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Don’t let Jet Lag Ruin your Trip

I traveled a lot this year. I visited Oahu, Hawaii, drove all over Ireland, and enjoyed a fitness-inspired vacation in Los Cabos, Mexico. Let’s just say, it was one amazing and adventurous year!



Traveling to different time zones or taking a red-eye flight can make you jetlagged.  For those of you new to travel, jet lag is a blanket term for feeling tired while traveling.  Getting jetlagged is a common occurrence and can vary from slight to extreme, so I made a handy guide to ways to reduce your lag.  Many times, changing timezones is the culprit, so be prepared for feelings of exhaustion, foggy head and a lowered immune system.

I usually get jet lag when I take the redeye, an overnight flight leaving late and arriving very early.  These always affect me because I can sleep on airplanes but never get quality sleep.  Constantly being awoken by sounds or bumps and the fact that we are breathing in the recycled air that is filled with human contaminants.   All we need is one person coughing, sending tiny particles of illness floating through the cabin and recirculated by the airplane’s ventilation system. 

The problem with jet lag is it can really ruin a vacation or at the least shorten your trip by making your travel days useless.  Here are a few tips and tricks I use to combat jet lag and make my trips more enjoyable.


Pre Trip Preparation

Before I fly to a different timezone, I’ll try and get my mind and body ready for the transition by slowly adjusting to the new time.  I’ll stay up late or go to bed early to change my internal clock so I’m ready for the lag. It’s best to make your body ready for the change slowly so you aren’t tossing a literal wrench in the works. You want your body and mind to work efficiently and that can’t happen when they are playing catch up.

Drink water

A common mistake people make when traveling is not drinking enough water. Many will say its because they don’t want to have to get up constantly to use the restroom on long flights, when in fact that is exactly what you should be doing.   Multiple trips to the restroom is good for your body, especially preventing blood clots by moving around and stretching. Water lubricates the body and makes all it’s essential functions work properly. Its best to avoid drinking alcohol during flights because it can really dehydrate you.

Don’t nap

This is huge to getting on the new timezone.  I avoid napping if I took the redeye because its taking me away from the local timezone.  I combat jet lag by staying up until it’s a normal bedtime of the new timezone you are in, once you wake up, you should be fully adjusted.

Healthy first post travel meal

Starting out with a healthy first meal will help your body deal with the stress of travel. Filling up with proper nutrients will make you feel the jet lag less and enjoy your trip from the start. I try and eat a balanced first meal so I can combat any possible illness I got on my flight.

Get the blood flowing outside

Get that vitamin D in your system by letting the sunshine down. I enjoy a nice walk or run outside to start my day, allowing the sun to energize me. This will also help you adjust to the local weather, which may be very different than you are used to. I live in California, so I need this to adjust to any humidity or cold in the air, since I’m not accustomed to it.            


A workout isn’t really a workout if the blood isn’t pumping and the sweat isn’t flowing. Break a good sweat and get your blood flowing so you can get rid of any ill effect from your journey.


Use these helpful tips to avoid jet lag or at least minimize its effects on you.  


Photos Courtesy of ReligionNews, Airtreks


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This Is How to Plan a Destination Wedding



Are you having a hard time planning a destination wedding?

Did you know that the wedding industry has a value of 55.1 billion USD despite the pandemic? This means that you’re still going to spend a lot when you opt for a traditional wedding. This is often the number one hurdle for most couples as it means that they need to have a high budget to get married.

If you go for a destination wedding, though, you forgo most of the costs of a traditional wedding. How to plan a destination wedding, though? Check what we have below to learn how you can plan a destination wedding and get married in the most scenic way possible.

Choose a Meaningful Destination

The first thing that you should plan when going for a destination wedding is the destination itself. Deciding on this will help you plan out the rest of the event with ease. What’s great is that there are tons of locations for you to choose from.

The best destination weddings are amazing because the bride and groom choose a location that’s meaningful to them. So, to make your as enjoyable and successful, make sure your venue has a meaning behind it. Select a special location from your childhood memories if you want it to add more memories to the venue.

You can also pick among the best destination wedding locations if you’re strapped for ideas. These are sure to give you and your guests a good time before, during, and after the wedding.

Set a Budget

Now that you have a destination in mind, use that as a reference to what your budget will be. Make sure that you include the cost of the accommodation and the fees for travel in your budget to know how much you have left.

