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Explore Dubai’s Adrenaline Junkie Scene

From zip lines to sky diving Dubai is now home to more extreme sport activities than anywhere else in the world.



Dubai has quickly become the playground of the uber-rich and now the city is morphing into the ultimate adrenaline junkie’s paradise. The city has grown exponentially since the turn of the century and the limits just keep being pushed. In a land known for its opulence and extravagance, adrenaline junkies are finding new uses for the area’s extreme landscape. From zip lines to sky diving Dubai is now home to more extreme sport activities than anywhere else in the world.

Let’s explore what Dubai has to offer on the extreme activity front and see if any of them tempt your adventure side.


Dune Bashing

Dune bashing is as violent as it sounds as people race across the undulating dunes in 4×4 vehicles at high speeds. It’s an amazing way to spend an afternoon in the extreme heat of the desert. Imagine flying through the air as your catapult yourself over these heaving dunes. 

Power Boating

The rich love their cigarette boats and the calm waters of the Arabian Sea make for the perfect racing zone for fast boats. You can often see boats zooming across the water at speeds up to 120 mph.


Zip lining

What better way to see the city while navigating its busy streets from a few hundred feet above? The city introduced the first urban zip lines in the world in 2015. It’s an adrenaline rush and the best and fastest way to zip across town.

Shark Diving

Where else but Dubai has a shopping mall with an aquarium which you could actually swim with sharks? It doesn’t get more extreme than swimming with sharks. 


There are actually some pretty good surfing spots around Dubai, so bring your board or rent one.



Who says you can’t go snow skiing in the desert? Only in Dubai would there be an indoor ski arena. You can ski or snowboard in this awesome indoors mountain with constant 24-degree weather and a few challenging slopes. There is even an adventure park for skilled skiers and boarders to get some air on the jumps and half pipe.


Even the odd sport of extreme high diving was recently brought to the adrenaline rich city. The Red Bull Cliff Diving series was held at the Dubai Marina Pier with a 90 –foot platform was erected. 



Skydive Dubai offers risk takers the opportunity to fly through the sky above all the man made islands and get the coolest and most unique views of the city. You can try tandem or if you are experienced, you can jump solo.

BASE Jumping

BASE-jumping is considered to be illegal most places in the world except Dubai where the daredevil sport is encouraged and often sanctioned by the government. A private company also has plans to build a 1,000-foot tower for extreme sports like rock climbing and BASE-jumping. Imagine jumping off the world’s tallest building the Burj Khalifa and living to talk about it.


Rally Racing

The dunes and the desert are perfect for rally racing either cars or motorcycles. With a wide-open desert as the backdrop to the city, Dubai is made for extreme racing.


Urban Climbing

This is an obvious thrill-seeking event in a city with so many tall skyscrapers. With more super tall skyscrapers than anywhere in the world and not strict laws against urban climbing, Dubai is the top choice. All the top climbers are heading to Dubai to climb the Burj Khalifa and it’s intimidating 2,700 feet.



Flyboarding is the new jetpack of our generation. Hooked up to a jet ski, a rider straps water jets to their feet and off they go on an epic adventure. Riders can reach heights of 30 feet while cruising at speed of 25 MPH.


Gyrpocoptering is a new phenomenon that has adventure seekers lining up to try. Imagine flying your own mini helicopter high above the city’s epic skyline in a two-seater gyrocopter.

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Hawaii Travel Restrictions to Change



Travelers to Hawaii will need to undergo COVID-19 testing and have negative results prior to entering the state, stresses Governor David Ige, as Hawaii travel restrictions get modified.

Effective a couple of days before Thanksgiving, stricter Hawaii travel restrictions are to be initiated. This is to halt the growing number of COVID-19 cases in the state, David Ige, the state’s governor proclaims on Thursday.

At the moment, visitors are permitted to reach Hawaii by using a pre-testing protocol. Upon reaching the state, travelers can simply upload their test’s negative results on the Hawaiian COVID-19 visitor database and bypass the 14-day quarantine used by other US states.

This current mandate is problematic, however, as more and more tourists later prove to be positive after being allowed passage into Hawaii. This issue, then, compromises the health and well-being of residents, resulting to the prevalence of new COVID-19 cases in the area. Hence, Ige points out the need to tighten border patrol to curb this rampant result.

The said tightening of Hawaii travel restrictions plans to take effect on Tuesday, just two days before the upcoming holiday celebration.

To forego, however, the 2-week quarantine protocol, tourists are required to take the proper COVID-19 test at any of the accredited testing centers or partners of the state. Nevertheless, if the results of the test do not arrive before flying into Hawaii, the tourist shall be forced to take a 14-day quarantine or even stay on lockdown for the duration of his visit, whichever is shorter.

It is essential to note that tourists who do not obtain their negative COVID-19 results before departure won’t be able to enter Hawaii even if the said information arrives just before they reach the state.

Travelers are still provided with the option to skip COVID-19 testing, however. Both tourists and residents who arrive at the border can still opt to take the 14-day quarantine, either at their designated hotels or at home. This option comes in lieu of the lengthy COVID-19 testing queues across the United States as more and more Americans are forced to get tested for the said virus.  

At present, the US still holds the topmost record of the most COVID-19 total cases in the world. As of writing, it already has a record of 12,078,831 positive cases. To prevent the upsurge of the same rapid transmission within Hawaii’s borders, the need to require negative COVID-19 results as part of the modified Hawaii travel restrictions is pointed out.

