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8 Ways to Truly Unplug on Vacation

It’s a proven fact that the art of unwinding is actually very beneficial to our mental and physical health.  once you relax, your mind just works better, the synapses fire quicker and you are more mentally strong.  We all need this kind of break very once in awhile, so check out and get that mental rejuvenation. These 8 practices are the best practices to unwinding and truly unplugging, so get to work relaxing. 




Quit saying that you need a break and actually take one, book a vacation and unwind.  Everyone needs to recharge every once in awhile, so if it’s time for you to vacation, here are some tips on how to unplug and get some much needed rest and relaxation.

If your first question when deciding where to vacation is “Can I get WiFi?” you are not in the minority.  In today’s world full of technology and the need to be connected, it’s almost impossible to truly unplug.  It seems impossible to disconnect from the outside world and really relax, but if you try, anything is possible. 

It’s a proven fact that the art of unwinding is actually very beneficial to our mental and physical health.  once you relax, your mind just works better, the synapses fire quicker and you are more mentally strong.  We all need this kind of break very once in awhile, so check out and get that mental rejuvenation.

These 8 practices are the best practices to unwinding and truly unplugging, so get to work relaxing. 

8 Ways to Make Your Vacation Time Totally Worth It

1. Stay within your budget.  Most people stress about money anyway, so you don’t need that added stress on vacation.  It’s best to stick to your budget and enjoy your time off, no need to think if you can afford it.  No need for a long getaway, instead, book a weekend trip and jam the relaxation into a shorter, cheaper period of time.             

2. Get yourself in order before you go.  Don’t leave town with unfinished business and let your mind really be free.  If you go on vacation thinking about the project you never finished or the work you still need to do, then you won’t ever actually relax.   Relax like a pro and leave your work and stress behind.  Stop thinking about work, it’s the whole reason you are on vacation.               

3. Remind yourself that, yes, you deserve a vacation.   Stop feeling guilty for taking your much needed time off, you deserve it.  Actually, you probably deserve much more, but out society only lets you take so much time off.  In Europe, most companies give employees months off so they can really relax. Can you imagine taking that much time off work? How relaxed would you be after?             

4. Don’t worry about what you should be doing.   Stop letting other’s expectations ruin your good time.  There is no manual on vacation and there is no set plan, if you want to do nothing, then dammit, do nothing.  Once again, this vacation is for your mental health, not your friends, or coworkers.   Take the time to enjoy doing whatever relaxes you and stop worrying about what other people think.             

5. If a problem pops up while you’re away, redirect it.   Most problems can wait for when you return from vacation, so just stop stressing. Of Course, if it’s an emergency, deal with it, any other case, push it to the back burner and deal with it when you check back into reality. 


6. Try meditating.   Meditating is the ultimate form of relaxation, so take a tip from some real chill people and try to meditate.  If anything, you will get some seriously valuable alone time.  If you don’t feel like meditating, cool, just go for a solo walk or sit alone in a dark room for a while.   

7. Set some connectivity ground rules—and abide by them!   My wife and I have a simple rule, no phones at the dinner table and this helps us connect with each other instead of social media.  Use this same rule on vacation but maybe expand it.  No phone during certain hours or during some activity.  These small steps will really help you set your boundaries and unplug.  Stop checking your voicemail and email, these are keeping you grounded to reality, let’s forget those for a little bit.         

8. Ease back into reality.   I hate coming home from a vacation and going back to work the next day.  I always give myself a day t recover and slowly work myself back into reality.  

Hopefully these tips help you unplug and really get that R & R that we all so dearly need.  A vacation should relax us and reset our brains so that when we do go back to work, we are ready to take on any task and perform at the best of our abilities.



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When A Sweet Tooth Travels Around North America

We spoke with our colleagues and compiled a list of three of our favorite cities that are chock full of sweets.



     So, you have a crazy sweet tooth but no one nearby has quite the ideal selection to satisfy your sugar-addicted palette. What are you to do? You might be able to find poor/cheap knock-offs on Amazon or another online candy conglomerate, but we both know your true feelings. You won’t be sweetly satisfied until the real-deal sweetness touches your tongue – sending your dopamines into a frenzy. When the cravings hit, there’s no turning back. 

We talked to our colleagues and compiled a list of our favorite cities that are chock full of sweets so you can satisfy your sweet tooth while on a lovely vacation. I mean really, why can’t you have both?


     Ocean City is known for its historic boardwalk. There are a variety of specialized shops that sell all the sweets you can imagine. From ice cream to fudge to taffy, you will find it all at the Ocean City boardwalk. Bakeries, candy shops, and ice cream parlors will leave you foaming at the mouth and you’ll be in a sugar coma in no time. But don’t worry, if you need to get your salt levels up then just hop in the ocean and take a few swallows. Now your salt and sugar levels are balanced out. Is that how it works? We have no idea, we’re not scientists. Whatever your plans are, Ocean City has you covered when it comes to your east coast needs. 


     If you love donuts, then St. Catharines is the place you’ve got to check out. This place has a huge selection of donuts, so bring a big appetite and some waist-expanding pants. You can put down dozen after dozen of donuts and never eat the same one twice. One store alone offers up to 20 different donuts each day. So, expand your donut horizons while stuffing your face. Donuts are heavenly and so is St. Catharines.


