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How to Use CBD Cream Properly



Are you looking for ways to get pain relief from your throbbing joint and muscle pain? Do you wish there was a way to get rid of the skin inflammation that you have? These are just some of the uses for CBD cream when you apply it topically!

Doing so will help you receive these benefits without ingesting CBD. It won’t even enter the bloodstream, so you can receive the benefits without being concerned about ingesting it in any way.

See below for an in-depth guide on CBD cream including the best uses for it, how to use it properly, and other information as well!

The Best Uses for CBD Cream

When people hear the term “CBD”, they automatically assume that the product is being used for stress relief. That isn’t always the case.

As far as CBD cream is concerned, the primary benefits are connected to inflammation reduction and pain relief. As mentioned earlier, it won’t enter the bloodstream, so it’s a non-invasive treatment for those that don’t want to take over-the-counter pills that you need to ingest.

See below for a list of the best uses for CBD cream. As you’re reading through the benefits and best uses, you can view these CBD products!

1. Pain Relief

Say no more, right? There are many people out there looking to get their hands on a pain relief product that doesn’t involve ingesting a pill or inhaling a product of some kind.

If that’s you, then CBD cream can be the answer to your prayers! Studies have shown that there is a connection between CBD cream and joint pain relief, primarily involving arthritis and chronic pain.

Since it’s a topical product (applied directly to the skin), you can take it as often as you’d like. There aren’t any daily restrictions or limitations that you have to follow. Thus, you can get the pain relief you need whenever it flares up.

2. Reduces Skin Inflammation

Perhaps you’re tired of dealing with psoriasis flare-ups. Maybe you have a skin type that results in frequent dry rashes or irritated skin. If so, then CBD cream might be the solution.

Many studies have shown that topical creams with cannabis ingredients (such as CBD) cream may have a connection to treating common skin conditions. This includes aforementioned psoriasis, skin rashes, dermatitis, itchy skin, and so on.

You don’t have to go through your daily activities with visible, swollen red areas on your skin. Try investing in and applying a topical CBD cream to give your skin the relief it needs. It can boost your self-confidence and comfort!

3. Hydrates the Skin

Those of you with naturally dry or oily skin know how important it is to moisturize your skin daily. However, certain store-bought “moisturizing” lotions contain ingredients that do more harm to your skin than they do good. 

Many experts are saying that CBD might play a role in hydrating the skin cells whenever it’s applied topically. So not only can it help treat inflamed skin, it can help you get the bright and shiny skin of your dreams!

CBD cream manufacturers are plentiful, these days. They make all different kinds of CBD cream products with many different fragrances for you to try. It can help you get your confidence back and give you a long-term solution to your dry skin issue.

How to Use CBD Cream Effectively

So how can you make sure to get the best results with CBD cream? It’s not just a reactive solution to dry skin, but a proactive one as well. How can you use CBD cream effectively to prevent joint pain or inflamed skin from the get-go? See here for more info.

How Should I Apply CBD Cream?

First, you should apply it to the most common areas for dry skin. This includes your shoulders, neck, feet, ankles, elbows, knees, and nose. 

Of course, each person is different. Some of you might have other spots that tend to become dry and irritated. Be sure to apply CBD cream directly to those pesky spots as well. 

We recommend that you use no more than a small plop of cream for each area, the typical amount you would get for any other type of lotion. Place it directly on the area you’d like to apply it to, then rub it in.

When Should I Apply CBD Cream?

That answer depends on what you’re using it for. If you’re wanting to use it for joint pain relief, we recommend applying it immediately after strenuous activity, such as lifting, running, or any labor-intensive task (your job included).

Of course, if you start to feel a throbbing sensation, then you can always apply the CBD cream right then and there for a little more relief.

For those of you wanting to use it primarily as preventative skincare, we recommend applying it right after you shower. When you use shower soap, the natural oils of your skin are washed off. Applying CBD cream will help moisturize the skin and prevent the dry areas from flaring up.

