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5 Things to Make Your Summer Break Extraordinary



5 Things to Make Your Summer Break Extraordinary

Summer break is almost here, are you ready? If you’re tired of doing the same thing every year, you’re not alone. Many people get into the habit of routine, and while that can be fun, sometimes you just need more adventure in your life.

If you’re determined to have an extraordinary break, here are some great ideas.

1. Get out onto the water

Do you like being on the water? Maybe you normally spend your break on the warm beaches of Florida or California. Or maybe you prefer visiting the beach, but you’ve never considered getting out onto the water.

If you love the water, head to a lake or river. Do you have a friend with a boat? Ask them if you can tag along for an adventure. Maybe they like to go water skiing or wakeboarding. Maybe they’ve got a giant inner tube to pull behind their boat.

Find out what equipment they already have, and if they don’t have what you want, get your own water sports equipment and bring it along.

Even if you’re not into boating, you can tag along and go swimming or float around in a giant inner tube. Not everyone will be in the boat all the time, so feel free to relax on the shore.

2. Go to a water park

Spring break is the ideal time to head to a water park. It will be warm, but it won’t be scorching hot like in the summer. You’ll probably want to wear sunscreen anyway, but you’ll be able to enjoy being out in the sun a little more.

There are so many water parks around the world, so you probably don’t need to fly anywhere special to get to one. Unless, of course, you’re determined to visit a specific water park or area.

For instance, California has water parks combined with miniature golf courses. Other water parks are much larger and are located in popular tourist destinations like Spain, Dubai, and Australia.

Some water parks aren’t just made of water slides and miniature rivers to float around. Some actually have artificial waves for surfing, while others offer a real opportunity for wakeboarding, canoeing, and bungee jumping.

If you’re going to visit a water park out of your area, you may as well go multiple days in a row. If you get bored with any of the rides or attractions, you can always just hang out in the pool, dip your feet in, and people watch.

3. Learn a new skill

Not everyone is into parties. If you happen to be a bit more practical, consider taking the time to learn a new skill. For instance, maybe you’ve always wanted to learn how to cook or pick up woodworking. Whatever you’ve been wanting, pursue it during your break.

Most skills can be learned either online or locally. Chances are, you can find a group dedicated to whatever you’re interested in learning. Once you find a source you feel comfortable learning from, dive in and don’t look back.

4. Travel overseas

Instead of just taking a simple road trip with your friends, consider traveling somewhere far away. For example, plan a trip to London, Paris, or Barcelona. Get out of your comfort zone and travel somewhere that will give you a completely new experience in terms of language, culture, and art.

Traveling overseas will give you an amazing experience that you’ll never forget. You’ll learn plenty of new things, taste new foods, experience new ideas, and you’ll pick up some of the language or local dialect as well.

5. Pick up crafting

Crafting is an art that can get rather addicting, but what should you do? With so many types of crafts to choose from, you’ll find something of interest. Some crafts involve yarn, like crochet, while others involve cutting and gluing, like scrapbooking.

You can also construct and paint wooden models, like boats, cars, trains, and planes. No matter what you’re interested in, there’s a craft project out there for you.

Make this Summer Amazing

Spring break is a time to enjoy yourself and not take life too seriously. If you’ve been studying hard, this is the time to take a break and relax. Do something different, something exciting. Spend time with your friends and enjoy yourself fully. The world, including your studies, can wait.

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Moving To A Job For A 6 Or 12-Month Contract: Tips To Succeed




Working full-time at a company for years simply is not for everyone. There are those people with great skills that prefer to work on a contract basis. This could be for a year or for 6 months depending on the need of the client. The best aspect of contract work is that hours over 40 per week can be charged at a high rate. This will help reduce the chances of being asked to work a long weekend as it will be very expensive for the company. The truth is that you are not obligated outside of your 40 hours per week to do anything else. Below are tips to help you succeed when you are constantly taking on new contracts in various parts of the country.

Remote Roles Are Superior

The truth is that as a contractor you likely will want to find a remote role. Relocation can come with a number of issues and a multitude of stress. The one variable to consider is that some contractors take jobs in new locations so they can explore the country. The number of remote roles is exploding as so many people are refusing to head back to the office. The pandemic showed companies and professionals that they could maintain productivity while working at home. The convenience led some professionals to vow to never return to a traditional work environment. 

Moving To A New City 

Moving to a new city for a contract can be a blast as you have a certain amount of time that you will be there. You will likely try to find a rental but purchasing furniture is not something that would be considered a good investment. Furniture rental is likely the best option if you do not want to have to deal with moving furniture across the country when you get another contract. You want to get the most out of living in your new city which likely does not include going shopping for furniture. Take the time to look into all of your options for lodging as well as what part of a city that you would like to live in. 

Be Realistic About Your Workload

Contractors can be taken advantage of by some companies as there is very little recourse for them. With this being said, there are contracts that will pay contractors through the entire contract even if they are terminated. You want to be paid on the same level as people that are just as productive as you. Being supremely productive might just lead to more work. You want to thrive in a new contract role without setting expectations far too high to sustain for the entire duration of the contract. 

