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The Most Ancient & Oldest Species That Aren’t Extinct

     Humans oldest ancestors date back about 6 million years, but the human species as we know it only came to be around 200,000 years ago. And while 200,000 years may seem like a long time, it’s nothing compared to some of the oldest species in the world. We haven’t even reached our teenage years in the grand scheme of things! So we have a lot to learn from some of the most resilient species on the planet. How have they survived for so long? Is there anything we can replicate to ensure we will survive as long ourselves? These are questions scientists ask themselves every day. 


     Either way, there are a lot of species on Earth that are truly fascinating creatures. Some of them have even been around since the prehistoric age! That’s mind-boggling. So much has happened between then and now and the fact that they’re still going strong is truly amazing. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of the oldest species in existence today. We’re talking hundreds of millions of years here, people. And some of them are perfectly normal animals that you wouldn’t think have been around that long. So scroll through and prepare to be amazed at these ancient species that have survived the test of time!



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Insane Travel Gadgets

Welcome to the future friends, a world where women are peeing standing up, people are sleeping like ostriches and farts are now odorless.  The world of travel gadgets is getting insane and I’m diving in head first. Ok, I’ve now officially seen it all, these…



Welcome to the future friends, a world where women are peeing standing up, people are sleeping like ostriches and farts are now odorless.  The world of travel gadgets is getting insane and I’m diving in head first.

Ok, I’ve now officially seen it all, these gadgets inventors now have absolutely nothing left to invent. If you have spent any amount of time on an airplane, then I’m sure you have taken a gander at the Sky Mall magazine. This hilarious catalogue is a hodgepodge of weird and wacky inventions that are supposed to make life much easier, but in reality all these things do is clutter up our life.

If you are like me though, you love gadgets and can’t get enough of any new technology or cool doohickey. My wife has even implemented a plan in the event that I purchase another useless invention; I have to get rid of something if I come home with anything new. Our rule is simple, something comes in: something else needs to go. As a man who loves gadgets, my house is a continuous revolving door of funky products and useless inventions.

I’ve scoured the internet for ridiculous travel inventions and I’ve compiled my favorites here, I hope you enjoy.  


Knee Defender

I was first alerted of the Knee Defender in a news article about an air rage incident where a fight broke out over legroom. The airlines have been reducing the legroom on their flights for decades and now the passengers are literally starting to fight back. The Knee Defender is a pair of small pieces of plastic that restricts the amount an airplane seat can recline. This gadget actually attaches to the seat in front of you at the bottom of your tray table and the passenger ahead of you won’t know why their seat can’t recline. This is obviously a fight waiting to happen.

I see the perfect scenario where an airline passenger has had a few cocktails to relax and the person behind them attaches the Knee Defender without their knowledge and when the intoxicated person attempts to recline their seat, a huge argument occurs. A fight breaks out between the two while the plane is in flight and it now has to make an emergency landing, both passengers are taken to jail and the Knee Defender gets lots of free publicity. Then the Knee Defender will probably go on Shark Tank and Mr. Wonderful; will buy into it because he is a horrible person and terrible people all over will but them.  

The Knee Defender seems like an invention for passive aggressive people all over the globe, probably going to sell a million of these things.


GasBGon Flatulence Odor Control Seat Cushion

This next gadget actually has some merit and grabbed my attention immediately.  It’s no secret that planes are fart zones; the constant noise makes farting a breeze, but the smell will get you caught every time. Now the all-new GasBGon Flatulence Odor Control Seat Cushion is here to help with your stinky farts.  The name could use some work, maybe try something shorter and something that isn’t 6 words, geez.  This handy little seat cushion also doubles as a fart barrier so the smell doesn’t affect all the other passengers. I honestly don’t know anyone who would buy this thing, because once the fart leaves my behind, it’s not my problem anymore.

This is the country that went crazy for the pet rock and the shamwow, so who knows, maybe this will be the next Furby. I’m still bewildered by the actual technology behind this, but i hope for all our sakes that it works.  Talk about revolutionizing our world with this gadget, this is like sliced bread or the wheel.


