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5+ super simple natural skin beauty hacks that are easy to do



There’s no need for daily makeup; you can still have naturally beautiful, smooth, and healthy skin from within with the following tips. Let’s find out together now.

1. Remove makeup properly for clean and healthy skin

First of all, naturally beautiful skin must be clean, healthy, and free from acne and signs of aging. Cleaning the skin is an important step that cannot be missed every day to help clear the skin.

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 Naturally beautiful skin is what everyone wants

 Naturally, beautiful skin is what everyone wants

Do: Remove makeup with a specialized makeup remover thoroughly before going to bed, waking up in the morning, or wanting to remove dirt during the day. Makeup remover will help remove makeup, sunscreen and excess oil, dirt—the causes of clogged pores, acne, and many other skin conditions. 

Don’t: think that washing your face is enough, skip the step of removing makeup. It should be noted to choose a makeup remover with a good cleansing effect, especially for women who wear daily makeup. 

2. Protect skin from UV rays

It can be said that UV rays are the leading cause of skin damage, causing the melasma, freckles, dullness, etc. Using sunscreen and other protective measures is necessary, especially when You must be exposed to direct or indirect sunlight on a regular basis.

Sunscreen is an effective solution to protect the skin 

Sunscreen is an effective solution to protect the skin 

Do: use sunscreen with an SPF of at least 15 to effectively block both UVA and UVB rays. Add a layer of sunscreen depending on the level of exposure of the skin to the sun, maybe every 2–6 hours. Besides, when going in the sun, please carefully cover your skin with hats, hats, masks, etc.

Don’t: Only apply sunscreen right before going out, At this time, sunscreen cannot penetrate deeply into the skin, so it cannot provide the best protection. Even if you use many layers of makeup with sunscreen, you should still use sunscreen for 3-5 minutes before applying makeup.

3. Get enough sleep – the secret to natural skin beauty

It sounds simple, but girls who have regular, adequate, and good-quality sleep always have healthier fresher skin. So take this seriously to beautify the skin as well as enhance the general health of the body.

Do: Get into the habit of sleeping for 8 hours a day, and go to bed early, before 11 p.m. In addition, before going to bed, you can use sleeping masks from cosmetic brands or natural ingredients( honey, aloe vera, …) for deeper skin care. Note: ensure good sleep conditions, such as an airy, quiet space, adequate temperature, and humidity.

Sleep is the time for the skin to regenerate after a long day

Sleep is the time for the skin to regenerate after a long day

Don’t: Sleep late, stay up late, sleep not enough, this is the habit of many young people today. This not only makes the body fall into a state of fatigue, but the skin is also negatively affected. In addition, do not forget to fully nourish your skin before going to bed, if you are busy, you can minimize the steps, but do not forget to clean (makeup remover, wash your face) and moisturize your skin.

4. Provide enough water for the skin

In fact, there are many essences that are good for the skin, but water is still the most important and necessary ingredient. Watering the skin can be accomplished in two ways: by replenishing it with daily drinking water and by using hydrating moisturizers. You should combine these two ways to keep your skin hydrated and plump, preventing premature aging.

Drink plenty of water (1.5 to 2 liters per day). A dry face and body skin, as well as dark yellow urine, are signs that you are not drinking enough water for your body. In addition, it is necessary to use a suitable moisturizer to ensure that the skin is always hydrated.

Don’t: be lazy about drinking water, especially when it’s cold or busy. If it is difficult to add a large amount of water, you can make it into tea, lemonade, fruit juice, etc. for easy drinking. Regarding daily moisturizing, it is recommended to combine the steps of using rose water to balance pH with moisturizing to hydrate the skin more effectively.

Provide enough water to keep the skin healthy and shiny

Provide enough water to keep the skin healthy and shiny

5. Scientific diet helps skin full of vitality

The daily diet is also a factor in nourishing naturally beautiful skin from within. So, how is eating well for the skin?

Do: Add a variety of green vegetables, and clean, fresh fruits to your diet to provide many vitamins and minerals that are good for the skin. In addition, a healthy, low-fat diet, that limits greasy, hot, and low-sugar foods will help keep the skin beautiful, shiny, and smooth.

Don’t: fermented foods, spicy foods, and fried foods with a lot of fat are the causes of acne-prone skin. Furthermore, excessive alcohol and caffeine consumption can cause skin dryness, acne, and premature aging.

6. Healthy living naturally beautifies skin

Mental stress is the cause of more acne-prone skin, so a healthy life balance is very important. When stress is prolonged, the body will release cortisol, another hormone that causes the skin to increase oil production, making it more susceptible to acne.

Do: Set aside a certain amount of time each day to relieve stress by exercising, practicing yoga, or doing a hobby. 

Mental stress is the cause of acne, melasma

 Mental stress is the cause of acne, melasma

Don’t: forget to spend about 5 minutes every day doing special “exercises” for the jaw and facial muscles. This helps both relax, reduce fat, help facial muscles become firmer, and make skin healthier and firmer.

It can be said that, if you want to beautify your skin naturally, it is not enough to use good cosmetics alone; it also needs to be combined with a healthy diet, activity, and sleep. With healthy skin from the inside, even without makeup, you still stand out from the crowd. So remember the above skin beauty secrets to confidently show off your skin every day. 

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