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10 Family-FriendlyThings To Do At Gardner Village



Time moves by so quickly. One day you could be lugging around strollers and diaper bags – and the next minute you are loading the truck to move your kids into college. Before you know it, your little ones are grown and planning adventures with their own families. This is why spending quality time together as a family now is so important. 

How do you spend your family time? Is it at someone’s house? Do you have a favorite restaurant? Do you meet at the park every Saturday? While all of these are great options, you can only do the same thing over and over for so long before everyone starts finding something else to do instead. 

Why not switch it up and give Gardner Village a try? We’ve got 10 family-friendly things to do that you won’t want to miss. 

1. Visit an Escape Room – or Four! 

What better way to spend quality time with family than to be locked in a room together? Spend time getting through the challenge by working as a team. It is sure to leave you with memories that will be talked about for years to come – especially if you make it out in record time. 

Did you know that there are four escape rooms at A Great Escape in Gardner Village? 

2. Get Together For a Bite to Eat

Sitting around a table over a delicious meal with family always brings a sense of comfort. Here you will find a nice selection of dining options. The Happy Camper Deli and Bakery is a great stop for lunch. You can all grab a sandwich and gather at the outdoor tables. Archibald’s Restaurant is another great dining spot serving up some seriously delish comfort food for lunch and dinner. 

3. Spend Time at The Farm

If your family has a love for animals, then visiting The Farm can be a delight. Little ones love getting up close and personal with fur friends, including sheep, alpacas, chickens, horses, and more. 

As a Salt Lake area animal rescue, The Farm is open Monday through Saturday each week and offers a petting zoo and pony rides. 

4. Take a Class

Does your family like to learn new things? Why not take a class? At Gardner Village, there are so many different classes with learning and DIY experiences that you can do together as a group. 

  • Chocolate & candy classes at Chocolate Covered Wagon
  • Knitting & crocheting classes at Willow Hill Yarn Company
  • Floral design workshops at Simply Flowers
  • Furniture painting classes at Seven Gables Mercantile

Which one will you try?

5. Indulge in Some Self-Care 

Self-care is important and spending time at Soulstice Day Spa & Salon is a great way to enjoy it. Here you can enjoy salon services, spa treatments, nail care, and more. 

Get together and treat yourself at this relaxing spa at Gardner Village. 

6. Capture the Moment with Family Photos

Want proof that your family spent time together? Camera Shy Photography has it. Using backdrops, props, outdoor settings, and more, genuine, natural photos can be captured to commemorate a special day – or just any day!

7. Have a Magical Dining Experience

Magic is intriguing for people of all ages. For those 8 and older,  The Prestige Magic Lounge & Showroom allows you to pull up a close seat for some top-notch magic while dining on some delicious eats. You won’t be disappointed. 

Another option is the dining experience at Mystique. 

Mystique Dining at Gardner Village is fun for the whole family. Have a memorable night out with a delicious multi-course meal and captivating world-class magicians. It is a night like no other. 

8. Spend Time at The Train Shoppe 

At The Train Shoppe, your family can have a great time whether they have a love of model trains or not. This is the last hobby store left in the area that is dedicated to model trains. 

Bring your family in for some fun – rides, games, gem panning, and more in their Family Fun Center or on the Gardner Village Express, a trackless train that runs through Gardner Village.. 

9. Spend the Day Shopping

Getting out of the house and meeting up with family doesn’t have to have a definite plan. Simply meeting up at Gardner Village to do some shopping works well. Slip away from the hustle and bustle of life, stroll the brick-lined paths, and discover the locally-owned specialty shops nestled around the historic Gardner Mill and Silo. From furniture, home decor, candy, bedding, clothing, bridal gowns, flowers, antiques, and more – you’ll find some of the best shopping Utah has to offer in one-of-a-kind shops located in restored quaint homes and buildings. 

10. Host a Party

Does your family have something – or someone – to celebrate? Sometimes coming together requires a party. At Gardner Village, that is easy to do. Maybe you are celebrating a birthday, an achievement, or an anniversary. Or, maybe you are hosting a corporate team-building exercise, a school field trip, or fellowship time with your church. 

