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Sales Agency Benefits For Business



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Investing in a sales agency can be one of the smartest moves you make for your business. Not only will the agency give you access to a wide range of product and services, but it can also provide you with some great benefits. These include the ability to save time and energy, to have a partner that understands your industry and can help you market your business, and to be protected by a network of experienced professionals.

Multi-industry experience of multi-line agents

Having multi-industry experience is a benefit for a commission based sales agency. These individuals have a unique understanding of the insurance industry and can help middle market clients with retirement planning, life insurance, and other needs. They may also have professional certifications in a variety of industries.

Multi-industry experience is also important because they can often detect industry trends before factory direct salespeople. As a result, multi-line agencies are more likely to see potential clients before they are available to other agencies. Multi-line carriers also offer quality insurance protection and enhanced customer service. In addition, multi-line carriers can provide additional coverage for businesses. By expanding the policies they sell, agencies can help them retain clients and cover more bases.

Multi-line agents also have an opportunity to sell life insurance, which is a popular product. Among the top factors influencing consumers to purchase life insurance is trust in their advisor. Many companies provide support to agents to help them sell life insurance products. Some multi-line agents have also incorporated other products into their practices, such as investment products and annuities.

Whether multi-industry experience is important to a multi-line agent depends on the strategies used to grow the agency. For instance, using technology to help middle market clients with retirement planning or financial planning can be beneficial to the agency.

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Bankruptcy fraud: the driver in the wrong




In an earlier blog series we took you through the position and tasks of the director of a BV We also paid attention to civil-law personal liability and how to prevent it . In a new series we discuss the criminal liability of the director for committing bankruptcy fraud. At the end of the series, the role of the trustee who identifies bankruptcy fraud is also discussed.

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Bankruptcy fraud, what exactly is it?

It is not a legal concept, but we often use the term fraud as a collective term in everyday speech when it comes to deception committed by falsifying records. Bankruptcy fraud therefore refers to – the word says it all – fraud prior to – or during a bankruptcy. We therefore speak of prejudice to the bankruptcy estate .

The Criminal Code regulates which actions constitute a criminal offense (also known as a crime ). The Penal Code contains a chapter on the detriment of creditors or entitled parties. This chapter deals with the offenses that fall under bankruptcy fraud. However, there are more criminal offenses associated with bankruptcy fraud.

Bottled the boo(de)l?

In the coming blogs we will deal with various bankruptcy offenses to inform you as a director about when your conduct is or could be punishable. The following criminal offenses are covered:

  1. Disadvantages of creditors by directors of bankrupt BVs
  2. Forgery
  3. Eclipse
  4. Bottle puller
  5. Intentional laundering

In each blog we explain the meaning of one of the above offenses using examples from case law. We also explain which requirements actions must meet in order to be punishable. For example, must there be intent or is science sufficient?

Questions already?

Is your company in dire straits and do you want to avoid committing acts that may later turn out to be punishable? Then please contact us. We are also happy to assist you if you are suspected of bankruptcy fraud.

Can mediation during a WHOA process increase the chance of success?

On 1 January 2021, the Private Agreement Homologation Act (WHOA) entered into force. This law offers companies in financial difficulties a new instrument to restructure debts. In the WHOA and parliamentary history, no attention is paid to mediation, while numerous points of disagreement can arise during the negotiation of an agreement.

In an article for Sdu’s Magazine Financing, Security and Insolvency Law Practice, Marie-Hélène Berghuijs and I investigated whether mediation and the use of mediation skills by a restructuring expert or observer can be of added value to prevent or settle disputes in a WHOA process. You can read our conclusions here .


Do you have questions about this topic? Please feel free to contact us.

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Online Marketer




A marketer who focuses on the online segment is also called an online marketer. Other names that apply to the position of online marketer are, for example, internet marketer or digital marketer. An online marketer or digital marketer helps a company to achieve its objectives using various forms of online marketing. The online marketer is responsible for the online strategy and ensures that it is properly executed. Both the strategic aspect of online marketing and the executive part are usually the responsibilities of an online marketer.

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What does online marketer mean?

In summary, online marketing is a collective term for all kinds of techniques that are used to market products, services and companies online. The term encompasses all activities performed on the internet to bring products and services to the attention of a specific target group. When a company wants to achieve its business objectives, a digital marketer or online marketer is quickly called in. The online marketer helps the company to implement an online marketing strategy so that the set goal of the company can be achieved.

What do I do as an online marketer?

If a company wants to achieve certain objectives with regard to online marketing, for example the marketing of a new product, an online marketer is called in. The online marketer then helps the company to achieve the set goals. In this position you are therefore responsible for improving the market position of an existing company or product, or introducing a new product to the market. To achieve this, as a marketer it is in many cases necessary to work together with professionals from different disciplines. Think of content writers , web developers or UX/UI designers. 

Before a new product is launched on the market and a strategy is drawn up, research must be done into the wishes of the consumer. The product is developed on the basis of quantitative and qualitative market research. The online marketer oversees this creative process of product development and then actively participates in its implementation. Aspects involved in the realization of a product concept include the financial picture, the communication and marketing strategy—and the final sale. The online marketer never loses sight of the wishes of the consumer.

Other areas of interest of the online marketer are:

  • Research which search terms the target group uses;
  • Analyzing the current situation;
  • Research the online competition;
  • Investigate whether the target group is looking for the solutions and services you offer.

My duties as an online marketer?

