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Famous Last Words From The Most Famous People To Ever Live

We’ve seen so many celebrities, important figures, and powerful voices come and go over the years.

Whether they’re entertainers, politicians, or a little bit of both, these are some of the most influential figures that have ever graced us with their presence.

And although they’re gone and will be missed for years to come, they still left a lasting impression on all of us.

But before they left this world, they made sure get some final words in. 



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Save Big Bucks on Airline Tickets with these Tips

Let’s look at ways you can definitely save money off airfare and have the vacation of your dreams.



Airline tickets have become so expensive that it’s beginning to limit where many of us can travel. Of course you can find cheap flights if you search hard enough or get lucky, but we can’t all gamble on that. Let’s look at ways you can definitely save money off airfare and have the vacation of your dreams.

Book early

This is the tried and true method to saving big bucks on airfare and will always be the way. Book early and you will be happy in the wallet region. It’s a fact that airlines like their planes booked early so they don’t have empty flights. It’s an advantage to both parties to book early. The airlines like it for obvious reasons and you like it because the rates are so affordable.

Its best practice to book at least 2 months in advance for domestic and 3-4 months for international travel. According to Airlines Reporting Corporation passengers on average saved up to 20 percent by booking 2 months in advance. That’s a nice chunk of change. They also reported a staggering 28 percent savings when booking international flights with at least 24 weeks advance notice.

Obviously we all can’t book that early, who are we…planners?

For the rest of us who aren’t super planners and like to live by the seat of our pants, here are some other saving options.  


Off-peak and cheap days

First you have to figure out when exactly the cheapest days to fly are and which times a year are cheapest.

Simple, search for your flight but check the entire month you want to travel, this will show you the price highs and lows.

On average Tuesday, Wednesdays and Saturdays are cheapest days of the weak to fly. The times of the month vary depending on time of year and season.

Its good to travel during the shoulder seasons, these are the times in between the high and low seasons. So early spring and late fall are great and cheaper times to fly.


Know the baggage rules

Saving bucks on your baggage is crucial to flying for cheap. A select few airlines will allow one or two checked bags for free but most charge for all bags. Some “discount” airlines actually charge for carry on bags as well. These “discount” carriers usually end up being the same price as other airlines after all the hidden fees.

Make sure your checked bag isn’t over the allowed weight restrictions, because that can add a hefty penalty fee. Many times a heavy bag fee can be up to $675 per bag, so check before you leave home or leave some extra room I your carry on in case you have to repack at the airport.


Fare alerts

Sign up for fare alerts form a certain airline or ticketing service like These fare alerts may seem like an annoyance but in reality they can save you major bucks. Once you buy the tickets at an awesome price make sure you end the alert or you will continue to receive emails on a loop forever!


Off airports

You favorite airport is awesome, it’s close and convenient to get to, that’s why it’s usually more expensive to fly out of. Instead choose a secondary airport, maybe one that is farther out or smaller, often these have great deals on flights.


Hopefully you save some money on your flights so you can do many more fun activities on your upcoming vacation. Send pictures and let us know how much fun you had.

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Maternity Moments and Travel: Creating Timeless Memories




Travel isn’t just about discovering new places or experiencing diverse cultures. It’s also about seizing life’s remarkable phases, like maternity. Through the lens, maternity photos paired with stunning travel destinations offer a captivating fusion of two beautiful journeys. Dive into how maternity photos combined with the allure of travel can craft memories you’ll cherish forever.

A Worldly Canvas for Life’s New Chapter

Maternity photos are not just pictures — they’re a tribute to life, growth, and the enchantment of motherhood. And what better way to highlight this phase than with the world’s most iconic sceneries? Globetrotting offers diverse backdrops to illuminate these pivotal moments.

Visualize a maternity photo with a glowing mom-to-be overlooking the vast expanse of the Grand Canyon, signifying endless opportunities for the little life inside her. Or, think of a tranquil moment captured on a Bali beach during sunset, where the rhythmic waves seem to convey stories to the unborn.

Uniting Cultures Through Life’s Celebration

Journeys introduce us to a plethora of traditions and cultures. By infusing these elements into maternity photos, you’re crafting something truly distinctive. Picture a soon-to-be mother adorned in Kenya’s traditional Maasai jewelry or gracefully wrapped in a sari, with the majestic Taj Mahal in the backdrop. These images transcend borders, proving that the ecstasy of motherhood knows no bounds.

Tales Through Seasons

Every corner of our planet offers a unique ambiance, narrative, and emotion. Tailoring your maternity photos with the essence of different seasons can elevate their meaning. A snowy Swiss mountain backdrop could capture the silent wait and love’s warmth, whereas Japan’s cherry blossoms might depict renewal. Summers might bring alive life’s colors, while autumn speaks of transitions and the serenity before new beginnings.

Crafting Narratives with Pictures

The blend of travel and photography paints stories. By integrating maternity with it, you’re narrating a heartfelt saga. Let the ancient pathways of Rome, peaceful Thai temples, or Marrakech’s animated bazaars become part of your story.