Use that budget to plan out the rest of the event. A great way to cut on costs and extend your budget is by forgoing traditional wedding decor. Replace them with local flora, instead, as they’re likely cheaper than cloth and fabrics.

You can also choose local delicacies to make all the investments going towards food friendlier to your budget. Doing all these things should help you with your budget for the wedding.

Create an Invite List

With your budget in mind, you should now choose who you’ll invite to your wedding. A good rule of thumb is to invite the people who matter the most to you first. Once you complete that list, consider how much you’ll need to pay for each of them and if it fits in your budget.

If you still have room for more, consider who can and will go abroad to celebrate your special day with you. Including these people is sure to help you fill the seat count for your big day.

Ensure You Have All Necessary Documents

Once you have the destination nailed down, prepare all the documents you need. This goes beyond a marriage certificate and license. Traveling abroad for a wedding means you must also have a Visa and passport at the ready.

Make sure to prepare the change of name documents, birth certificates, and death certificates for divorcees. You never know when you’ll need them, and it’s a pain to get those documents if you’re in another country.

Make sure to include written authorization letters for your guests, too. Anyone under 18 will need this to travel abroad if they don’t have their parents with them.

Choose Someone to Officiate Your Wedding

Next, you need to choose someone who will officiate the wedding for you. If the country you’re traveling to shares the same religious beliefs as you, it should be easy to find one. If not, though, it can be a pain to find someone who will.

Check the local laws to see who they allow to wed people in destination weddings. If you see that they allow anyone who’s gotten ordained before, you can have your friends officiate for you. Doing this makes your wedding one of a kind and is a great way to save on money.

Pick a Theme

Now that you have most worries out of the way, it’s time to pick the theme of your wedding. You’ll want to pick a theme that suits your destination for the wedding. If you’re doing the wedding at a beach, going for a tropical theme is a good idea.

If you don’t want to pick a theme, pick a color scheme, instead. Pick colors that will benefit you and the guests at the destination. Dark colors for cold environments, and lighter ones for hotter environments.

Notify Your Guestlist In Advance

With most of the items on your checklist done, it’s about time for you to notify your guests. Doing this will help them know how much they have to set aside for their fare. Most guests have no idea until a short time before the wedding, making them miss the event.

Doing this also helps your guests pack for the location. They will know what to wear for their leisure time and what they should wear for the wedding itself.

Handpick Your Vendors

Before it’s too late, visit the location and handpick your vendors. It’s better to do this early on so that you can consider your budget and scout the local talent. One way to do this is to ask the locals for referrals.

They’re more familiar with the people in the location and can point you towards the best of the best. This will give you time to negotiate the prices and secure their services for the day.

Learn How to Plan a Destination Wedding Today

Planning a destination wedding shouldn’t be a stressful thing to do. It should be as relaxing as the venue you’ll set for the event. Check our guide and learn how to plan a destination wedding today!

Do you want to learn more about weddings and event planning? Check out more of our posts and guides to learn all you can about event planning today!

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Best Family Resorts for your Summer Vacation

From themed resorts to family friendly activities, we found the best family friendly resorts all across the nation so pick your pleasure and enjoy.




Summer vacation is around the corner and it’s time to find the perfect family friendly resort to please everyone.   Children and adults all want different things on vacation so how do you satisfy everyone’s needs? Simply follow this guide to the ultimate family vacation and happiness will ensue. From themed resorts to family friendly activities, we found the best family friendly resorts all across the nation so pick your pleasure and enjoy.


Grand Wailea, Hawaii

What says vacation more than Hawaii? Nothing. This mega resort features nine swimming pool options, 780 rooms and more family friendly activities than anyone could possible do in one trip. No child gets bored here, as the endless activities and amazing water park will bring smiles all around. You have to try the Fishpipe, a rotating barrel ride that simulates a super long water slide. Adults can enjoy some alone time in the resorts adult-only pool, the Hibiscus Pool.


The Osthoff Resort, Wisconsin

How does a family lake vacation sound? Pretty fun, ten you would be correct. Check out the Osthoff Resort in Wisconsin for the ultimate lake vacation. The resort has it’s own private sandy beach, countless water activities including a massive Blob for some high-flying action. Try a canoe or hydro bike for some athletic activities on the water.