You know your field through and through. You are concerned with optimizing conversions, performance and traffic. You are also responsible for budgets. As a senior you manage a team of juniors and mediors. You also personally supervise part of your team. As a senior marketer, you know which way the company wants to go. You work together with colleagues from other departments to set monthly targets. Thanks to your work, these are achieved time after time. Although it will differ per online marketer what exactly the job entails, the following activities are generally part of the duties of an online marketer: 

  • Check website for functionality and conversion-oriented;
  • Drafting online campaigns; 
  • Making analyzes using tooling such as Google Analytics;
  • Detecting new online channels;
  • Check Google Search Console;
  • Check website for errors and fix them;
  • Check the speed of the website;
  • perform A/B tests;

What kind of competencies should I have as an online marketer?

As an online marketer you must possess the following competencies:

  • Strategic/analytical ability;
  • Creative thinking and execution;
  • Can network;
  • Being data oriented;
  • Curious, aware of new trends/developments;
  • Substantive professional knowledge of the marketing industry and ICT.

As an Online Marketeer within an organization, you will get started with online marketing campaigns. You develop and manage the online marketing strategy of all online products. You do this in the following order: set up, monitor, evaluate, report and improve. You are also responsible for the textual and visual display on the sites.

The most important competence of a marketer is the substantive professional knowledge of the marketing industry. As an online marketer, it is important that you have the right knowledge because there are many developments going on in this industry. Staying up-to-date on the latest technologies and possibilities can give you just the boost you need in this position. Because a lot of technical skills are also required as a marketer, it is good to have knowledge of the ICT market. 

Where can I work as an online marketer?

Online marketers can work for a wide variety of organizations, from specialized e-commerce companies and startups to large multinationals. Marketing has become such a popular branch that you can find work as an online marketer in every conceivable branch. Colleagues you deal with as an online marketer include: product owners , designers, web developers and in some cases sales departments.

Where can I follow training as an online marketer?

To become an online marketer, you can, for example, follow one of the following HBO or WO courses in the commercial sector:

  • Commercial economics / Marketing management (hob);
  • Marketing & Sales (hob);
  • Business Administration (HBO or WO);
  • Marketing management (wo).

These courses generally last 3 to 4 years. In addition, there are the necessary courses, training and additional courses in the field of online marketing. Examples of this are:

  • Performance marketing
  • Email marketing campaign training
  • SEO specialization course
  • Conversion strategy development
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How Digital Marketing Companies Target Generation Z?





The CMO claims that generation Z uses five different types of displays and has an attention span of roughly 8 seconds on average. Desktops, smartphones, TVs, iPads, and laptops fall under this category. Consequently, it is challenging for every digital marketing company in USA to engage this generation with limited and uninteresting marketing strategies.

Generation Z, who were born between 1992 and 2012, is reportedly an internet addict. It is made up of roughly 96% of 12 to 17-year-old US teenagers. Fast and curator describe this generation. It doesn’t hold back until something bad occurs to them. Instead, they conduct online searches and take care of them. They act impulsively and like posting everything on social media.

Teenagers in the US purchase almost half of their goods online, and if they enjoy your product, they will recommend your company to others.

Therefore, developing marketing plans that specifically target generation Z is crucial in contemporary digital marketing.

Focus on the Product Rather than the Brand:

About 40% of all consumers are predicted to be members of Generation Z. It implies that this generation will contribute up to $44 billion in annual online retail sales. Therefore, if digital marketers don’t connect their goods and services to the wants and needs of this generation The marketing efforts will all be for nothing, and the expansion of the company will be threatened.

By organizing a marketing campaign around the good or service, you may draw in this generation. instead of the company itself. This generation looks for goods or services that solve problems rather than sticking with one brand. They can get assistance from the Internet in this regard. They can search online till they find something interesting. Therefore, it is crucial for digital marketers to develop marketing strategies that seriously emphasize the product’s attributes. It will eventually increase consumer confidence in the product and help the brand establish a reputation.

Use Realistic Influential Marketing:

Traditional marketing strategies don’t help companies sell goods or services to the generation Z market. This generation aspires to relate to marketing initiatives and is realistic. Therefore, it is not advantageous to target this generation with traditional marketing techniques. They want to see advertisements with real-life or model subjects who are dealing with the same issue. Additionally, marketing should make it apparent how its products can improve the lives of its customers.

Use personalities that are authentic, influential, and who share the same interests as the generation Z audience. It will assist marketers in quickly establishing connections between companies and potential customers. identical to Tommy Hilfiger. Although it already has a strong reputation in the market, its marketers are aware of its ideal customers. They support brands created by influencers who have a strong connection to Generation Z.

Deliver Marketing Message Instantly and Easily:

As mentioned in the introduction, the average attention span of members of Generation Z is only 8 seconds. So, even if you have strong narrative abilities, they won’t help you connect with generation Z.

It is crucial to produce targeted content that quickly piques the interest of your readers. According to Josh Perlstein, creator of Adweek, Generation Z doesn’t take their time reading lengthy articles and prefers to get right to the point. So, by using web and mobile application development services, digital marketers can promote businesses and connect with generation Z. Since generation Z finds these services convenient to use. Social media platforms are one example.

Smartly Use Marketing platforms:

Social media links generation Z to the rest of the globe. Since, according to Revlocal, this generation checks its online accounts up to 100 times per day. has more online friends than in real life, as a result. As a result, digital marketers reach out to this generation through Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and other platforms.

Running the same marketing approach across all social media platforms, however, is detrimental to the expansion of your company. Recognize the platform’s kind and develop a strategy to target potential clients accordingly.

Teenagers, for instance, use Instagram to provide glimpses of their goals and aspirations. Create marketing materials that encourage members of generation Z to promote their companies on this platform. The LinkedIn marketing effort will be professional and exclusively business-related.


Obviously, reaching the fast-paced generation Z is not simple. However, organizations can undoubtedly grow and achieve new heights if digital marketers comprehend the reasoning and preferences of these new clients. Generation Z is the new face of the technology world in the present day.

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