Whatever it is, you can host the perfect party at one of these fun spots in Gardner Village:

  • Chocolate Covered Wagon
  • The Train Shoppe
  • The Farm
  • Simply Flowers
  • A Great Escape
  • Mystique Dining
  • The Prestige
  • Archibald’s Restaurant
  • Mill Plaza
  • The Gathering Place
  • Boda Bridal Patio 
  • Seven Gables Mercantile

Visit Gardner Village

Between the shopping, the dining, and the experiences, there is so much to do at Gardner Village. Get your family together for an unforgettable time right in the heart of West Jordan, UT. 

To learn more about our shops, restaurants, events, and event space, visit our website at

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A Cruise Expert Tells How To Safely Enjoy The Ultimate Getaway




  The weather – consistently sunny. The excursions – plentiful. The food – a smorgasbord. The drinks – flowing. Cruises, no matter domestic or international, all seem to have a little bit of something for every kind of guest. Who would have guessed that a cruise ship would become sort of an adult daycare for a week or two? Honestly, they have cabins, pools, open bars around every corner, a giant and often 24/7 buffet, onboard entertainment shows, off-ship excursions in new and exciting locations, classes, gyms, and endless but breathtaking sights that change at every minute. 20 million people may take cruises every year and many enjoy safe and perfectly relaxing vacations (don’t focus too much on recent and very widely-televised disasters that don’t often occur). Still, as with any activity out of your normal routine, you should be aware and prepared for the unexpected.

     Jonathan Mark, owner, and writer of the popular cruise website – Cruise Fever – has provided several steps you can take before embarking on a cruise to stay safe but have an incredible time.

One – Research Your Ship

     Cruise ships with issues are unlikely to be in service, but not all can be foreseen. Things flat out break, wear down, and happen to be the result of completely unexpected circumstances. Plain and simple, things happen. However, don’t let that scare you. Mark mentions that “Every ship that sails too and from the U.S. is required to have at least two surprise inspections each year… Over the past year, 14 cruise ships earned perfect 100 health scores.”


Safety Drills

     Cruise Ships and crew are required by law to comply with a sailing mantra – SOLAS – Safety of Life at Sea. These rules dictate the “number of lifeboats, fire safety provisions, and functionality of communication equipment.” These precautions may help quell any mental tension you may have about sailing but be sure to take part and recall the mandatory tourist training. “Even though it’s the least ‘fun’ part of the cruise it’s important for both the passengers and crew.”

Don’t Drink Too Much

     For many of us, a little (or a lot) of alcohol can help take the stress off of life and even your vacation. Nonetheless, “Just because a drink package allows you to drink 15 alcoholic drinks per day does not mean you should [drink that many]…. While in port it’s important for passengers to be familiar with their surroundings and with any travel advisories that have been issued.”


     “There’s a saying when it comes to packing on a cruise: ‘Whatever you were planning, take half the clothes and double the money.’” “Also older ships have few power outlets so an adaptor that has extra USB plugs can be a lifesaver.”

Also – Don’t Pack

     Simple enough… “Any illegal substances should not be brought on a cruise. Just because something is legal in the state you live does not mean you can take it out of the country with you.”

Make Friends (For Safety!)

     “Most cruise ships will have a get-together for cruisers traveling solo… This is a great way to meet other passengers. If you are traveling by yourself in port, stay on the beaten path and in touristy areas. This is another area where common sense into play.” Don’t place yourself into undue harm because you wanted to go exploring on your own. In addition, unless you know the other passengers on a decent level, if someone asks you what you’re up to, mention that you’re “waiting for friends.” This way, they will be less compelled to play anything funny on you.


Street Smart

     Just like the real world, keep your wits on your sleeves. “The biggest way people put themselves in danger on a cruise is to not use common sense… Cruises are statistically the safest way to vacation. This causes people to put their guard down when they should, in fact, use the same precautions as if they are on a land-based vacation.” Don’t fall victim to yourself just because you’re on vacation. 

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Beautifully Cheap European Vacations




The European hotspots are consistently busy and typically not very affordable, so let’s skip Barcelona, Marseille and the other trendy destinations. If you want to save big on your summer holiday(s), try visiting one of these cheaper destinations for all the bang with half the buck.