Nevertheless, Ige explains that the necessity of protecting Hawaiians from the possibility of inbound infection can be skipped by choosing to stay on a 14-day quarantine. Travelers can still opt to remain within their hotel rooms or head straight to their homes, eradicating immediate—and unprotected—contact with locals during the said time period. Thus, tightening Hawaii travel restrictions aims to halt rapid COVID-19 spread as everyone awaits news of an effective vaccine that may possibly help the country—and the world—revert to the unrestricted mobility experienced way before this unprecedented pandemic emergency.

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The Coolest Ancient Cities you can Explore on Vacation

I love to travel to ancient cities with rich historical and cultural attractions, they have flourished for centuries but who knows how long they will stick around.



Traveling allows you the opportunity to see how other people live and in some cases it allows you to literally look back in time. That’s why I love to travel to ancient cities with rich historical and cultural attractions.   Exploring these awesome destinations not only teaches you history but also lets you see how people lived and thrived. These ancient cities have flourished and somehow stuck around long enough for us to enjoy. Check out these mysterious ancient cities while you still can.


Angkor Wat, Cambodia

If you want to see one of the largest and most unique ancient cities, you have to go check out Angkor Wat in Cambodia. The Khmer people were Hindu by religion and they created this city for the Hindu Deities as a sign of respect. Stretching over 500 acres is an intricate and detailed city filled with moats, towers and numerous reliefs depicting celestial scenes.


Rome, Italy

Rome is one of the most traveled to destinations I the world but that shouldn’t stop you from visiting this splendid gem. The incredible Roman Empire left tons of cool ruins to check out. Just seeing the immense Colosseum is worth fighting through the crowds, as it’s so awesome it’s hard to explain. Just thinking about all the people that once filled this giant to see people fight each other and wild beasts to the death.


Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul is famous for bridging the gap between Europe and Asia, and literally being between the two continents. Check out architecture from the Byzantine Empire and Ottoman Empire with modern flare. You can even see Moses’ staff, which is in a museum.


Bagan, Myanmar

Myanmar has gone through some serious political turmoil over the past few decades but now that that has all quieted down, people can finally enjoy the awesome Bagan temples. These Buddhist temples are all centrally located along the banks of the Irrawaddy River and create a magical ambiance. You will find much smaller crowds than at Angkor Wat and Machu Picchu. I suggest a boat tour and see as many temples as you can, they are so cool.


Kyoto, Japan

Come to Tokyo for all the modern conveniences and come to Kyoto for a trip back in time. Spend hours touring the ancient city and its magical Zen gardens and tea ceremonies. Feel like you are in Imperial Japan and walk the line between history and technology as tech giants like Nintendo are located in Kyoto.


Machu Picchu. Peru

You can’t have a list on ancient cities without including Machu Picchu; the Incan city perched upon a mountaintop. There is no easy way to reach the summit of these Andes Mountains, so be prepared for a long hike. Once you reach the top, you’ll realize just how impressive this city truly is. It was built over 500 years ago and is still in incredible shape.


Athens, Greece

Athens is a city that is literally overflowing with ancient ruins. If you are a lover of history than Greece is an obvious choice. The creator of democracy and modern civilization, Greece is technically all our homes.


The ancient world is waiting for you to discover it, before it’s wiped away for ever.

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How to Get the Best Hotel Room

It’s important to ask the front desk person these six vital questions if you want the best room possible without paying a cent extra.



Not all hotel rooms are created equal and that goes for rooms in the same hotel. Whether you are staying in a 5-star resort or a fleabag motel, rooms can vary dramatically. It’s important to ask the front desk person these six vital questions if you want the best room possible without paying a cent extra. Follow this simple guide to a more pleasurable experience when staying at a hotel


Elevator/Ice Machine

Room location is a huge factor at any accommodation, no matter how fancy it is. Even the nicest resorts have bargain basement rooms and ones with less than favorable locations. When I’m checking in, I always ask for a room that is far away from the elevator and ice machine, as these can be very noisy spots.   Have you ever stayed in a room near an elevator; it’s the loudest spot second only to the icemaker.

There aren’t locations worse than these two, especially if you need some R & R. You will be amazed at the difference only a few rooms down can make when a loud ice maker is constantly humming and dropping ice.


Large Parties

I always ask if there are any large groups, parties or conventions staying at the hotel during my visit. These are always annoying so I like to stay far away form the groups or parties. I’m not in my early 20s anymore so the sight of a beer bong sends shivers down my spine. If you want a relaxing vacation, steer clear of the large groups or conventions; they tend to get rowdier than your normal guests.


Recently Renovated

Who wants to stay in the wing of the hotel that hasn’t yet been renovated? Nobody wants some uncomfortable bed, an out of date television and the A/C unit that makes more noise than it does cool things down. All you have to do is ask if any of the rooms have been recently renovated and just say you would like one of those rooms. I tend to use my allergies as an excuse, it usually works great and I get the room I desire.


Higher Floor/Away from Street

Street noise can be pretty loud in larger cities and in hotels with cheaper, thinner windows, so I always ask for a higher room. The higher up you go, the quieter it usually gets. If you want the quietest room possible, ask for off street rooms. These are away from the street and offer up your best bet at relaxation. The views are usually worse but the silence is golden.


Adjoining room?

Ask if there are rooms without adjoining rooms. These are the rooms with a door that connects two rooms together for larger parties or groups. The problem is these offer less sound barriers so you can really hear your neighbor and they can hear you.


Best Wi-Fi reception

Simple question and often times you’ll get a complicated answer. All you have to do is say that you have very important business and you need the strongest Wi-Fi signal. They will usually hook you up and if you have a loyalty program with them thy sometimes will give you the password for free!


In life sometimes all you need to do is ask and you can get everything you want.

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