Easy Trick To Keep From Losing Your Laptop At The Airport

Your laptop is your life line and losing it can create havoc, especially while traveling. You wonder how anyone could possibly abandon their lap top, especially at the airport. Well it is easier than you may think. According to the TSA the most common way laptops are lost is when a traveler stacks a bin on top of another bin with their laptop in it. This is the time in your trip when you are the most hurried and it is easy to forget to check all the bins as you are being rushed along. Leaving an item behind doesn’t mean losing it forever. This easy trick will ensure you will never lose your laptop at the airport, it is common sense, yet many of us just don’t do it. Simply tape a business card, or a piece of paper with your information on it to the inside of your lap top. This will allow the TSA to attempt to contact you via page or phone call before you board your flight. 

What happens if you do lose an item at the security screening area, and what do you do next? When an item is left behind at the security screening area the TSA stores it in a safe location and adds it to the lost and found log. You can find a list of lost and found locations at each airport on the TSA website. If you think that you have lost something at an airport you can report it to the TSA on Twitter or send them a message through Facebook Messenger.