevertheless, it was forced to close its doors again.

The Connaught Bar has been named the Best Bar of 2020. This comes after England had to declare a 4-week lockdown to halt the resurgence of COVID-19 cases in the country. Thus, the exclusive bar had to close its doors to awaiting customers even when it merely reopened in mid-September.

Picking the best bar of the year was altered, as well. Last year’s event was a stand-up gig at London’s famous Roadhouse. Journalists and the industry’s known personalities gathered for the celebration, complete with typical soiree of sorts. 2020’s version, however, was completely different as everyone who had a say had to make do with today’s new normal meeting place, Zoom.

In spite of the hugely diminished revelry, Connaught’s Agostino Perrone and the whole bar’s team of employees are extremely pleased with their victory.  “It’s the achievement we’ve been looking for,” gushes Perrone.

Already considered a Mayfair institution, the Connaught Hotel opened its doors to the public way back in 1815 with the former name, Prince of Saxe Coburg Hotel. Its 1920s-style bar is also an impressive experience.

The Connaught bar has been a consistent feature in the past 11 year’s Best Bars lists, although it is only this year that it was able to get the most yearned for topmost title. Maura Milia, the bar’s assistant manager shares that consistency and quality have been the guiding principles of the establishment. These could be deciphered when ordering the best bar’s iconic martini—a drink that can still be ordered via takeaway.

The on-going COVID-19 pandemic has heavily impacted the hospitality industry this year. All over the world, various bars and hotels needed to close particularly during the early months of the crisis. Due to the need to stop the exponential spread of the disease, physical distancing and quarantine procedures were put in place. For months, bars and other similar businesses had to shift to takeaway service and crowds were discouraged from mingling about.

Giorgio Bargiani, the best bar’s senior mixologist praises the Connaught Hotel for its unrelenting support as employees and customers had to connect via the internet, replacing the age-old routine of in-house service. Perrone looks forward to next year as he hopes that the gradual easing of lockdowns will permit them to reopen once more. “Recognition is always an injection of energy, an injection of creativity,” he asserts.

The World’s Best Bar Academy is populated by 540 bar experts coming from all over the world. They are equally halved by gender, as well. Judging occurred between January 2019 until March 2020, abruptly curtailed by the unprecedented onset of the pandemic. Voting happened earlier in July.

The Best Bar title was fought over by New York and London, although Asia had its representatives with 4 of Singapore’s bars appearing in the top 15 list. “We’re looking at a whole lot of options, because we think that 50 Best has an important role to play in promoting the hospitality sector in what are very challenging times. The precise way we do that is going to keep evolving,” posits William Drew, 50 Best’s director of content explains.

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Best FREE Things to do In Las Vegas 2

What many of you may not be aware of is there are plenty of ways to have fun in Vegas without spending any money at all.



Las Vegas is the capitalism capital of the world, where huge corporations vie for the opportunity to take all your money. Once you step foot in the city you are surrounded by ways to spend your money. What many of you may not be aware of is there are plenty of ways to have fun in Vegas without spending any money at all.

Check out these awesome ways to have fun for free in sin city.


See Art

There are opportunities all over the city to see free art installations from some of the best artists in the world, alive or dead. Some art highlights include the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas which houses one of the best free art exhibits in the city and the Wynn Las Vegas which has a huge 7-foot-tall Popeye sculpture.

My favorite place to see art for free in the city has to be at the Louis Vuitton flagship store in Crystals city center mall. This mega installation allows visitors to enter the womb like structure and floods the area with an array of lights that dazzle the mind. You must get an appointment at the store.


Eat Chocolate

Free chocolate, sign me up. Yes sir, there is free chocolate just for the taking at Ethel M. The local chocolatier has a really cool factory tour filled with free samples and it sits in the largest botanical cactus garden in the world. That’s a sweet bonus for checking out some awesome cacti.

You can also check out M&M World and Hersey’s Chocolate World, both on the strip. These mega candy stores are free to enter and always have free samples to snack on. Warning, if you take kids here, they will bug you until you buy them something.



