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Preparing Your Business for The Future of Remote Work



When the pandemic struck in 2020, millions of people were forced to change their lives as they knew it, which included starting to work remotely. Now, several years beyond the beginning of the pandemic, some people still work from home on a daily basis. Industries like information technology, professional and business services, educational services, and wholesale trade especially still rely heavily on remote work opportunities. In fact, in 2023, approximately 40% of employees in the United States worked remotely at least once per week

Although these numbers are now shrinking as we move further into a post-pandemic world, there are still remote work opportunities in nearly every corner of the country at different companies. Especially in the northeast and in California, work from home roles still play an integral role in the economic state of that area. Even outside of the United States, other countries have found value in offering remote work, with over 30% of employees operating on a fully remote or hybrid schedule.

Although working from home has settled since the pandemic, the benefits that it presents for both employees and employers cannot be denied. There are a multitude of ways that both sides of businesses can grow using this model.

Having a team that works completely or partially remote benefits those employees in a multitude of ways. First, it completely eliminates the need for a commute, which can be time consuming and a hassle. Along with this, employees then save money on gas and other necessities such as food. They also will waste less time getting ready or lose sleep to a more rigid schedule. Overall, the flexibility of such a schedule cannot be beat. Many employees love this, as they can take back more of their day and can dedicate that extra time to the other important aspects of their lives. Whether this means spending more time on hobbies, with family, with friends, or participating in other extracurricular activities, working from home creates a schedule that better accommodates these needs. Working remotely can also allow for a more enjoyable and stress free workday with fewer meetings and more time to complete important work.

Not only do employees benefit from a remote work model, but their employers do as well. This may incentivize employers to offer this type of schedule. First, offering remote work reduces absenteeism in the workplace. When there is an expectation of always commuting to the office, many workers are more likely to call out sick or stay home for minor reasons. However, when given the opportunity to work from home, studies have found 56% fewer employee absences, and 50% fewer employee sick days taken. Schedules that incorporate remote work also boost productivity of workers, therefore increasing the success of the business. In fact, research has shown that since the normalization of remote work, businesses have seen nearly a 70% increase in productivity. Having a hybrid or fully remote schedule also can lower turnover, as employees are more satisfied with their work week. Reducing employee churn by 50%, remote work could be the key to retention. Finally, employers benefit from remote work because it saves money for the company. Hiring employees under the basis of a remote or hybrid schedule can reduce the cost per employee by anywhere between $20k to $37k annually.

Clearly, although we are no longer in an immediate pandemic-ridden state, the benefits of remote work in some capacity are undeniable. In fact, in 2023, nearly 100% of people say that they want to work remotely at least some or all of the time. This begs the question, what steps must be taken to make this a reality?

There are three main necessary components to keeping teams out of the office and able to work remotely. First, connectivity platforms must be up to date and reliable. The most common, such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams are what businesses currently rely on to get work done and hold meetings from home. Not only having these platforms, but also ensuring that they work properly help to keep employees connected, communicative, and productive no matter where they work from. Cybersecurity and IT tools but also be available. 

When a large portion of employees relies on technology to have a successful workday, protecting company equipment from digital threats is a must. The company IT team must be knowledgeable and prepared to fend off any intentional or unintentional hiccups. Finally, the most modern technology must be used to optimize the work experience for both employees and employers at all levels. Artificial intelligence is a resource that many modern companies are using to create schedules and accommodate employee needs. All of these strategies help to increase employee retention and to improve the overall state of the modern workplace.

Technology is not going anywhere, and the reliance on technology that we developed during the pandemic is also here to stay. Maintaining remote teams is a great way to adhere to the times and to prepare one’s business for the demands of the future.

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Helicopter Tours That Raise Hairs

Imagine flying amongst the clouds as you glide through the sky in a helicopter as your mind is blown by the incredible views.



