Greece has had a rough few years financially but the country is resilient as ever and tourism is thriving. The ancient civilization of the Greeks fascinates me and the architecture amazes me. From grandiose ruins to breathtaking beaches to magnificent historical tours, Greece has it all.

Travelers from all over flock to Greece every year and are not disappointed. There is definitely better times to visit than others depending on what kind of vacation you want and your budget. Do you prefer warm beaches and beautiful weather or would you rather save a bunch of money and have unpredictable weather, these are your two main choices.

I’ll dissect the four seasons so you can decide when is the best time for you to visit this ancient country.



The winter runs from December to March and temperatures hover around the mid-50s. The weather is unpredictable as one day it could be 60 and sunny and the next it could be 50, rainy and dreary. This is the time to see the cities, as the summer heat isn’t bogging down pedestrian travel. Hiking is popular in the mountains and Athens is always pumping club music til the break of dawn.

If you prefer to travel back in time and check out all the cool ancient ruins that cities like Athens has to offer, the winter if perfect. Less crowns at all the attractions makes for a favorable trip. The Acropolis can be seen without huge tour groups clogging up everything.

This is the off-season, so flights, hotels and even tours are discounted, so if you are like me and appreciate a great deal, here it is. You should be able to find massive discounts, up to 50% off across the board, so grab your party shirt and get booking.



A short spring season can be found between April and May, and is considerable less wet than the winter. Wildflowers are blooming, the grass is a bright shade of green and the downtown areas are beginning to percolate. If you like beautiful fields of wildflowers and a nice glass of wine, the springtime is for you. Outdoors activities ramp up here with an active whitewater rafting scene and horseback riding.

Booking during shoulder seasons like spring and fall are considerable cheaper than the summer high, but not as good as winter. You should be able to find 20% discounts at most hotels and tourist related industries.



The peak travel season is upon us and all over Europe prices are SKYROCKETING! I don’t blame Greece in the slightest, since tourism is their main source of income now. June through August has the best weather in Greece with temps hovering around 80 degrees Fahrenheit. The islands like Mykonos and Crete are pumping full of tourists, nightclubs and the national drink of Greece, Ouzo. You will see the finest yachts in all of the Mediterranean Sea docked at these party spots.

Summer is tough to travel in Greece because the crowds are massive and slow moving.

Plan to spend an extra few days because you won’t be able to do everything as quickly as you want.

Budget travelers beware; expect to pay a premium for the high season.



Fall is my favorite time in Greece, the weather is perfect and the scenery is richest. The foliage is changing colors and the temperatures are a pleasant high 60s.

The grapes are being harvested so wine festivals pop up every single weekend, so pack an extra liver. The beaches are still accessible and the water is warm. Smaller crowds make seeing the ancient ruins like the Acropolis a breeze and since it’s a shoulder season, you will pay up to 20% less overall.


I’ll see you all in Greece next fall, so be prepared for the trip of your life.


Photos courtesy of Greek Reporter, Travel Channel, Love This Pic, elite, Rebloggy