The ability to get new contracts regularly that pay well provides ultimate convenience. The ability to take a few months off after a contract allows you to rejuvenate mentally. Use the tips above so you will never have an issue finding a new contract due to the great reputation you have built. 

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Don’t Break The Bank When You Travel

Check out these great money saving tips so you don’t go broke taking your next vacation. 



There’s really no way around it: traveling is expensive. On top of the obvious charges like flights and hotels, there will always be the little daily expenses that you didn’t fully prepare for when you were preparing for your trip. But the last thing you want to do is just not think about it and throw money around like a madman. There are definitely still ways to save money while traveling. And here they are!


I have to admit, I didn’t even really know about this “rule” before I started writing this article. But, for the most part, the cheapest flights of the week are almost always on a Tuesday. So, if you can, try to schedule all your flights on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. This can dramatically lower the cost of your vacation.


Thanks to rental services like Airbnb and VRBO the hotel industry has really taken a hit. And prices have gone way up because of it. So, no matter how bad we may feel about their declining business, they’re just not the best option anymore. You can find a great deal with all the service and amenities you need from one of the vacation rental sites. There are even a few sites that deal in “house-swapping” where you basically just stay in each other’s homes during simultaneous vacations and don’t have to pay a thing!


Many of the flight booking sites like Expedia or Travelocity actually don’t offer as many options as are available to you if you book through the airline. There are other services like Google Flights and Skyscanner that find the cheapest flights being offered by the airlines, and then you can just contact the airline yourself and book those specific flights. It’s a little extra work, but it can end up saving you more money than you think.


Sure, doing your homework and planning ahead can most certainly help you save money on a vacation. But sometimes there are last minute deals made available when airlines are just trying to fill out their flights. So if you have a favorite airline, sign up for the mailing list. This way you’ll know when they are offering really cheap flights. And if you’re in the mood to just get out town regardless of where you’re going, this is a really cheap and fun option.

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8 Reasons to Rent a Car for Your Next Vacation




8 Reasons to Rent a Car for Your Next Vacation

Vacation is the time to relax and leave your normal day-to-day worries behind. The last thing you want is to stress out over your transportation.

Whether you’re traveling near or far, there are fine reasons to rent a car rather than drive your own vehicle or depend on public transit. Here are a few:

1. Save wear on your own car.

Depending on how far you travel, driving will add a lot of miles on your car. You might as well wear out someone else’s vehicle instead of your own.

Plus, if your own car is old or in bad condition, renting one could help you avoid potential road trouble. Rental cars are highly reliable because they are usually newer models and kept in top shape.

So no matter where you go, you can be fairly confident you won’t get stuck on the side of the road.

2. Save money.

If your car eats a lot of fuel, you might save a lot on gasoline by driving a rental. They’re typically fuel-efficient because they are newer models. And you might be surprised to learn you could save around 15% by booking a rental car at the last minute!

3. Travel safely.

Another reason to choose a rental car over other modes of transportation is safety. Think about it.

In a taxi, you’re relying on another driver. Aboard a train, bus, or subway line, you’re packed into a tight space with many other people. It’s better to be in control of the wheel.

If you drive your own car, and it’s older or already has issues, you run the risk of your car malfunctioning and causing an accident. Rentals are much more reliable because they’re well maintained.

That said, if you’re ever involved in a car crash, make sure to consult an experienced auto-accident attorney. He or she will help you file any insurance or legal claims and make sure you arrive at the best resolution.

4. Drive more comfortably.

Rental cars are kept squeaky clean, so they feel like brand-new vehicles. This will make your travel much more comfortable, compared to your own vehicle, which may be dirty– or at best, cluttered.

You can also choose a car to rent that you wouldn’t otherwise have an opportunity to drive. Maybe a nice Mercedes Benz or a new Audi.

This is a great way to test-drive nice cars to see what they feel like. And it’s way better than cramming into a subway car or a bus.

5. Show off your ride.

Rental cars not only feel nice on the inside; they also look good on the outside. This means you can drive in style and make a good impression wherever you go. Just be sure you always lock the doors and keep your valuables out of sight, so nobody is tempted to break in!

6. Keep a flexible schedule.

Renting a car means you can come and go as you please. No need to hail a taxi or wait on a bus; just drive when you feel like it.

If you have a full itinerary, it’s faster to get from place to place with a rented vehicle than by relying on public transportation. You’ll have more time for sightseeing and getting in all you want to.

7. Enjoy more privacy.

In a rental car, you can have your own space. You don’t need to worry about strangers listening in on your conversations or making you feel uncomfortable. Travel with privacy.

8. Carry your luggage more easily.

Finally, transferring your luggage between buses, trains, and subways can be a pain. When you have your own rental, you can keep your stuff in your trunk wherever you go. It’s much less hassle and requires less energy.

The Bottom line

When you plan your next vacation, think about getting a rental car. It should make the experience more enjoyable, and that’s what vacation is all about.

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