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8 Ways to Truly Unplug on Vacation

It’s a proven fact that the art of unwinding is actually very beneficial to our mental and physical health.  once you relax, your mind just works better, the synapses fire quicker and you are more mentally strong.  We all need this kind of break very once in awhile, so check out and get that mental rejuvenation. These 8 practices are the best practices to unwinding and truly unplugging, so get to work relaxing. 




Quit saying that you need a break and actually take one, book a vacation and unwind.  Everyone needs to recharge every once in awhile, so if it’s time for you to vacation, here are some tips on how to unplug and get some much needed rest and relaxation.

If your first question when deciding where to vacation is “Can I get WiFi?” you are not in the minority.  In today’s world full of technology and the need to be connected, it’s almost impossible to truly unplug.  It seems impossible to disconnect from the outside world and really relax, but if you try, anything is possible. 

It’s a proven fact that the art of unwinding is actually very beneficial to our mental and physical health.  once you relax, your mind just works better, the synapses fire quicker and you are more mentally strong.  We all need this kind of break very once in awhile, so check out and get that mental rejuvenation.

These 8 practices are the best practices to unwinding and truly unplugging, so get to work relaxing. 

8 Ways to Make Your Vacation Time Totally Worth It

1. Stay within your budget.  Most people stress about money anyway, so you don’t need that added stress on vacation.  It’s best to stick to your budget and enjoy your time off, no need to think if you can afford it.  No need for a long getaway, instead, book a weekend trip and jam the relaxation into a shorter, cheaper period of time.             

2. Get yourself in order before you go.  Don’t leave town with unfinished business and let your mind really be free.  If you go on vacation thinking about the project you never finished or the work you still need to do, then you won’t ever actually relax.   Relax like a pro and leave your work and stress behind.  Stop thinking about work, it’s the whole reason you are on vacation.               

3. Remind yourself that, yes, you deserve a vacation.   Stop feeling guilty for taking your much needed time off, you deserve it.  Actually, you probably deserve much more, but out society only lets you take so much time off.  In Europe, most companies give employees months off so they can really relax. Can you imagine taking that much time off work? How relaxed would you be after?             

4. Don’t worry about what you should be doing.   Stop letting other’s expectations ruin your good time.  There is no manual on vacation and there is no set plan, if you want to do nothing, then dammit, do nothing.  Once again, this vacation is for your mental health, not your friends, or coworkers.   Take the time to enjoy doing whatever relaxes you and stop worrying about what other people think.             

5. If a problem pops up while you’re away, redirect it.   Most problems can wait for when you return from vacation, so just stop stressing. Of Course, if it’s an emergency, deal with it, any other case, push it to the back burner and deal with it when you check back into reality. 


6. Try meditating.   Meditating is the ultimate form of relaxation, so take a tip from some real chill people and try to meditate.  If anything, you will get some seriously valuable alone time.  If you don’t feel like meditating, cool, just go for a solo walk or sit alone in a dark room for a while.   

7. Set some connectivity ground rules—and abide by them!   My wife and I have a simple rule, no phones at the dinner table and this helps us connect with each other instead of social media.  Use this same rule on vacation but maybe expand it.  No phone during certain hours or during some activity.  These small steps will really help you set your boundaries and unplug.  Stop checking your voicemail and email, these are keeping you grounded to reality, let’s forget those for a little bit.         

8. Ease back into reality.   I hate coming home from a vacation and going back to work the next day.  I always give myself a day t recover and slowly work myself back into reality.  

Hopefully these tips help you unplug and really get that R & R that we all so dearly need.  A vacation should relax us and reset our brains so that when we do go back to work, we are ready to take on any task and perform at the best of our abilities.



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Beautifully Cheap European Vacations




The European hotspots are consistently busy and typically not very affordable, so let’s skip Barcelona, Marseille and the other trendy destinations. If you want to save big on your summer holiday(s), try visiting one of these cheaper destinations for all the bang with half the buck.


     Sure Malta isn’t as cheap as you may wish, but it’s still much more affordable than hotspots like Lisbon or Sorrento. Head to Sliema for a hip beach town filled with designer shops and trendy cafes that won’t totally break your budget. The nightlife is wild and fun and the beaches are gorgeous.  


      Obviously, major beach cities like Lisbon will break your budget wide open, but Portugal has plenty of affordable alternatives. Try Algarve, just down the road from popular Lisbon but nearly half the cost. Enjoy over 300 sunny days a year, warm waters and some of the best surf on the Atlantic coast. This small beach region is a gem and should be visited even if only for a few days. 


     The ancient Mediterranean beach city of Paphos in Cyprus is the perfect beach destination. Enjoy ancient ruins of the Greco-Roman empires while basking in the warm sun. The city comes alive in the warm summer months and visitors will enjoy the variety of restaurants, castles, and monasteries the old town region has to offer.


     Greece is the Mecca of Mediterranean beaches and many are extremely expensive, so let’s find an affordable one. Try Cephalonia, a small island that rivals Crete for cheapness. Get the most out of your European beach vacation at this Greek island and have the best trip possible.