Waldorf Astoria Orlando, Florida

Take a trip to Disney World in Orlando and stay at the upscale yet family friendly Waldorf Astoria Orlando. Your family can spend the day at Disney, Epcot center or just lounging by the hotel’s world-class pool. This resort knows how to take care of kids while pampering the adults. This resort features a kid’s club where children aged 5-12 can be watched while the parents go off and enjoy some adult fun.


The Hotel Hershey, Pennsylvania

Hershey Pennsylvania, the home of chocolate welcomes you. Upon check in you are asked which you prefer, Dark or Milk and then they give you each a welcome chocolate bar, what an entrance. The hotel attached to Hershey Park, the chocolate themed theme park is a child’s dream come true. A real life Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. A special treat, hotel guests get to go to the theme park a whole hour before regular guests. No child will be unhappy with a trip to chocolate wonderland, so book this trip soon.


Kingsmill Resort, Virginia

Take a trip back in time by visiting the colonial town of Williamsburg, Virginia. Staying at the Kingsmill Resort is the perfect place to enjoy colonial Williamsburg and the town’s two amazing theme parks, Busch Gardens and Water Country USA. What kid doesn’t want to be close to two theme parks? The parents will enjoy Colonial Williamsburg and the kids love roller coasters, so what are you waiting for?


Aulani, Disney Resort, Hawaii

This Disney resort is a child’s fantasy come true. From the numerous characters roaming the grounds to the world-class pool and splash zone, this resort has your children’s entertainment covered. There are children’s events, new aged day care and pool party dance offs, so no child will be bored here. Parents will enjoy the Luau and the stiff cocktails from the resort’s many bars. Hawaii is paradise on Earth so if this place doesn’t make you smile, we don’t know what will.

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Best Water Parks in the U.S.

It’s time to get wet and wild at the country’s best water parks, so grab your suit and get ready for an adventure.



There is nothing like an awesome water park on a sweltering summer day to cool off while having some fun in the sun. It’s time to get wet and wild at the country’s best water parks, so grab your suit and get ready for an adventure. We checked out the finest water parks from coast to coast and have the best seven for you to check out this summer.


Water Country USA

Situated next to Busch Gardens in Williamsburg, Virginia, Water Country USA is an awesome water park. There are two separate floating rivers, some really fast speed slides and the mega Drop Slide where riders will plummet 75 feet straight down. Children of all ages will love Water Country USA and it’s next to another theme park so that two birds with one stone.   The park hosts over 25 rides including plenty kid-friendly rides like the Cow-A0-Bunga and the Kritter Korral.


Kalahari Resort

Located in the Wisconsin Dells in Wisconsin, Kalahari resort is just massive and features two, yes, two separate water parks. The indoor water park is open all-year round and features over 120,000 square feet of fun. The indoor scores big with the FlowRider, an intense wave where riders can surf or boogie board all yearlong. The Zambezi outdoor park is open Memorial Day to Labor Day and is radical. Check out the outdoor section in the summer to catch some rays while you are blasting down some fast slides or stomping around the Splashdown Safari children’s section.


Enchanted Forest Water Safari

Adirondack State Park is the home to this family friendly water park. This is New York’s largest water park by far, with over 50 rides including 32 water based rides. Take a leisurely ride on the parks mega tube ride around the entire park or be a speed demon on their fastest ride, the Killermanjaro. Cool off in this massive water park with your entire family.


Silver Dollar City White Water Park

Located in the family friendly city of Branson, Missouri (America’s wholesome Las Vegas,) sits Silver Dollar City White Water Park. You know a place is going to be awesome with a long name like this one. Ride the fastest dueling slides in America while dropping 245-feet on a 7 degree slide. Race your friends and get a major wedgie at the same time.


Schlitterbahn Waterpark

If you love water parks, you have to check out eh Schlitterbahn Waterpark in Kansas City, Kansas. This world famous water park has the world’s tallest water slide, the Verruckt. This ride is so tall; riders must be literally strapped onto a raft for safety. You know it’s insane if they are strapping you to a raft.


Legoland California Resort

The California version of Legoland is larger and newer, so what’s not to love. The Lego themed park has a regular theme park and a water park, so families can decide what Kind of adventure they want. Get wet at this water park and the whole family will enjoy it.


Dollywood Splash Country

Located in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, Dollywood Splash Country has over 30 acres of water filled fun. Children will enjoy the park’s 23 water rides and two interactive kids play areas. This water park is massive and filled with so many fun activities the entire family will love it.   No better place to get cool in Tennessee.

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