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Airports with Longest TSA Security Lines

Here is the list of the five airports with the worst TSA security checkpoints. Expect long lines and plenty of frustration when flying out of these nightmare scenarios.



Security lines are getting longer and longer, creating some serious stressful airport experiences.   Take your shoes off, laptops out and now fully body scans, no wonder security lines are growing. Some people opt for TSA Pre Check to get them through security but some of us don’t have that option, so what are we to do?

Not all TSA security checkpoints are created equally, as some run smoothly and others are literal nightmares. It’s not all TSA’s fault, some travelers are just dumb and continue to bring illegal items to airports. The TSA reported that last year some 2,500 firearms were found at a checkpoint, that’s insane.

For added enjoyment I follow TSA on Instagram and they post pictures of the crazy things people try and sneak through security. I’ve seen swords, canes with knives hidden in handles and guns of all sorts.

It’s not just idiots trying to bring banned items through security, it’s also numbnuts who still don’t know the security procedure. If you don’t know to take off your shoes, and take out your laptops by now, then maybe you shouldn’t fly.

Here is the list of the five airports with the worst TSA security checkpoints. Expect long lines and plenty of frustration when flying out of these nightmare scenarios.

New York (JFK)

The big winner in worst TSA checkpoints goes to JFK Airport. The average wait time of 17 minutes is pretty bad. JFK is a very busy airport, but that shouldn’t be an excuse. Known for having many foreign travelers, the New York airport doesn’t have enough multi-language signs. English is our language, but at international airports, it’s important to have plenty of other languages represented.   If you are going through JFK, add some time for your security experience, as it’s almost guaranteed to be terrible.


Los Angeles (LAX)

A pretty bad airport to begin with, LAX has atrocious security lines. This airport is utterly disorganized as I personally have waited for more than an hour in a security line.   With no inter-terminal transportation, people miss connecting flights here regularly and the TSA employees could care less.   A very disappointing travel experience can describe most people’s experience here.


Louisville (SDF)

The smallest airport on my list, Louisville has some issues for sure. Receiving the most complaints per capita of any US airport, Louisville TSA seems to have attitude problems. From broken laptops to overly aggressive bag checks, the complaints keep rolling in. Beware of your personal belongings here; they may come up missing or damaged.


Orlando (MCO)

Unfortunately, Disney has nothing to do with the Orlando International airport, because if it did, I don’t think it would be so unorganized. A huge mess, the security lines have stretched outside the concourse and into the streets. They often get so backed up that they speed people through security, lessening or losing procedures altogether. They sometimes don’t even scan people’s bags when they get behind, which doesn’t make me feel safe at all.


Newark (EWR)

Newark is the poster child for TSA theft and abuse. Recently there was a big shakeup as dozens of employees were busted in a sting that involved theft, drug smuggling and other illegal activities. The TSA is trying to revamp its operations at Newark Airport, but security lines are still incredibly long. Avoid Newark airport at all costs, until they get this theft issue resolved.


Avoid these long security lines altogether by signing up for TSA Pre Check. Check out my previous article about all the signup procedures and costs.



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This Camper That Doubles As A Boat Is A Game Changer

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Then there are those “free spirits” I keep hearing about. Those people that just jump in the car and start driving. No real destination in mind. No idea how long the latest adventure will last. More often than not these people are either expert campers… or they have an actual camper. And there’s a new one out there that’s about to blow their minds.

Introducing the Sealander Caravan. Doesn’t look like much, does it? Actually looks kind of small, doesn’t it? Well, there’s more than meets the eye with this mini camper. Because in addition to having wheels and the fact that it can easily be hitched to the back of a truck, it also doubles as a boat!

That’s right. You heard me. This thing operates as both a camper and a boat. So you can cruise down the highway and pull over whenever you like and sleep in your camper. Or you can take that thing out in the water and have a beautiful candlelit dinner with your sweetie in the middle of a lake.

While on the water it’s controlled by an outboard motor and can go up to 20-25 miles per hour. And the inside is practically a transformer. There’s a bench and table configuration that can accommodate seating for four. Then you can remove the table and fold out the benches to make a bed that easily fits two people. You can even get yours upgraded to include a bathroom and cooking utilities!

Now I know what you’re thinking. How much does this brilliant invention cost? Well, it’s actually pretty reasonable! The most basic model runs at around $17,000. And then the price will obviously go up from there as you customize and add more features.

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Ok, so I stretched the truth a little bit. Yes, flying taxis may soon be a very real thing. But you’ll probably have to be in New Zealand to take one. See! it’s not technically a lie! It was just a really dirty trick. For which I am very, very sorry. But can we please focus on what really matters here? New Zealand’s about to have flying taxis for goodness sake!

The recent announcement goes along with their grander plan of having absolutely zero emissions as a country by as early as 2050. An ambitious goal to say the least. But these electric flying taxis are a great step in the right direction.

Obviously, our cars are one of the greatest contributors to the dangerous emissions that are damaging our ozone layer. So if we can find ways to get as many cars off the road as possible, we would all be better off. And just imagine not having to deal with traffic ever again!

As we all know by now, many people and even companies have been trying for years to get us as a society past our dependency on fossil fuels. There have already been many helpful and effective advancements in the use of solar and wind power. And electric anything is the next big phase.

There are already plenty of electric car options out there that require very little gas and are doing wonders for the environment. But an actual flying electric alternative? Now that would really be something special.

And as previously mentioned, New Zealand is at the forefront of the flying electric transportation revolution, thanks to flying car company, Kitty Hawk. They have already seen successful test runs of their prototype that they have named Cora. In fact, the prototype has been so successful and has already garnered so much attention that the New Zealand government is already pushing for Kitty Hawk to partner with them in making them taxis available to the public.

And it’s easy to understand why when you learn that they can travel as fast as 93 miles an hour and for as long as 62 miles. How much more do you really need from a taxi anyway?!

Further details are still unknown at this time. But it’s safe to say we will be seeing these incredible machines put to use in the next five years or so. The only question now is: how much will a fare in one of these flying taxis cost?!

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