     OK, hear me out; maybe try a beach destination that isn’t on the ocean. Head to the resort town of Sunny Beach, Bulgaria and save huge on your summer vacation. The Black Sea isn’t salty and has very mild waves; so expect a lake type of vibe with a party atmosphere. The nightlife here gets rowdy and the bars along the beach stay open late.


     No longer a well-kept secret, Croatia is now a hotspot for vacationing Europeans. Instead of hitting the hot islands or capital city, try Porec for your budget summer vacation in style. The city is a throwback with rustic architecture and an old town that features cobblestone streets.   The water and beaches are great and the weather couldn’t be better.


     Everyone wants to visit the Amalfi Coast in Italy, but few of us can afford such a luxurious trip. Instead try to visit the Puglia region, which is much less crowded and offers some really great deals. Check out the resort town of Otranto, which features huge rock pools and rustic beaches. The stone buildings will bring you back in time and the cheap prices will bring you back.

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Avoiding Foreign Illness When Traveling




 Traveling is a pleasure, but getting sick on your trip can be a bummer. You work so hard to take time off from your job and you spent so much money on this life-changing vacation… so the last thing you want is to spend your trip lying in a hotel bed, sleeping in a wastebasket. You want to explore, which means you need to stay healthy and virus-free.

Most people don’t know that there are several things you can do that can cut down on the chances of getting sick when you’re on vacation. Our team of health experts decided to pass along four easy tips that are sure to keep you having fun by not getting sick the next time you travel.


     Always drinking bottled water will ensure that your water is never full of harmful bacteria and will help you avoid the nasty effects that drinking contaminated water can have on your body. If a bottle of water is opened before you sit down at a restaurant then don’t drink it because there is a good chance that they just filled it up at the tap, kindly ask for a new bottle for your meal even if it costs a little bit more money it is always worth it.

Staying healthy is worth the extra bit of money every time, because if you catch something like Montezuma’s revenge then there is no amount of money you wouldn’t pay to get rid of that awful sickness.


If you think you might have trouble finding bottled water on your trip then be sure to pack iodine pills beforehand. All you have to do is throw a pill into the water you want to drink and then voila it is good to go. There are also a lot of great options for water purifiers that are great options for on the go.

Check the internet and find a convenient option that works best for you and use it to make sure you are drinking clean water. If you haven’t figured it out by now, clean water is very important to stay healthy. 


     You don’t win friends with salad when you’re traveling. Raw vegetables are usually washed with tap water which can make you very sick. You can be drinking all the clean water in the world, but once you eat some raw vegetables that have been rinsed in contaminated water then you can kiss all your hard work goodbye. Always eat cooked vegetables to avoid getting that contaminated water in your mouth.


Your doctor will gladly write you a prescription for an antibiotic for you to use when you get sick. Pick up some prescription antibiotics before you head out on your trip just in case you do get caught with one of these awful illnesses so that you can take the appropriate actions to help recover and get back to enjoying your awesome trip.

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Are You Really Getting The Most Out Of Your Vacation Time?




 In a recently published LinkedIn study, an astounding 73% of full-time professionals mentioned that they would forego a job offer if the offering company did not match up with their own expectations. Interestingly, 76% of respondents mentioned that vacation time is very important, if not vital, to their job acceptance. In a digital world that allows individuals to keep track and manage their work at all times, it’s not a surprise that mental “burnout” is creeping up on every industry’s best. To combat this, vacation time is needed to provide the most talented, hardworking, and committed with a break from their professional lives. They need to be given time to recharge and enjoy time outside (figuratively and metaphorically) to live more impactful and positive lives. Unfortunately, corporate America has not allowed this freedom to truly take hold.

     It was noted that 46% of working individuals have mentioned that they do not take 100% of their allowed time off. Of that 46%, 38% mention that there is simply too much work and 28% report that there are no company-wide fillers to ensure their work is completed on-time. While contractually-agreed upon vacation expectations and allowances are legally protected, employees do not feel comfortable taking off excess time. Over half of the respondents reported that while they were able to manage to make an escape to uncharted territories, they still feel the need to consistently keep tabs on their work messages, texts, and emails. Short and sweet, they don’t want to get left behind.

     At the end of the day, if you’re encountering this dilemma (or preparing to face it), be realistic with your professional work and relaxation. If you plan on taking some time off, what can be withheld until your return? If a full two-weeks worth of time away can’t be accommodated, create some shorter, longer-weekend type scenarios. Find a locale that will make the most of your time and money to truly enrich your distance away from the office.

     You’re going out for a refresh – a chance to completely make peace within yourself. If it adds to the helpfulness of the time spent away from coworkers, spend some time with your team and any other important team members to ensure your time away is accounted for and proactively managed. It may be beneficial to even develop an “emergency plan” for the most vital or even all members of the office during their times away from active communication. No matter how senior or how new an employee stands in a company, they all serve important jobs in an organization that needs to be efficiently completed to ensure tenured success. Some of you may have the power, stature, or ability to more freely claim absolute freedom while on vacations. This may come with greater ability but do not allow yourself to completely rupture yourself while you sail across the Caribbean in your yacht. Digital communication is a gift and a curse. Simply, keep your work-life maintained only during very specific intervals in which checking your work number is perfectly acceptable. 

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