Unlock These Uses for CBD Cream in Your Life

Now that you have seen all of the different uses for CBD cream and how to apply it correctly, all that’s left is to invest in it for yourself!

Make sure to consider what you’ll be using it for. In no time, you’ll be adding it to your regular daily routine!

Be sure to browse our website for more articles on CBD cream, as well as many other topics that you will enjoy reading about.

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Safe Travel Spots For Travel Currently




International travel broadens the mind and brings people closer together. That’s why it’s an ideal option for parents that want to give their children a life-changing experience. But, you have to be careful. There are plenty of places in the world that aren’t safe for family vacations. That’s why we put together this list of international destinations that are great and safe options for the whole family.


New Zealand is known for being a beautiful and friendly country. And Auckland is its crown jewel in that department. The abundant wildlife alone makes it worth the visit. But other major attractions include Frodo’s home from the “Lord Of The Rings” series, and the Auckland War Memorial Museum. It truly makes for a safe and fun trip for the whole family!


Ireland is every kid’s dream. Who hasn’t fantasized about being a king or queen in a castle?! Well, Ireland has enough castles for 10 family vacations. And you can even take your kids to the pub! It’s common practice there so it’s perfectly safe. Plus it’s a great way to experience the local culture. Personally, I can’t wait to visit Ireland.



Iceland is just about as safe as it gets, making the top ten on both the Global Peace Index and the World Economic Forum’s lists for safety and security. This is due in large part to its incredibly low crime rate. But there’s much more to take in when visiting Reykjavik, including the Sage Museum, natural thermal baths, and tiny Icelandic horses. Who doesn’t love tiny horses?!


Mauritius is another country that was ranked highly on the Global Peace Index for safety and security and is the highest of the African countries on the list. This is due mostly to its distance from the rest of the African continent, which is known for not being safe. It is also this distance that makes it the island getaway vacation that families dream of. Be sure to check out the aquarium and snorkel around the reefs while you’re there!



Tucked away in the Himalayan mountains, Bhutan is a country lost in time. They just added their first traffic lights a few years ago! But they’re also the second-ranked Asian country on the Global Peace Index list of safe and secure countries. So it’s bound to be a peaceful and educational trip for you and your family. Be sure to check out Buddha Dordenma, the largest Buddha statue in the world. 


Singapore is easily the smallest place on this list, measuring it at just 50 square miles. But it has more than enough fun for the family. Not to mention it’s all the way up at #6 on the World Economic Forum’s list of safe and secure countries! Top attractions include an abundant aviary, nighttime wildlife tours, and an indoor snow park. Definitely worth seeing before the kids head off to college. 

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International Traveling On A Budget During Covid




Most people wish they took more vacations. I know I do. But traveling is so darn expensive! How am I supposed to be able to afford a trip anywhere, let alone somewhere out of the country? Well have no fear, Jetlaggin is here! Check these five international destinations that are much cheaper than you think.


Medellin is an affordable travel destination in Colombia as it’s actually its third major behind Cartagena and Bogota. The weather is perfect nearly all year long, and ever since the days of Pablo Escobar, the city has put a strong focus on rebuilding the city and attracting a new batch of young, hip, cosmopolitan inhabitants. This means plenty of beautiful museums and art galleries. Hotels only cost around $70 a night, and meals shouldn’t cost much more than $15. These low prices allow for two people to enjoy five days in Medellin for around just $800.


Some people are wary of traveling to Mexico these days. But it’s capital, Mexico City, is still a beautiful vacation destination that you can enjoy on the cheap. Whether it’s hotels, restaurants, or the many art and cultural attractions that can be found throughout the city, there are surprisingly affordable options for just about everything. Just be smart and explore your options. It’s not hard to find a hotel room for a hundred bucks a night, and you can easily live off delicious street food for your whole trip. Not to mention the public transportation system in the city is cheap and extremely accessible. You could easily take a two-person, seven-day vacation to Mexico City for around $1,000.


