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Cheapest Caribbean Destination: Punta Cana VS Cancun

 Punta Cana, Dominican Republic and Cancun, Mexico are the best two cheap Caribbean destinations worth checking out 



So, You are looking for an affordable Caribbean vacation, well, you have two viable options. Punta Cana, Dominican Republic and Cancun, Mexico are the best two cheap Caribbean destinations worth checking out.

Each vacation spot have their pros and cons but overall, these are the best bets for cheap Caribbean travel. Sitting on either side of Cuba, these gorgeous resort areas have similar year round weather, picturesque white sand beaches and virtually the same resort chains.

I’ll breakdown why you should visit each and hopefully I can help plan your beach vacation.



Getting to each destination are both relatively easy and both are accessible.   Cancun is the second largest airport in Mexico, funneling over 20 million passengers each year. This is a crucial aspect to this city, as there are direct flights from all over the states.   The popular Hotel Zone is only 20 minutes from the airport and most resorts have free shuttles. Some visitors will have to take taxis, which can overcharge tourists.

Punta Cana is a little harder to reach, as its airport is much smaller, so less direct flights. With only 6 million yearly passengers, this airport handles much less volume, so expect a higher price tag.   Most resorts here offer free shuttles and only a few make you find your own way, so that’s a plus for Punta Cana.

Advantage Cancun.



Both locations have incredible serene beaches covered in white sand and lined with palm trees. The water is turquoise, warm and crystal clear, so both locations will suit a paradise seeker. There are amazing coral reefs for you to snorkel around and these reefs keep the waves to a minimum. Swimming and watersports dominate the coastline of each hot spot.   Not all of Punta Cana’s waters are swimmable, as there are severe rip tides in many areas. Check out the resort first to see if it has a swimmable coastline.

Advantage Cancun.



Cancun is close to many historical tourist attractions as it is near the ancient Mayan Civilization. Punta Cana isn’t near any real cultural attractions, so people typically stay at the resorts.   Cancun has plenty of off site activities like motor sports and shopping. Punta Cana has some shopping but most activities are located at resorts, so why leave them. If you were doing all-inclusive resort life, then I would stay in Punta Cana, because you won’t feel bad about not leaving resort.

Advantage Cancun



Both locations feature all-inclusive resorts, so nightlife is included often. If you are in the mood to party down, then Cancun has way more options. Cancun is known for its spring break shenanigans, so prepare yourself for drunken idiots vomiting and peeing everywhere. Most all-inclusive resorts have clubs, so if you want a party and don’t want to deal with leaving the resort, Punta Cana may be for you.

Advantage Cancun



Cancun has plenty of off resort options to eat, especially in downtown Cancun or on the Nichupte Lagoon, where sunset dinners are a specialty. Dining in Punta Cana is almost strictly done at the resorts. Major difference between the two is the amount of off-site dining options. If you are going to an all-inclusive resort, make sure you see some reviews of the food, if you are paying for it, you may as well like what you eat.

Advantage Cancun

 cheap caribbean


Both vacation spots have over 100 all-inclusive resorts along its coastlines, so your options are numerous. Overall, Punta Cana is more affordable and has more international guests, so it feels very diverse.   Cancun has so many Americans and is very Americanized, so it feels less like an international location.

Advantage Punta Cana.


Both these Caribbean Destinations are great choices for your budget and have all around beautiful resorts. The choice is solely up to you; hopefully I helped make your decision easier. Enjoy paradise friends.



Photos courtesy of Trip Advisor, riviera, Cheap, Olympus, Caribbean

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Discussing the Future of Travel and Leisure Industry



Hold your horses! The future of travel and leisure activities may change. Hotels.Com is offering a glimpse of how an intergalactic vacation may look like.

The COVID-19 pandemic made a catastrophic impact all across the globe. Because massive lockdowns were put in place to help halt the rapid increase of transmission, travel and leisure activities were temporarily stopped.

Honoring the National Aerospace Week

To honor the National Aerospace Week, however, Hotels.Com announces its mission to lead intergalactic space travel bookings. Avid travellers can now visit their site to check out the different space destinations that may be offered in the future.

Space travel will have to wait, however. These space destinations have to be prepared and hotels there have to be built first. Nonetheless, earlier this summer, NASA and SpaceX sent astronauts outside the planet to begin their “Launch America” initiative. Virgin Galactic featured its new spaceship design, as well.

Possibility of Travel and Leisure in Space

Josh Belkin, VP of global brand at Hotels.Com says that the site is proud to showcase the top properties on Earth. Due to the current conditions, they are now thinking of ways to make space travel and leisure activities a possibility, however. “This announcement is our hope to encourage and move forward the concept of space tourism, while revving up excitement for that aspect of the travel industry that is sure to come sometime in the near future,” he shares.

While awaiting this venture to push through, the company decides to give travellers a glimpse of what space travel and leisure can be. The company created offers that depict how travelling in space could look like. Travellers are provided with space-themed vacations complete with implements including moon-boot slippers, spacesuit robes, space snacks, Martian martinis, and robot bellhops.

