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5 Best European Vacation Destinations for Foodies



5 Best European Vacation Destinations for Foodies

Did you know that 95% of travelers worldwide are food travelers? Eight of 10 travelers research food and drink before heading to their vacation destinations. And seven of 10 people select vacation destinations based on the food and beverages in these hotspots.

What are your options if you’re a foodie who wants to vacation somewhere in Europe? The good news is that there is no shortage of places where a foodie will feel very welcome.

Continue reading to learn about five of the best European places to visit if you want to try some of the best culinary masterpieces on the continent.

1. Venice, Italy

Italy is a country rich in history and culture. It’s also a great place to visit if you’re looking for culinary dishes that tantalize your tastebuds. One city that should be on your list of considerations if you want to go to Italy is Venice. You’ll find that seafood dominates the menus of many restaurants. And that’s no surprise in an area where the roads are made of water.

If you love seafood, try the polenta e schie. It’s made from seasoned shrimp — fried or boiled — served on a bed of polenta. That’s just one of the mouth-watering options you’ll find in the city.

2. Nice, France

If you touch down in Nice, France, you’ll want to try out the popular salade niçoise. It’s made from anchovies, tuna, tomatoes, eggs, olives, and other ingredients. You’ll also want to try the pissaladière. It’s the pizza that’s not a pizza. To the untrained eye, a pissaladière looks like a pizza. It’s a tart topped with anchovies, onions, and olives.

Also, try the raviolis niçois. If you loved ravioli growing up as a kid, try this elevated concoction. It’s ravioli filled with braised beef, cheese, and chard. Yum!

3. Vienna, Austria

Do you want to visit Vienna, Austria? You must try the Wiener Schnitzel if you ever do. You can’t be a foodie visiting the city and not tuck into this famous dish. While Wiener Schnitzel was traditionally made using veal, you can also get it with turkey, chicken, or pork meat. It’s served with sides like potato salad and redcurrant jelly. Try some goulash made using different kinds of meat. You’ll find this stew on the menus of many restaurants in the city.

4. Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark is another city you should consider. If you travel to the city, try the Smørrebrød, a class open-face sandwich. It’s made from a slice of rye bread topped with meat, fish, vegetables, and sauce. You’ll find it in high-end restaurants in the city. You can also find falafel and shawarma on many restaurants’ menus. Flæskesteg, traditionally served during the Christmas season, is another must-try menu item. It’s roasted pork seasoned with spices, cloves, and bay leaves. The locals usually serve the popular dish with potatoes.

5. Bruges, Belgium

Waterzooi is a dish you need to dry if you visit  Bruges, Belgium. It’s a creamy stew that will hit the spot. It’s made using eggs, fish, and butter. While that might not sound like an appetizing combination of ingredients, your tastebuds will thank you. Do you like seafood? You’ve got to try some mussels and fries. You’ll have options in terms of the sauce it’s served with. Oh, and don’t forget to check out the chocolate that Belgium is world-famous for.

Lots of Options for Foodies

These are just a few recommendations if you’re a foodie who wants to visit Europe but doesn’t know where to go. You’ll find all sorts of food to make your tastebuds dance for joy.

However, when you come to Europe for the food, you’ll also experience the culture and history. And you’ll also get to see some differences between how things are in the U.S. versus how they are in Europe. Case in point: if you’re staying at a hotel, you’ll find that the bathrooms might look a little different compared to what you’re used to in North America. For instance, you’ll find that bidets are fairly common throughout Europe.

A bidet is either a standalone unit that replaces a toilet or is attached to a toilet. It’s designed to clean you up after you use the bathroom — so there’s no need to use toilet paper. After you do your business in the bathroom, you activate a faucet, and a stream of water will do what you’d usually do with toilet paper.

After spending the day or afternoon out doing what foodies do, you’ll spend lots of quality time in your hotel. You may need to rest after all the eating and sightseeing. You may even find that you really enjoy using the bidet — perhaps enough to get one for your own bathroom.

So, come to Europe for the food. But remember to enjoy all the other experiences, including things you may have never experienced before. That’s what traveling the world is all about.

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Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, Biloxi

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Hyatt Regency Lake Tahoe Resort, Nevada

Tahoe is such a special place that you should visit with or without going to the casino. How many casinos have a private beach? Not many, but the Hyatt Regency in Tahoe certainly does. Not only can you gamble away your life savings here, but you can also enjoy water sports and fishing, take that Vegas.


Seneca Niagara Resort & Casino, Niagara Falls

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Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa, Atlantic City

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An easy drive form many huge metropolitan cities, The Borgata should be a top choice.


Peppermill Resort Spa Casino, Reno

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Hawaii Vacations Easier Now for Visitors



Hawaii opens its doors to vacationers. However, there are still several protocols that tourists need to follow.

On 15 October, Hawaii started providing visitors an easier alternative. Instead of requiring tourists to undergo a 14-day quarantine, would-be visitors must undergo testing, at least 72 hours before mainland departure, proving that they are free from the COVID-19 virus. Although this new Safe Travels protocol was supposed to start on the first day of September, the State of Hawaii had to suspend the program due to the sudden spike in cases. Yet, does Hawaii really want visitors now?