Look at lots of money

Check out the World’s largest gold nugget, which obviously sits in the Golden Nugget Casino in Downtown Las Vegas. The 61-pound chunk of gold was sold for over a million dollars and is available for pictures 24-7-365.


Drink for Free (Kinda)

Everyone knows that casinos fill you with alcohol for playing games but is that really a deal?

Usually you end up playing mega bucks for a few drinks, so how can you really get free drinks in Las Vegas. Answer: nowhere, but you can get free-ish drinks at cheaper downtown casinos. Simple play penny slots at downtown Vegas casinos like El Cortez and The D.   Always tip your server or they will simply disappear.


Fountains at Bellagio

The fountains at the Bellagio put on a show every half hour and at night the shows are more frequent. Find a nice spot to view the entire show and you won’t be disappointed.


Cruise the strip

Walking from one end of the strip to the other can take over an hour easily and you will have plenty to check out for free. There are so many photo opportunities that you will need to make room on your memory card.


People watch

My favorite thing to do in Las Vegas is people watch. Visitors from all over the world come to Las Vegas and they sure do amuse me. You can have hours and hours of fun just find a nice place to sit and enjoy as thousands of people stroll past you and you just have the time of your life.


Downtown Container Park

Check out the cool shopping and entertainment center located downtown that’s completely built out of shipping containers. You’ll find shops, shows, street entertainers, awesome art installations and all the people watching you could ever need.


There are plenty more things to do in Vegas for free but these are just our favorite, so save some money and check out these awesome spots.

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How to choose the best-furnished house for rent in Lahore?




Furnished Homes

Renters want to live best-furnished house at an affordable price. Having said that finding the best-furnished house for rent in Lahore in Lahore could be difficult.

Find a Good Place for renting a furnished house  

Renters’ satisfaction is the most important thing for us renters.  firstly, renters prefer a good place for their living. The main priority for us tenants is their satisfaction. First off, tenants want a nice location to live. They learn that the locations where markets are close by or in safe home areas, rather than far-off public locations like schools and restaurants, are what we all long for.

Before, choose a renting furnished house in Lahore renters.  should estimate their needs. The people choose that place where the market nearby the house and the business choose that place which is nearby the airport. IHARent provided a furnished home for rent in Lahore after realizing what the people’s demands were.

Affordable price

Due to inflation people have no money to buy their own furnished house. But now IHARent provides furnished houses with a certain budget in mind. Moreover, you can stay at our furnished apartment as long as you want happily without any restrictions. In Lahore, there are lots of areas that are the cause of gaining renters’ attention DHA is one of them.

 When you move into a new place you need a certain level of home However, if you go for a furnished house on rent, you have a lot of cash in your pocket. The features and costs of furnished apartments fluctuate widely.

 You won’t need to purchase any furnishings or appliances. However, it is usually that the apartment you select offers all the amenities you need. Moreover, evaluate if there are any amenities you can go without or if you can hunt for furnished apartments without those facilities to save money. But IHARent protects you waste the time and money you invest to buy home accessories.

Choose a Real Estate Agent Wisely

 Looking for renting a house is not child’s play it’s a hectic time job we know Therefore, you should keep one thing in your mind choose the real estate agent wisely.

We are providing an easy way to choose a furnished house in Lahore via the website ] IHA Rent.

We help you to easily find accommodation at affordable rent.


if you’re looking for a new apartment to rent for a short-term stay or long-term stay there are a few crucial things you will need to keep in mind. 

You don’t need to choose the furniture for your rooms because are providing a furnished house with furniture.

All these guides will help you to find a furnished apartment that has absolutely everything you will need.

Renters have a vast variety of options when they are choosing to rent a furnished apartment for rent in Lahore they are thinking about. so many things firstly. they focus on location than thinking about the home accessories 

You’ll find it simpler to select a location and organize your upcoming trip to IHARent.


Whether it is about looking for a place that will accommodate you or your family for some time or in the three furnished houses for rent easily accessible.

There are so many things behind renting a furnished house/apartment. Like, a family wants to shift to a new location to maintain their standard of living, or some students want to settle in another city due to their studies. 

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