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Cheapest Caribbean Destination: Punta Cana VS Cancun

 Punta Cana, Dominican Republic and Cancun, Mexico are the best two cheap Caribbean destinations worth checking out 



So, You are looking for an affordable Caribbean vacation, well, you have two viable options. Punta Cana, Dominican Republic and Cancun, Mexico are the best two cheap Caribbean destinations worth checking out.

Each vacation spot have their pros and cons but overall, these are the best bets for cheap Caribbean travel. Sitting on either side of Cuba, these gorgeous resort areas have similar year round weather, picturesque white sand beaches and virtually the same resort chains.

I’ll breakdown why you should visit each and hopefully I can help plan your beach vacation.



Getting to each destination are both relatively easy and both are accessible.   Cancun is the second largest airport in Mexico, funneling over 20 million passengers each year. This is a crucial aspect to this city, as there are direct flights from all over the states.   The popular Hotel Zone is only 20 minutes from the airport and most resorts have free shuttles. Some visitors will have to take taxis, which can overcharge tourists.

Punta Cana is a little harder to reach, as its airport is much smaller, so less direct flights. With only 6 million yearly passengers, this airport handles much less volume, so expect a higher price tag.   Most resorts here offer free shuttles and only a few make you find your own way, so that’s a plus for Punta Cana.

Advantage Cancun.



Both locations have incredible serene beaches covered in white sand and lined with palm trees. The water is turquoise, warm and crystal clear, so both locations will suit a paradise seeker. There are amazing coral reefs for you to snorkel around and these reefs keep the waves to a minimum. Swimming and watersports dominate the coastline of each hot spot.   Not all of Punta Cana’s waters are swimmable, as there are severe rip tides in many areas. Check out the resort first to see if it has a swimmable coastline.

Advantage Cancun.



Cancun is close to many historical tourist attractions as it is near the ancient Mayan Civilization. Punta Cana isn’t near any real cultural attractions, so people typically stay at the resorts.   Cancun has plenty of off site activities like motor sports and shopping. Punta Cana has some shopping but most activities are located at resorts, so why leave them. If you were doing all-inclusive resort life, then I would stay in Punta Cana, because you won’t feel bad about not leaving resort.

Advantage Cancun



Both locations feature all-inclusive resorts, so nightlife is included often. If you are in the mood to party down, then Cancun has way more options. Cancun is known for its spring break shenanigans, so prepare yourself for drunken idiots vomiting and peeing everywhere. Most all-inclusive resorts have clubs, so if you want a party and don’t want to deal with leaving the resort, Punta Cana may be for you.

Advantage Cancun



Cancun has plenty of off resort options to eat, especially in downtown Cancun or on the Nichupte Lagoon, where sunset dinners are a specialty. Dining in Punta Cana is almost strictly done at the resorts. Major difference between the two is the amount of off-site dining options. If you are going to an all-inclusive resort, make sure you see some reviews of the food, if you are paying for it, you may as well like what you eat.

Advantage Cancun

 cheap caribbean


Both vacation spots have over 100 all-inclusive resorts along its coastlines, so your options are numerous. Overall, Punta Cana is more affordable and has more international guests, so it feels very diverse.   Cancun has so many Americans and is very Americanized, so it feels less like an international location.

Advantage Punta Cana.


Both these Caribbean Destinations are great choices for your budget and have all around beautiful resorts. The choice is solely up to you; hopefully I helped make your decision easier. Enjoy paradise friends.



Photos courtesy of Trip Advisor, riviera, Cheap, Olympus, Caribbean

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Avoiding Foreign Illness When Traveling




 Traveling is a pleasure, but getting sick on your trip can be a bummer. You work so hard to take time off from your job and you spent so much money on this life-changing vacation… so the last thing you want is to spend your trip lying in a hotel bed, sleeping in a wastebasket. You want to explore, which means you need to stay healthy and virus-free.

Most people don’t know that there are several things you can do that can cut down on the chances of getting sick when you’re on vacation. Our team of health experts decided to pass along four easy tips that are sure to keep you having fun by not getting sick the next time you travel.


     Always drinking bottled water will ensure that your water is never full of harmful bacteria and will help you avoid the nasty effects that drinking contaminated water can have on your body. If a bottle of water is opened before you sit down at a restaurant then don’t drink it because there is a good chance that they just filled it up at the tap, kindly ask for a new bottle for your meal even if it costs a little bit more money it is always worth it.

Staying healthy is worth the extra bit of money every time, because if you catch something like Montezuma’s revenge then there is no amount of money you wouldn’t pay to get rid of that awful sickness.


If you think you might have trouble finding bottled water on your trip then be sure to pack iodine pills beforehand. All you have to do is throw a pill into the water you want to drink and then voila it is good to go. There are also a lot of great options for water purifiers that are great options for on the go.

Check the internet and find a convenient option that works best for you and use it to make sure you are drinking clean water. If you haven’t figured it out by now, clean water is very important to stay healthy. 


     You don’t win friends with salad when you’re traveling. Raw vegetables are usually washed with tap water which can make you very sick. You can be drinking all the clean water in the world, but once you eat some raw vegetables that have been rinsed in contaminated water then you can kiss all your hard work goodbye. Always eat cooked vegetables to avoid getting that contaminated water in your mouth.


Your doctor will gladly write you a prescription for an antibiotic for you to use when you get sick. Pick up some prescription antibiotics before you head out on your trip just in case you do get caught with one of these awful illnesses so that you can take the appropriate actions to help recover and get back to enjoying your awesome trip.

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     A huge aspect of having a great time in Las Vegas is simply hanging out by the pool. Virtually every hotel pool has a swim-up bar these days. But let’s not forget, Las Vegas is literally in the desert. The heat can be straight-up brutal in the summer. So don’t make the mistake of not applying sunscreen! Have the time of your life in Vegas isn’t worth getting skin cancer.


     Vegas may seem like the kind of place where rules go out the window, but one rule that is still very much in effect… Vegas is still very much “21 & older.” Various law enforcement agencies such as the Gaming Commission are looking for any reason to bust a hotel or casino breaking the rules. If you’re under 21, you can still enjoy the city, but don’t bother trying to sneak into clubs with that fake ID your brother crafted. 


     As you can imagine, Vegas is overflowing with working people of the hospitality game. Bartenders, waiters, bellhops, valet drivers… the list goes on and on. These people work very hard to provide a proper Vegas experience, so they’re the last people you want to offend by not giving a good tip. Honestly, we shouldn’t even have to tell you this one. Tip your staff!


     A lot of people probably assume prostitution is legal in a place like Las Vegas. Well, news flash, it isn’t! Regardless of how much you may get bombarded with escort cards while walking down the strip, prostitution is still very much illegal in Las Vegas. So don’t take the risk just because you’re letting your hair down. If you were to get caught, you could face some serious fines and possibly even jail time. Don’t risk it!


      While most places will, of course, take credit cards, cash still comes in very hand in Las Vegas. But do your best to bring plenty of cash with you or find your bank’s local branch in the city because the ATM fees are just plain ridiculous. You could pay anywhere for $5 to $10!


     No matter how much you flail your arms or scream at passing cab drivers, they will not pull over. Probably because it’s actually illegal! There are number pick up and drop off areas all over the city, and taxi cab passengers must be picked up and dropped off at these locations. Similarly, Uber and Lyft will have a drop-off and pick up zone as well. If you’re not sure how it all works, the concierge at your hotel will be more than happy to call one for you.

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