GoGirl Female Urination Device (FUD)

I thought this was a joke until I actually did some research. The GoGirl is a real product and has been around apparently for years. I first heard of this gadget on the Howard Stern Show so I obviously assumed it was a bit for the show, boy oh boy was I wrong. It’s basically a female funnel that the woman uses so she can urinate standing up, solving an age-old problem. No more sitting down or squatting behind a tree for you lady adventurers. No word on what you do with the GoGirl once it’s been used, although I would toss it in trash, seems wasteful to me.

I’m all for female empowerment and if they want to strand and pee next to me at a urinal, cool.  Welcome to the club ladies, just keep that thing away from me, it seems quite unsanitary. 


Ostrich Pillow

The Ostrich Pillow is an odd looking device that is apparently supposed to help with sleeping in public.  The problem with this invention is it looks so ridiculous, how is this going to help you feel more comfortable sleeping in public?  The pillow is made to reproduce the way an ostrich sticks its head in the sand to sleep. I for one have never dreamed of sleeping like an ostrich, but now I can. With holes for your arms as well as head, the pillow is certainly going to turn heads in airports and train stations all over the world.

The infomercial does look pretty sweet for the Ostrich Pillow, which can double as a horrifying Halloween costume.  Check for it next time you want to scare a child or sleep like a big bird, maybe you can nap on Sesame Street.


This is just the start to all the insane travel gadgets I’ve found online, so expect more articles to follow with more goofy items from around the web.


Photos Courtesy of TheVerge,, DailyMail, GoPako, tenthandforth

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Enterprise exterior environment




Enterprise environments change regularly and require consideration when planning and conducting operations. Enterprise managers and executives must look at inside issues for the way they could affect firm selections. It is also essential to watch any exterior environmental components that may affect how the enterprise features in addition to developing strategies for overcoming these challenges. In this article, we talk about what exterior atmosphere components are, their significance, and 9 of those components that affect companies.

Richart Ruddie

What are exterior atmosphere components?

Exterior atmosphere components are parts that exist outdoors of an organization’s inside atmosphere that may affect an organization’s operations. These outdoor forces might help the enterprise or current challenges to its present processes. Managers usually maintain observation of exterior atmosphere components to allow them to acknowledge and resolve the problems the components trigger and make applicable modifications.

Why are exterior atmosphere components essential?

Exterior atmosphere components are essential as a result they’ll trigger direct and oblique results on enterprise operations, personnel and income. The exterior atmosphere of an organization modifications always in methods past the corporate’s management, however executives and managers can observe these modifications and reduce their penalties. Selecting to watch the dynamic nature of exterior atmosphere components permits companies to guard themselves towards predictable occasions and mitigate the results of sudden modifications.

Richart Ruddie

4 forms of exterior atmosphere components

Listed here are the 4 forms of exterior atmosphere components that affect companies:

1. Technological components

As know-how continues to advance, corporations can profit from these breakthroughs or face challenges in competing with them. For instance, an organization that manufactures GPS gadgets for private vehicles might expertise a decline in enterprise due to the mixing of GPS on cellular gadgets, however, they’ll confront these challenges by growing new merchandise. Different corporations, reminiscent of well-being care suppliers, can use modernized strategies to gather info from their sufferers, maintain affected person information and streamline affected person care.

2. Financial components

The state of the financial system performs an essential function in each side of everyday life from the well-being of personnel to the flexibility of an organization to thrive. When the financial system tendencies downward and unemployment rises, companies might need to work more durable to maintain their workers and alter their processes to proceed with incomes. If the corporate produces merchandise for retail sale, as an illustration, they could take into account reducing the worth to extend gross sales and positively have an effect on their income.