“I want people to come if they are fully prepared to test, know that they are healthy and are prepared to wear a mask,” mentions Lt Gov Josh Green, one of the leaders of the program. “If they do all those things, we are excited to resume our relationship with old friends,” he continues. He adds, however, that “…we are very mindful of risk, and we’re just trying to begin the process of a healthy restoration of our economy. We are not pushing for any large numbers. We just want to begin to kind of shake off the rust.”

To participate in the program—and to be given the chance to enter the state, all would-be visitors are required to undergo testing. This is a mandatory protocol that includes testing children who are aged 5 and above. Aside from the tests being done at least 72 hours before leaving the mainland, they should also be undertaken by accredited testing centers or health care agencies.

Green advises travelers to consult their chosen accredited testers regarding their own testing protocols. He mentions that some of these testing centers do not provide testing for children. Some merely offer COVID-19 tests to children who are 12 years old and above.

Nevertheless, the COVID-19 home testing kits from Hawaiian Airlines can also be used for testing purposes. Vault Health mentions that children can do their saliva-based COVID-19 test, as well. Big airline companies that provide Hawaii flights also offer travelers the option to take the test at the accredited clinics or have them done at the airports. They can also opt to do the home tests, as well.

A few of these airlines provide faster test results, too. For a fee of $250, United Airlines offers rapid testing at the San Francisco International Airport. For this kind of test, results are provided in a few minutes. Travelers can also obtain the tests from Walgreens and CVS.

However, the tests may only allow travelers to enter Hawaii. Traveling between islands may require vacationers to undergo additional COVID-19 tests, though. This is a protocol that applies not only to tourists but to Hawaiians, as well. They will also need to do the necessary 14-day quarantine each time they reach a new island.

Additionally, a second COVID-19 test may be requested from visitors, four days after arriving in Hawaii. This allows the government to make sure that visitors are, indeed, negative from the virus. Records suggest that 1 out of 1000 visitors are known to have come up positive during the retesting.

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5 Bucket List Things to Do In Valle De Guadalupe



If you want to get away for a relaxing Mexican vacation, there’s no better place to do it than Valle De Guadalupe.

Known as the “Napa Valley” of Mexico, Valle De Guadalupe is situated in the northern part of Baja California, just a short trip from Tijuana. If you live in Southern California, it’s the perfect place for a weekend trip, but people from all over should consider it as a vacation destination.

Today, we’re going to talk about 5 unforgettable things you need to experience in Valle De Guadalupe. Whether you’re looking to lounge on the beach or visit some world-class wineries, Valle De Guadalupe has got you covered.

1. Let Your Inner Wine Lover Out

The main reason Valle De Guadalupe is such a popular tourist destination is becuase of its nickname – the “Napa Valley” of Mexico. It’s one of the largest producers of world-class wine in the world (the Baja California region produces 70% of Mexico’s wine), so oenophiles flock from all around to visit the amazing wineries in the region, take tours, and even visit museums.

There’s no shortage of wine tours available to keep you busy for your entire stay, if that’s what you’re looking for. The wineries range from small family owned establishments to world-renowned wine brands, so you’ll be able to experience the full breadth of the Mexican wine industry.

2. Try Some World-Class Restaurants

Where there’s wine, there’s usually fine dining, so you won’t be surprised to find some of the best restaurants in Mexico in Valle De Guadalupe. The best thing to do is get some research done ahead of your trip and pick the restaurants you want to try, becuase you won’t be able to visit them all.

If you want to play it by ear, you might benefit from asking some of the locals where they eat. There’s no better way to experience Baja California than by doing as the locals do.

3. Enjoy An Excursion Through the Country Side

Once you’ve got your fill of great food and wine, you might want to see some of the natural beauty that surrounds the area. Fortunately, there are a couple of unforgettable sightseeing options available to you.

Fans of offroading will enjoy both the ATV or Moto Tour of Valle De Guadalupe. These allow you to experience a fun jaunt through the countryside with a trained guide. Just remember to go before you’ve had too much to drink.

Another important aspect to consider when preparing to go on an atv trip is maintenance. Take your atv into an atv repair shop to make sure it is in tip top shape before going out. There’s not much worse than getting out on the trail, sometimes miles out, and having engine trouble.

4. Or Fly Over It

If you’re not an offroad lover, then you’ve still got one amazing sightseeing option. Try out a hot air balloon ride over the valley and you’ll be treated to some truly unbelieveable views of the town and the surrounding country side, which is covered in expansive wineries. This is a serious bucket list experience.

Enjoy Your Trip to Valle De Guadalupe

So, why not make Valle De Guadalupe your next vacation destination. Not only will you be able to cross a few things off your bucket list, like taking a hot air balloon ride or visiting a tiny Mexican winery, but you’ll be able to relax and enjoy the natural beauty as well. There’s enough to do for a longer vacation, but it’s close enough for a weekender as well, which is what makes this Mexican Napa Valley so special.

If you enjoyed this post, come back again for more on travel, food, and wine.

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