20 Lucky Winners

To further complete this future project, the site is providing 20 travellers the chance of a lifetime. Twenty travellers will be awarded $250 travel gift cards that they can use in the future. Note, though, that these destinations will be on Earth, for now.

The catch, though, is that this space travel and leisure contest is only open to anyone who is named after one of the 8 planets. So, contestants must have a first, middle, or last name that is synonymous to one of those 8 planet names. This could be a problem as not many people have planet names, although with the extreme diversity in today’s world, there may be a good number of visitors with names depicting the said astronomical objects.


Travel and leisure activities may have halted due to the on-going pandemic. However, travellers need to remember that this COVID-19 situation doesn’t have to stop future vacation plans entirely. Notwithstanding the fact that domestic and international travels are greatly reduced at the moment, future ventures are still possible. If you are dreaming of intergalactic travel in the near future and you have a planet first, middle, or last name, then join the said Hotels.Com contest. You may be one of the lucky 20 who gets to receive a $250 gift card to experience a future space-themed vacation.

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America’s Most Beautiful Tulip Farms

Spring is the season when the flowers start to bloom. There is nothing more beautiful than a field of flowers, and tulips are one of the most stunning flowers to see growing in the fields. Tulip season runs from about March to May and it is…



Spring is the season when the flowers start to bloom. There is nothing more beautiful than a field of flowers, and tulips are one of the most stunning flowers to see growing in the fields. Tulip season runs from about March to May and it is worth the trip to see this sight. If you are planning to travel this spring you can get up close and personal with some of America’s prettiest blooms if you visit one of these family-operated tulip farms. 

In Modesto, California you will find Dutch Hollow Farms. You can visit their tulip fields beginning in early April, and they post a bloom update on their Facebook page. In the fall you can enjoy their pumpkin patch, corn maze and hayrides. 

VanderZanden Farms in Hillsboro, Oregon began in 1979 with one acre of tulips. You can now enjoy seven acres of tulips each year, and relish the peonies in May when the tulip season is over. 

In 1985 the Iverson family opened the doors of the Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm in Woodburn, Oregon with 40 acres of tulips. Now when you visit you can enjoy a vineyard and the Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival, held from March to April each year. 


Tulip Town in Mount Vernon, Washington is has been owned and operated by the DeGeode family since 1986. The fields feature 70 varieties of tulips that you can see on a trolley ride around the fields.

Open all year long, also in Mount Vernon, Washington is RoozenGaaarde. Established in 1985 by the Roozen family there is more than 1000 acres of tulips, daffodils, and irises to see. 

Woodland, Washington is home to the Holland America Flower Gardens established by the Dobbe family in 1980. Holland America Flower Gardens is home to the Woodland Tulip Festival held in April each year. 

The tulip fields of Texas Tulips, located in Pilot Point, Texas open the beginning of February. Visiting the 80 acres of tulips you can pick your own stems. 


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The Best Food Towns To Visit This Summer

Are you still looking for that perfect summer destination? Are you a foodie? You will find everything you are looking for in these top notch food towns, and their best dining spots. After all, all the best travel decisions are made with your stomach in…



Are you still looking for that perfect summer destination? Are you a foodie? You will find everything you are looking for in these top notch food towns, and their best dining spots. After all, all the best travel decisions are made with your stomach in mind.  


Not as famous as the west coast one, this Portland has so much to offer your taste buds. At Dukfat you can find fries double fried in duck fat and served in a cone with a variety of funky dipping sauces. Have you ever had spudnuts? That’s a potato donut, you will find them at the Holy Donut, made from both regular and sweet potatoes.


Asheville may be a weird little town but their restaurant scene could hold it’s own in San Francisco or New York City. You will find the best pizza at All Souls Pizza with toppings like salted turnips, and the ever favorite clam pie. At Biscuit Head you can try the mimosa fried chicken biscuit, with biscuits the size of your head. 


You can’t miss Charleston with it’s old fashioned mix of charm and humble low-country cooking. The Butcher and Bee’s sandwich masterminds have created favorites like grilled cheese with blueberry jam and toasted almonds with gruyere. And go to McCrady’s or Husk to taste the true southern cooking of Chef Sean Brock.


A northeast coastal town with a beachy feel, The North Fork is a summer food haven. You can have a lunch of lobster rolls served from the camper turned lunch truck outside in the afternoon, or go to a fancy dinner at the North Fork Table and Inn in the evening. At Billy’s By the Bay you will find whole lobster, frozen drinks and tiki vibes. 


With breathtaking sunsets, stunning views, bohemian vibes and excellent cuisine Big Sur may just be the perfect summer destination. Nepenthe is classic California with the ambrosia burger, paired with a glass of wine you can relax and marvel at your surroundings. You will find the best breakfast pizza you will ever enjoy at Big Sur Bakery.

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