     The home of Snoop Dogg is also home to the ice cream capital of the US. Residents in this city eat more ice cream than any other city in the country. Now that’s a lot of ice cream! You can find the regular flavors everywhere, or you can experiment with new ones like goat cheese, whiskey fig ice cream, or salted caramel fudge. No matter what kind of ice cream you want, you’ll find mounds of it in the LBC. Now that’s what I call sublime.

Remember, your hometown surely has a secret treat that you’re not really aware of but remember, a vacation can bring you much more than just some R&R. Let it bring with it the sweets of your dreams. 

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Water Sport Resorts Just In Time For Summer

If you are like me then a summer vacation isn’t complete without some awesome water sports.



     No summer vacation is complete without some soothing and exciting water sports. Temperatures are rising allowing for a perfectly comfortable dip in the ocean or pool or lake. Finding resorts with adequate water activities isn’t easy, so… we sorted through the opportunities and found the best destinations.


     If perfect weather, calm waters and incredible ocean life sounds like a dream vacation, the Florida Keys should be your choice. Check out Casa Marina resort in the Keys for an amazing vacation adventure. The neighboring coral reefs offer world-class snorkeling and diving and the resort has all the watercraft you could ever want to rent. Sailboats and wave runners await your visit to the Florida Keys.


     Cancun is known for powder sand beaches and all-night parties but did you know it has some of the best water sports in all of the Caribbean? Sitting on a shallow bay, Club Med Cancun Yucatan offers incredible water activities in a very safe environment. Enjoy everything from sailing, scuba and kite surfing to more memorable events like swimming with dolphins.


     If nature is calling, check out Anthony’s Key Resort in Honduras for the ultimate marine adventure. The Roatan Institute for Marine Science is located around the corner and offers everything from swimming with dolphins to feeding rare marine life. They offer a kids camp so your children can enjoy an educational experience while you enjoy more adult-friendly activities.


   If oceans aren’t your thing, try a fun lake adventure instead. Try Madden’s on Gull Lake in Minnesota, a sprawling resort on Brainerd Lake. The kids will enjoy the water trampolines and massive blob while the adults will enjoy water skiing and jet skiing. With its close proximity to the major cities in the Midwest, Madden’s is always a popular choice.


     Maybe fancy yachts are more your speed and if that is so, you have to check out The Bitter End Yacht Club in the British Virgin Islands. On this island, luxury takes center stage and adventure awaits the willing. The open ocean is calling all you sailing enthusiasts and they even have a kid’s camp where your children can learn to love sailing.


     You can’t have a list of awesome beach resorts and not include Hawaii. The Four Seasons Maui offers every kind of water activity in the luxurious Hawaiian waters. You must try the authentic Hawaiian Outrigger Canoes, they offer free lessons and it’s a blast. Whale watching is also huge here so book a tour and see some huge marine life.


     California is home to some epic surf breaks so why not stay at a resort that offers free lessons. Loews Coronado Bay Resort rents out sailboats, jet skis, kayaks, and paddleboards so all the bases are covered.

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The Lifestyles & Vacations Of The Rich & The Famous

Check out where the richest people vacation and how they spend their money.



     Where would you go on vacation if money wasn’t an issue and you had all the time in the world? Personally, I would rent a private island and partake in a castaway experience with only the most luxurious amenities. Well, the super-rich have the ability to go anywhere they wish and do literally whatever money can buy, how awesome must that be? Check out the locales where the richest people in the world vacation.


     Unlike many of the super-rich, Bill Gates likes to mix and mingle with the locals when he vacations. He enjoys Croatia for its old Europe feel and medieval construction. The hot spot in Europe, Croatia is enjoying a tourism boom, which is centered around the countries pleasurable weather and affordable luxury. Bill Gates doesn’t need to save money but who says the super-rich can’t be frugal?


     Why not just go all out like Richard Branson and buy your own island. That is some next-level stuff there. The Virgin Mobile/Records/Airlines etc entrepreneur and billionaire owns Necker Island in the British Virgin Islands. The private island is an actual resort where rooms rent for a minimum of $5,000 a night. Luminaries such as the Obamas and Mariah Carey have stayed here before. Wow, talk about luxury, a private island where the former president stays. Enjoy all the watersports you can handle while basking in the hot Caribbean sun.


     Where do the best directors of all time spend their vacations? Well, if you love Steven Spielberg movies, you’ll know he enjoys incredible landscapes and none are grander than Ireland. The Emerald Isle just is so vibrant and lush that it attracts all sorts of travelers, even the mega-rich. Ireland isn’t a vacation that will break your bank, in fact, it’s one of the most affordable trips you could choose. Spielberg loved the countryside, the people, and the food, what’s really not to love?


     Where does one of the most influential women of all time vacation? Wherever the heck she wants, is the only acceptable answer, she is the queen of entertainment. Oprah recently went on a luxury superyacht called the Rising Sun, where she partied with The Obamas and Bruce Springsteen in Tahiti. When she stays on land she prefers the beaches of Fiji. The island of Fiji features luxury at every turn but when Oprah is there she reserves the entire resort.


     The man who is in charge of our country’s wealth, Warren Buffett is a billionaire of the most frugal standards. He’s lived in the same modest home in Omaha Nebraska since 1958 and only splurges on vacations, so where does he go? He owned a lavish beach home in Laguna Beach, California where the rich and fabulous play. Laguna Beach is very accessible for the non-rich so check it out for yourself. The steep cliffs and beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean will have you coming back for years.

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