Barcelona is a truly beautiful city in a beautiful country. But you’ll have to be careful when attempting to pull off an affordable trip there, as the city is flooded with tourists in the summer. Hotel rates are on the higher side, averaging around $150 per night. But there are so many things to be enjoyed in Barcelona for free, particularly the beaches. As for meals, as long as you stay away from the Gothic Quarter and Las Ramblas area, you should be able to find plenty of cheap eating options. You could enjoy a lovely four day, two-person vacation to Barcelona for around $1,100-$1,300.


Vietnam still has a slightly negative connotation around it these days, but make no mistake, it is a fascinating country that is ideal for a cheap vacation. Flights will be your biggest expense, as they don’t exactly run cheap. But if you’re ok living off street food for most of your trip and taking a lot of public transportation, once you’re there you don’t have to spend all that much money. Some of the best attractions revolve around exploring, including the Cu Chi Tunnels used during the Vietnam War, the city of Can Tho off the Mekong Delta, and the Cai Rang Floating Market. You can pull off a two-person, five-day vacation to Vietnam for around $1,400.


Quito is one of the often forgotten gems of South America. It offers incredible outdoor and hiking activities, historic relics and architecture from thousands of years ago, and a bustling urban area with a great nightlife scene. Also be sure to take in the Centro de Arte Contemporaneo, the Museo de la Ciudad, and the Museo Casa del Alabado. And if you have enough time, head out of the city to check out the Cotopaxi National Park for some of the best scenery around. A whole week-long, two-person vacation would cost just around $2,000.

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Stay With The Animals At These Awesome Hotels




Picking a hotel to stay in can be tough. Are the rooms nice enough? Do the hotels have any activities that I would be interested in? Is it a good deal? What’s the room service like? All these are questions you have to ask yourself when you are doing your research. Sometimes you find the perfect hotel but there is still something missing. That’s when you need to kick your hotel stay up a notch by adding animals into the mix. Our travel experts, especially TJ that crazy guy, wanted to pass on their suggestions for hotels where interacting with animals is actually part of the intended experience. So get ready to experience some hotels like you’ve never experienced it before in these awesome hotels that have their own animals.


Kimpton Hotels
Kimpton Hotels run throughout the United States and each one has its own dog that helps greet patrons right when they walk through the door. If you love adorable doggos to pet and give a treat then definitely give these hotels a try. The dogs actually have their own titles around here, they are each known as the director of pet relations. Also, you can bring whatever pets you want to stay at the hotels as well. As long as the pet can fit through the door it is allowed to stay at the hotel which is pretty cool of them. Now I finally have a place to take my pet alligator.



Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort, Lapland, Finland
This Finnish hotel has a ton of animals on site. There are 400 huskies alone, not to mention the other horses, reindeer, and cats. You will definitely see some cool animals rolling around here and you will be blown away at just how hard most of them actually work. From October to April these pets are employed but they enjoy a nice holiday for the rest of the year making it a pretty nice schedule to live by. Plus, not only does this place have cool pets, it also has glass-top igloos that make for excellent viewing of the Northern Lights.



Farm Sanctuary, New York
If you’re tired of the Big Apple then maybe it is time to get out and go hang with some livestock. Head upstate to the Farm Sanctuary and see more than 500 animals that have all been rescued and given access to the 175-acre resort. You’ll see adorable pigs, sheep, cows, and turkeys all living a happy new life. Spending a few nights here is sure to make you smile. You will see animals that are truly free to roam huge pastures and live out their lives in a fun and natural way. Staying here is truly special.



Giraffe Manor, Nairobi, Kenya
If dogs and livestock aren’t your thing then why not give giraffes a try. Is that exotic enough for you? The Giraffe Manor is a super nice hotel that is unbelievably beautiful thanks to its gardens and huge fireplaces. But what makes this place special isn’t the yule logs in the fireplaces or the hydrangeas in the gardens it’s the giraffes. Twice a day the giraffes wander up to the hotel and guests feed them grass pellets. Now that’s seriously cool.

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