Richart Ruddie

3. Political and authorized components

As political officers depart the workplace and new ones exchange them, the insurance policies they implement usually affect companies in related industries. Due to the inconsistent nature of politics, companies monitor legislative payments intently to organize for potential modifications. Insurance policies that may have long-term results on a corporation’s embrace:

  • Taxation
  • Tariffs
  • Employment legislation
  • Competitors regulation
  • Import restrictions
  • Mental property legislation

Firms affected by political selections should modify their processes to adjust to new laws and rules however doing so can maintain them in the enterprise.

4. Demographic components

Firms with profitable services consider the demographics of their goal market to make sure they meet the wants of those who profit from their choices. In addition, they carry out checks to measure how nicely they serve their clients. This helps them perceive if their goal market has been modified and the way they’ll develop higher methods to serve their loyal clients and earn new ones. Demographics that affect enterprise selections and processes embrace:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Race
  • Nationality
  • Perception system
  • Marital standing
  • Occupation
  • Revenue
  • Degree of training

For instance, when cell phone corporations emerged within the Nineties, their advertising efforts targeted younger, profitable professionals. Now, folks of all ages use cellular gadgets every day. Telecommunications corporations have tailored to this variation by modifying the options of their merchandise and taking completely different approaches to promote strategies.

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Mexico Travel Deals: Win 20 Years’ Worth of Free Caribbean Luxury Vacations



One of the most affected industries due to the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic is tourism. To offset the heavy financial loss, a few places like Mexico and those in the Caribbean recently reopened their borders to tourists.

Mexico, along with other places in the Caribbean, is a favorite pre-COVID-19 vacation destination for a number of tourists all around the world. So, to enliven the tourism industry once again, they created the trending hashtag, #Come2MexicanCaribbean (and its Spanish equivalent, #VenAlCaribeMexicanoX2) to promote post-COVID-19 tourism in these areas.

To further strengthen this campaign, would-be tourists are encouraged to remember their memorable visits of the Mexican Caribbean region and the different things they might like to do there in the future.

The said contest awards a lucky tourist with a 20 years’ worth of yearly vacation to the Mexican Caribbean area combined with a 5-night, all-inclusive stay in any of the 4- or 5-star coastal resorts there.

Contest Sponsors

The competition is sponsored by several tourist hotspots including those of Cancun, Isla Cozumel, Isla Mujeres, Playa del Carmen, Riviera Maya, and Tulum. It is also backed by top hospitality developer Atelier Group and the Quintana Roo Tourism Board.

How to Join the Competition

If you are interested in the said contest, here are several guidelines for you to follow:

  •  Contestants must be 18 years old;
  • You should be a resident of any of the following countries:
  1. US,
  2. Canada,
  3. Mexico,
  4. Guatemala,
  5. Colombia,
  6. Peru,
  7. Chile,
  8. Brazil, and
  9. Argentina;
  • You must have either a TikTok or Instagram account (or both);
  • Post a video or a photo that features your favorite Mexican Caribbean beach vacation/s;
  •  Include the specific tags, #Come2MexicanCaribbean and @Come2MexicanCaribbean;
  • Follow the said initiative’s TikTok or Instagram profiles, @Come2MexicanCaribbean;
  • Tag their accounts on either of the platforms mentioned; and
  • The post that garners the most likes, plays, comments, and shares gets to be the winner of the competition.

The contest begins on 9 November and ends on 27 November 2020. Entrants should be able to post their entries within the given period.

You can also read the full terms and conditions of the said competition here. You may also visit for more information regarding the contest.


Mexico’s tourism industry comprises 8.5% of the nation’s overall GDP. Last year, an approximate of 24 million tourists visited the North American nation. Despite reopening its borders to visitors in July, the country’s roster of resorts and hotels still find it difficult to alleviate the effects of the lengthy lockdown imposed by the government earlier this year. The rapid increase in COVID-19 transmission is yet to slow down and the government aims to find more effective ways to flatten the curve.

The #Come2MexicanCaribbean aims to remind travellers of the country’s long-held tourist industry and the enticing spots that used to be go-to vacation areas in the region. It is their hope that by doing this initiative, the height of tourism will come alive again once everything goes back to normal.

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