In the future, these photographs won’t merely be memories of places visited. They will narrate tales of aspirations, love, and the magical journey of welcoming new life.

Tips for Perfect Maternity Photos Abroad

  • Preparation: Pick destinations considering the well-being of expectant mothers. Get insights about the location’s climate, accessibility, and healthcare amenities.
  • Comfort Above All: Choose attire that balances aesthetics with comfort. The genuine sparkle of contentment surpasses any outfit.
  • Seek Local Talent: Opt for a local photographer if feasible. Their expertise will help encapsulate the locale’s spirit perfectly.
  • Well-being First: Prioritize breaks, hydration, and heed your body’s signals. The experience and photoshoot should be delightful and not strenuous.

Travel, often perceived as an external exploration, is as much an inner voyage. Blending it with life’s monumental events, especially maternity photos, yields a symphony of sentiments, tales, and memories. So, as you draft your future travel plans, ponder on the life moments you can immortalize, knitting a mosaic of life’s splendors.

For unmatched maternity photoshoot experiences designed to reflect your essence, consider Shoott. With their distinct methodology and extensive US presence, you invest only in the captures that resonate with you.

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The Enchantment of Maternity Photos Abroad: Seizing Life’s Milestones with Shoott




Many of us view travel as a voyage to uncover hidden treasures, immerse ourselves in diverse cultures, and dive deep into the unfamiliar. Yet, another profound element of travel often gets overshadowed — the ability to seize life’s pivotal moments. Travel photography, particularly maternity photos, allow us to retain not just memories of places but also encapsulate significant junctures in our lives. Here, we delve into how globetrotting and maternity photos beautifully intertwine, producing timeless keepsakes.

The Quintessential Canvas for Life’s Journey

A maternity photo session is a jubilant affirmation of life, aspiration, and the ethereal beauty of impending motherhood. And what could enhance this celebration more than the backdrop of mesmerizing vistas, iconic monuments, or peaceful sceneries that travel destinations offer?

Visualize an expectant mother casting a silhouette against the majestic Grand Canyon, its vast expanse echoing the boundless love and adventures awaiting the newborn. Or picture a serene mother-to-be, tenderly holding her bump, on a tranquil Balinese beach at dusk, the lapping waves narrating tales of tomorrow to the unborn.

Mingling of Cultures and Traditions

Travel offers a splendid amalgamation of global customs and rituals. Integrating these elements into maternity photos elevates their charm. Imagine an expectant mother adorned in traditional Maasai ornaments in Kenya or gracefully draped in a colorful sari before the Taj Mahal. Such captures don’t just spotlight the grace of motherhood but also salute the richness of worldwide traditions.

These photographs stand as a testament to the cosmopolitan environment in which our children will thrive, reinforcing that despite diverse origins, the elation of impending motherhood is a shared emotion.

The Rhythms of Expectation

The Earth gifts us with a kaleidoscope of climates and terrains. Every corner, from Switzerland’s snow-kissed peaks to Japan’s cherry blossoms, evokes a unique ambiance and narrative. Infusing your maternity photos with seasonal themes enriches them with added layers of meaning.

Winter can reflect serene anticipation and cozy warmth amidst chill, while spring heralds renewal and fresh starts. Summer might radiate life’s exuberance and hues, whereas autumn conveys the splendor in transitions and the serenity preceding new adventures.

Crafting Tales and Treasured Moments

The synergy of travel, photography, and significant milestones like maternity is all about crafting sagas. Locations such as the ancient streets of Rome, the peaceful Thai temples, or the vibrant souks of Marrakech can all play roles in your life’s story.

Revisiting these photos years later, you’ll discover they aren’t just snapshots of destinations. They embody tales of aspiration, dreams, and the miraculous journey of welcoming a new soul.

Essential Tips for Travel Maternity Photos

Prepare in Advance: Opt for destinations safe for pregnant wanderers. Investigate the weather, landscape, and available medical resources.

Prioritize Comfort: Choose attires that are aesthetically pleasing yet cozy. After all, genuine joy radiates brighter than the most glamorous outfit.

Engage a Local Photographer: Consider engaging a local photographer, as they possess insights on ideal spots, timings, and perspectives to authentically capture the locale.

Stay Revitalized: Take pauses, remain hydrated, and heed your body’s signals. Your voyage and photo session should be delightful, not draining.

Although travel is frequently perceived as an exploration of external realms, it also illuminates the inward journeys we undertake. Merging travels with defining moments, like maternity photos, crafts a mosaic of recollections, tales, and feelings. So, when plotting your next expedition, ponder the life milestones you might commemorate and crystallize, weaving a rich tapestry of life’s exquisite instants.

For unparalleled maternity photos that echo your spirit, Shoott awaits. With their distinctive methodology and myriad US locations, you only invest in the photos that resonate with you. Read more useful tips about having a photoshoot.

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