     If adventure is what you seek, there is no greater way to see your vacation destinations than by helicopter. Imagine yourself flying amongst the clouds as you glide through the sky in a helicopter – the mind blown by the incredible views. There is no better way to enjoy attractions then up a couple of thousand feet in a rotary-winged machine. They may be loud but a helicopter ride will easily be the most memorable experience from any vacation. Check out the best destinations to take a helicopter ride and see things from a truly unique vantage point. 

Las Vegas

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Niagara Falls

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Kauai, Hawaii

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New York City

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Talking A Walk In The Best Beer Gardens Around The World

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“But where are these gardens?” I hear you asking.


     This is the beer garden that started them all. The Hofbrauhaus has been in business since the 1500s which means they know what they’re doing when it comes to brewing the brew. That makes this the ideal place to get a humongous mug of brew and slurp it on down.


     Head on over to a beer garden at one of the highest elevations in the world at the Mount Takao Beer Mount. This destination will give you fantastic views of the beautiful skyline of Tokyo which you can marvel at while chugging down a nice ale. The only way to get up there is either hike up or ride in a cable car.


     Head over to Queens and get your beer drinking on at the Bohemian Hall and Beer Garden. You can play ping-pong here as well as listen to live music so you don’t have to talk to your friends that much. Now you can say “Hey! I’m drinkin’ here!”


     If you want to find the biggest beer garden you can then head to Koniglicher Hirschgarten. This place is smack dab in the middle of a 100-acre-park so you have beautiful sprawling views of Munich and some tasty brews to boot. Now that sounds too good to be…brew.


     Head to Bruges’s oldest bar at the Cafe Vlissinghe. If you need a place to wash all that chocolate down then grab a drink here. In one word, this bar is charming. Actually, in four words it’s charming to the max.


     This beer garden has one seriously awesome view. You can drink while strolling along the Vltava River. If you’ve ever done some drinking around a river then you know it is quite possibly the best place to suck down on some suds. This place is great because it gives you the option of hiking with your brew or just taking it easy and taking it all in.


     This place used to be a bathhouse and now it’s still relaxing its patrons but this time with beers, not steam rooms. This place is beautiful mostly because it is directly next to a huge windmill making it for a real unique drinking experience. Now that is definitely too good to be brew.

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Zip Lines For The Adrenaline Junkie

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Zip World Velocity
     If you find yourself in Wales then be on the lookout for the longest zip line in all of Europe. This thing travels along 1,600 yards… you will definitely be getting your money’s worth here. You will take a long, effortless ride over beautiful mountains and water, glazing over many beautiful sites. We suggest you have a convenient camera handy. If that sounds too big for you, they have a smaller version available to you as well. You can still get your thrills without freaking.

El Monstruo
     Puerto Rico is home to many great zip lines but none better than “El Monstruo,” translating to “The Monster” in English. This is officially the longest zip line in the world according to the Guinness World Record books. This line is astoundingly 8,300 feet long so you will be zipping on down for over a mile. Jungles are cool, especially when you get to experience them from a bird’s eye view, literally! You will be one fast bird too, considering this ride gets up to speeds of 95 mph so if you’re looking for a serious thrill then this is the one for you.

     Thrillseekers beware, the Cloudscraper is scarier than you may think. This zip line is super high up and will definitely make the hair on the back of your neck stand up when you take in the whole experience. You will get a beautiful view of the incredible Royal Gorge as you fly overhead. You’ll feel a lot like Wile E. Coyote right after making a wrong turn, except you won’t fall when you look down, you’ll just scream in ecstasy as you enjoy your fantastic ride.

     When most people think about Nepal they don’t think about the awesome thrill-seeking adventures they can partake in besides climbing Everest. Well, maybe Everest will soon take a back seat to zip-lining thanks to the Zipflyer in the Himalayas. This zip line is unique because you will partake in a 2,000-foot vertical drop that will leave you squealing with delight. You better be an adrenaline junky if you want to take this zip line on because it is for sure to shock and amaze you all the way down.

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