     Sure Malta isn’t as cheap as you may wish, but it’s still much more affordable than hotspots like Lisbon or Sorrento. Head to Sliema for a hip beach town filled with designer shops and trendy cafes that won’t totally break your budget. The nightlife is wild and fun and the beaches are gorgeous.  


      Obviously, major beach cities like Lisbon will break your budget wide open, but Portugal has plenty of affordable alternatives. Try Algarve, just down the road from popular Lisbon but nearly half the cost. Enjoy over 300 sunny days a year, warm waters and some of the best surf on the Atlantic coast. This small beach region is a gem and should be visited even if only for a few days. 


     The ancient Mediterranean beach city of Paphos in Cyprus is the perfect beach destination. Enjoy ancient ruins of the Greco-Roman empires while basking in the warm sun. The city comes alive in the warm summer months and visitors will enjoy the variety of restaurants, castles, and monasteries the old town region has to offer.


     Greece is the Mecca of Mediterranean beaches and many are extremely expensive, so let’s find an affordable one. Try Cephalonia, a small island that rivals Crete for cheapness. Get the most out of your European beach vacation at this Greek island and have the best trip possible.


     OK, hear me out; maybe try a beach destination that isn’t on the ocean. Head to the resort town of Sunny Beach, Bulgaria and save huge on your summer vacation. The Black Sea isn’t salty and has very mild waves; so expect a lake type of vibe with a party atmosphere. The nightlife here gets rowdy and the bars along the beach stay open late.


     No longer a well-kept secret, Croatia is now a hotspot for vacationing Europeans. Instead of hitting the hot islands or capital city, try Porec for your budget summer vacation in style. The city is a throwback with rustic architecture and an old town that features cobblestone streets.   The water and beaches are great and the weather couldn’t be better.


     Everyone wants to visit the Amalfi Coast in Italy, but few of us can afford such a luxurious trip. Instead try to visit the Puglia region, which is much less crowded and offers some really great deals. Check out the resort town of Otranto, which features huge rock pools and rustic beaches. The stone buildings will bring you back in time and the cheap prices will bring you back.

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Avoiding Foreign Illness When Traveling




 Traveling is a pleasure, but getting sick on your trip can be a bummer. You work so hard to take time off from your job and you spent so much money on this life-changing vacation… so the last thing you want is to spend your trip lying in a hotel bed, sleeping in a wastebasket. You want to explore, which means you need to stay healthy and virus-free.

Most people don’t know that there are several things you can do that can cut down on the chances of getting sick when you’re on vacation. Our team of health experts decided to pass along four easy tips that are sure to keep you having fun by not getting sick the next time you travel.


     Always drinking bottled water will ensure that your water is never full of harmful bacteria and will help you avoid the nasty effects that drinking contaminated water can have on your body. If a bottle of water is opened before you sit down at a restaurant then don’t drink it because there is a good chance that they just filled it up at the tap, kindly ask for a new bottle for your meal even if it costs a little bit more money it is always worth it.

Staying healthy is worth the extra bit of money every time, because if you catch something like Montezuma’s revenge then there is no amount of money you wouldn’t pay to get rid of that awful sickness.


If you think you might have trouble finding bottled water on your trip then be sure to pack iodine pills beforehand. All you have to do is throw a pill into the water you want to drink and then voila it is good to go. There are also a lot of great options for water purifiers that are great options for on the go.

Check the internet and find a convenient option that works best for you and use it to make sure you are drinking clean water. If you haven’t figured it out by now, clean water is very important to stay healthy. 


     You don’t win friends with salad when you’re traveling. Raw vegetables are usually washed with tap water which can make you very sick. You can be drinking all the clean water in the world, but once you eat some raw vegetables that have been rinsed in contaminated water then you can kiss all your hard work goodbye. Always eat cooked vegetables to avoid getting that contaminated water in your mouth.


Your doctor will gladly write you a prescription for an antibiotic for you to use when you get sick. Pick up some prescription antibiotics before you head out on your trip just in case you do get caught with one of these awful illnesses so that you can take the appropriate actions to help recover and get back to enjoying your awesome trip.

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